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   Summary of Contents for Canon AS-100M

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    CONTENTS Outline Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Specifications Disassembly/Reassembly and Nomenclature of Chapter 3 Each Section Chapter A Installation Chapter 5 Replacement and Ajustment of Units Chapter 6 Periodic Maintenance Chapter 7 Troubleshooting Appendix Chapter 8...

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    PREFACE Differences between first and this version and as shown in following table: Model No. Model No . 1XXXXX OXXXXX Three P.C.B.'s in MAIN UNIT Two P.C.B.'s in MAIN UNIT 1. CPU+I/O-CONT P.C.B. 1. CPU P.C.B. (1) Basic memory of (1) Original Formen CPU+I/O-CONT 256KB (2) Basic memory 128KB...

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    7. RTC 8. CURRENT LOOP 9. 5" HARD DISK Below Rear Below Rear Cover Cover B/W display None None B/W display None Color Color None display display UNIT UNIT CRT UNIT B/W CRT UNIT B/W , Normal brightness . Normal brightness .

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    Introduction This service manual is applicable only to the specified models as shown below. Abbreviations of models are listed in Table 1.1.1. □ □ □ □ Model No. n: 2 120V Sequential numbers 230V Voltage No.n A + 2A0V 1: Fixed 5 -* •...

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    Chapter 1 Outline Configurations 1.1.1 System configuration 1.1.2 Models 1.1.3 Software configuration 1 * 2 D e s c r i p t i o n F u n c t i o n s 1.2.1 1.2.2 I/O CONT (I/O Controller) 1.2.3 DISPLAY CONT (Display Controller) 1.2.4...

  • Page 7: System Configuration

    Chapter 1 Outline Configurations 1.1.1 System Configuration m a i n u n i t rcRr\ B/W or ) DISPLAY OLOR CONT £ CPU ♦ I/O-CONT W.ONLY MAIN J OPTS RS232C-2 only VRAM MEMORY ! RS232C-2* » S ----- ' 32KBx3 128 KB (COLOR)

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    . The interfaces respectively for printer, MAIN keyboard, and floppy disk are incorporated. UNIT . 12" B/W graphic display AS-100M E21-0011 . Standard 256KB main memory . The interfaces respectively for the printer, keyboard, and floppy disk are incorporated. AS KEYBOARD ASCII A-llll .

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    Option Model Symbol Configuration & outline Remarks Optional memory A-1020 E71-0270 • 128KB RAM board Optional memory A-1021 E71-0280 • 256KB RAM board To CPU+I/0- CONT P.C.B. Optional memory A-1022 E71-0290 • 384KB RAM board Real time clock A-1002 E71-0310 •...

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    1.1.3 Software Configuration CP/M-86 Standard Level (C o lo r G raphic, Device H andler) ------ Extended Level (5 -In c h Hard D isk Support) Standard Level (M a t r ix ) Extended Level (C o lo r G raphic, ISAM) Standard Level (ISA M ) Extended Level (C o lo r G raphic)

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    Functional Description 'With AS-100M and AS-100C, the 16-bit y processor 8088 dat bus = 8 bits is used as a CPU. To assure each model of good universality over programming, both CP/M-86 and MS-DOS of a general-use type are applied for operating system.

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    1.2.1 16-bit processor 8088 executes the microprogram which has been loaded previously from floppy disks into the system memory RAM , and the ROM ( KB) to control the entire functions. Setting of system media Power ON Start of ROM ( .

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    I SYSTEM BÜSl A system bus is used for 16-bit processor 8088 to control the entire system. The system bus consists of a 20-bit address bus with 1 MB address space, -bit data bus, and a control bus for read/write control and system bus controlled by a microprogram.

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    SYSTEM BUS — PIC: To control priority sequence over I/O interruption from either I/O CONT or I/O MOTHER (option), as well as to inform the higher interrupt to the pro­ cessor. — DMA: For control of DMA data transfer between an option device and FDD controller in I/O CONT and system memory.

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    SYSTEM BUS CONTI With FDC yPD765AC, four floppy disk drive FDD is controlled via DMA data transfer. FDD units connected to this FDD CONT are 5" FDD 5" x 2 and " " x 2. Respective interfaces of these FDD units are different from each other, each of these units has its interface circuit.

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    1.2.3 DISPLAY CONT When video memory data (VRAM) [black/white display: 32KB x 1 (VRAM-B) and color display: 32KB x 3 (VRAM-B.G.R)] Black/white or color display gives a full graphic presentation of characters or figures. Display control too graphic display controller (GDC) is yPD 7220D. 32KB x 1 or 32KB x 3 VRAM is accessable on a time sharing basis either the GDC or the CPU via the I/O bus.

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    VRAM D 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Option G picture for B/W display Fig. 1.2.5 Eight different patterns previously set on pallets 0 < \ » are selected according to VRAM output -which is sent out synchronously with the dot timing of a can sweep signal of separately display.

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    For a half-tone chromatic display, two chromatic signals of a primary color and a semi color are required but no combination is available between a primary and a semi color of same color type. Therefore, a display with 27 different colors is possible as shown in Fig.

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    8401 processor Is used for key code generation control and has a 1KB ROM incorporated to control the timing of key code generation, selected key code designation, and serial output. The key matrix comprises of 13 sampling timings, KSO ' v KS12 and key code KDO ' V KD7 of bits, thus, 13 x »...

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    FDD Controller also drives the " FDD (YD-180 x 2) with same bus line; therefore, 5" FDD incorporates an interface circuit con­ sisting of VFO circuit, condition generator circuit, bus driver/ receiver circuit for common application of one same bus. Power supply is provided from main unit separately from signal bus.

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    CPU recognizes the optional interface connected to each port through status read, and I/O memory area is allocated for individual interfaces via port select. Table 1.2.2 Port select Status read Option port A7 A A5 A4 A3 A2 A1 AO A A7 A A5 A4 A3 A3 Al A0 1 0 0...

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    1.2.13 5" HARD DISK (option) 5" HARD DISK consists of a M4863 hard disk, a MDD220 and power supply unit. M4863 connects to H.DISK interface circuit which provides in MAIN UNIT through the disk controller built-in M4863. MDD-220 connects to FDD CONT through 5"FDD interface circuit. 1-16...

  • Page 23: Specifications

    Chapter 2 Specifications 2 . 1 MAIN UNIT 2 . 2 5" FDD 8" FDD KEYBOARD PRINTER I n t e r f a c e Option 2 . 7 O p t i o n ( O t h e r s ) General Specification...

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    Chapter 2 Specifications MAIN UNIT Description Remarks Items 16.9" 429 _ _ «A Size < r (mm) < o 370 - 15.7" 14.6" Weight Black/white: 19.5 k ; j.y.0 kg Color: 23 k ; kg (50.7 lbs) (431bs) Power con­ Black/white: 125W Color: 150W sumption...

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    Description Items Remarks Color Green VRAM 32 KB x 1 Other Partial reverse function Color colors selectable from 27 colors. Output Pallet display system system 32KB x 3/screen VRAM Capacity 256: KB max. 512 KB Option memory for every Cycle time 330 ns expansion of MAIN MEMORY...

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    5" FDD Media: Canon-specified MDD. 512DD (512B/sector)

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    1024B/sector Recording 6816 BPI density Data transfer 500 Kb/s speed Recording system Seek time Access Time Settling time 15ms Latency time 83ms 10-12/B Error rate 10-6/SEEK Built-in Power source +24V: 3.0A +5V: 3.6A Media: Canon specified MDD-256D (256B/sector)

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    KEYBOARD Items Description Remarks 4.5° * \ , 8.5° T " - ^ - J P D J Option refer Size (mm) angle adjust­ to 2,7 able i — l 4 - i — n s — - T - —------ H OU Weight...

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    Option Interfaces RS232C Items Description Remarks Inter-conne c t ion AA, AB, BA, BB, CA, CB, CC, CF, DD circuit (Conform RS-232-C and CCITT V-24) Signal level ±12V Data format 5,6, 7 or bits + 1 or 2 stop bit + odd/even parity or none.

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    I CURRENT LÖÖPl Available soon...

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    Other Options POINTING DEVICE Item Description Remark --- //? Size (mm) — £---- i “P ------------ □ ® ’ Weight Power con­ Included in CPU sumption Transfer rate Conforms to keyboard IR T Cl Item Remark Description LSI used HD 146818 (Real time clock + RAM) Accuracy 50 sec/month...

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    5" HARD DISK Remark Description Item □ Size(mm) 3 7 0 130—1 Weight 14 kg Power Consumption 65 W Hereinafter described the 'HARD DISK DRIVE 8.68 Refer, to mini Total Memory floppy disk 9.216 KB/track Track specification page Sector 1240 B/sector No.

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    General Specification Description Remark Item Variation Operating Storage " " .^ .. gradient 8 P J: Temperature -10°C - +50°C 15°C/h Cl4°F - & 2 2 ° V ) 30% - 80% 10% - 80% Humidity 30%/day No mist Vibration Below 0.25G Below 1G Shock...

  • Page 34: Disassembly/reassembly And Nomenclature Of

    Chapter 3 Disassembly/Reassembly and Nomenclature of Each Section MAIN UNIT 3.1.1 External view 3.1.2 Internal view KEYBOARD 3.2.1 External view 3.2.2 Internal view 5" FDD 3.3.1 External view 3.3.2 Internal view 8" FDD 3.4.1 External view 3.4.2 Internal view PRINTER...

  • Page 35: Each Section

    Chapter 3 Disasserably/Assembly and Nomenclature of Each Section MAIN UNIT is same as black/white and color 3.1.1 External View Fig. 3.1.1 Front View Fig. 3.1.2 Rear View A-plate to cover option interface Remova 1 procedure of housing frame cover connector Remove three retaining screws from B-plate to cover option interface...

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    Remove hook from upper cover first, then, disconnect CENTRONICS internal cable from CPU+I/O-CONT P.C.B, and fan internal cable from rear cover. Remove three grounding cables (Fig. 3.1.3) which are-clamped to power supply unit, then, remove rear cover. CPU -I/O-CONT Remove two retaining screws from the upper cover, and slightly pull the upper cover toward yourself, lifting it and removing it.

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    3.1.2 Internal View Fuse (5A, 1 pc.) CRT display. I/O MOTHER connector Speaker« Brightness contro RESET key STOP key Core Key internal cable Fig. 3.1.5 Fig. 3.1.6...

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    KEYBOARD 3.2.1 External View Removal procedure of bottom cover Bottom cover is removed first, five retaining screws from bottom cover, and loosening three retaining screws of rear cover.

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    5" FDD 3.3.1 External View Housing plate Fig. 3.3.1 Fig. 3.3.2...

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    Removal procedure of housing plate Housing plato retaining screw Insert shipping sheet 5" into MDD-220. Loosen two retaining screws (Fig. 3.3.3) at the left of front ( 2 ) housing plate. Remove one retaining screw from rear cover, and two retaining screws (Fig.

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    8" FDD 3.4.1 External View Housing Fig. 3.4.1 Fig. 3.4.2...

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    Removal procedure of housing plate ( 1) Insert the shipping sheet 8" into YD-180. Remove two retaining screws (Fig. 3.4.2) from rear cover. Remove four retaining screws (Fig. 3.4.3) from bottom cover. Pull housing toward yourself while slightly lifting it. Bottom plate Bottom p l a t e retaining screw...

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    Chapter 4 Installation Installation Installation Procedure 4.2.1 Unpacking 4.2.2 Switch setting and confirmation 4.2.3 Cable connections p o w e r s u p p l y , b r i g h t n e s s a d j u s t m 4.2.4 Turning-ON speaker output adjustment...

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    Chapt er 4 I n s t a l l a t i o n Installation For details regarding installation, refer to paragraph 2.8 ' ’ General Specifications". Table 4.1.1 Wattages Wattages PRINTER Wattages 8" FDD MAIN UNIT 115V 115V 1 2 5 W MAX.

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    Installation Procedure Unpacking includes confirmation of component parts) Switch setting and confirmation - + ■ (3) Cable connections Turning-on power supply, brightness adjustment, and speaker output adjustment - ► (5) Execution of test program Refer to paragraph 4.3 for the method of installing options. 4.2.1 Unpacking (including confirmation of the component parts) Unpacking...

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    KEYBOARD (3) 5" FDD...

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    © 8" FDD...

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    Confirmation of the component parts © AS KEY AS-100M ASCII MINI FLOPPY FLOPPY A-llll A-1300 A-1330 Model Power cord Dust cover Instruction manual Packing material Grounding cable FDD cable Device No. seal plate C Device No. seal plate D Overlay Table 4.2.1...

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    4.2.2 Switch setting and confirmation Switch setting is required only the following four kinds of system configuration. MAIN UNIT (B/W, COLOR) + 5" FDD MAIN UNIT (B/W, COLOR) + 8" FDD MAIN UNIT (B/W, COLOR) + 5" FDD + 8” FDD MAIN UNIT (B/W, COLOR) + 8"...

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    ( 2 ) I/O-CONT P.C.B o SW2 (Printed name) At the time of OFF OFF OFF ON X OFF OFF factory-shipment Unused (Set to OFF position) Unused (Set to OFF position) |ON: B/W lOFF: White (ON: 1 Picture (OFF: 2 Pictures, Color ■JIS/ASCII {ON: ASCII...

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    5"-FDD-I/F P.C.B o SW1 Table 4.2,5 © 8"-FDD-l/F P.C.B o SW1 Refer to paragraph (3) that the switches in respective P.C.B. inside are present MDD—220 and YD—180.

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    Switch setting for MAIN UNIT © MAIN UNIT (B/W, COLOR) + 5" MAIN UNIT (B/W, COLOR) + 8 " Unnecessary to set the switches, only confirm the swithes. Refer to each table in paragraph (1). MAIN UNIT (B/W, COLOR) + 5" FDD(A,B) + 8"...

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    Setting and confirmation of P.C.B switches in disk drive. MDD-220 -Disk drive B (MDD-220) -Disk drive A (MDD-220) Fig. 4.2.9 At time of ON OFF OFF OFF These switches are set to the factory-shipment positions as specified in Table. Table 4,2.7 o SW2 These switches are set to the positions as specified in Table,...

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    Set the jumper plug and terminator of each disk drive as shown in the table below. Fig. 4.2.10 shows the disk drive location, and Fig. 4.2.11 shows respective positions of jumper plug and terminator. Disk Data transfer Device Terminator VFO timing drive system select...

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    4.2.3 Cable connections The installation of AS-100 Series is done with connections of seven cables which are FDD cable (for 5" and 8" FDDs), centronics cable, KEYBOARD cable, 5" or 8" FDD power cable, printer cable, MAIN UNIT power cable, and grounding cable. The printer to be installed on MAIN UNIT is either DOT IMPACT PRINTER A-1200 or COLOR PRINTER A-l210.

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    Installation of 5" & 8" FDDs When both 5" and 8" FDDs are installed, use FDD expansion cable for two floppy disk drives- instead of shown in paragraph 4.2.16. ® FDD expansion cable Centronics cable KEYBOARD cable 5" FDD power cable Printer power cable MAIN UNIT power cable Grounding cable...

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    MAIN UNIT + 5" FDD Printer power cable Fig. 4.2.20 After unpacking, set MAIN UNIT power switch to OFF (set downward). Then, remove 5" FDD mounting hole cover caps from MAIN UNIT. See Fig. 3.1.1. Confirm set position of P.C.B switch i r i MAIN UNIT and 5"-FDD I/F P.C.B. See paragraph 4.2.3.

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    Power switch of printer should be OFF, then connect each power supply cable to its AC plug sdcket. Attach grounding cable of printer to lower side öf printer power supply cable, and clamp it to grounding cable connection position of MAIN UNIT together with grounding cable of 5n FDD. 4-15...

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    MAIN UNIT + 8" FDD Printer power cable Centronics cable IMPACT or COLOR PRINTER d o t KEYBOARD Fig. 4,2,21 After unpacking, set power switch of MAIN UNIT and 8" FDD to OFF, confirm set positions of P.C.B switches in MAIN UNIT and 8n FDD-I/F P.C.B.

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    MAIN UNIT + 5 " FDD + 8" FDD MAIN UNIT +5" FDD MAIN UNIT Installation is the same as in or the +8" FDD, except for the application of a expansion cable for con­ Fig. A. nector 1 , as in 2.18.

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    4.2.4 Turning-on of power supply, brightness adjustment, and speaker output adjustment Turning-on of power supply. When 5" FDD is to be connected to MAIN UNIT according to following sequence. Turning-on power supply Turn on power supply to printer. Set system media to 5" FDD. Turn on power supply to MAIN UNIT.

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    Brightness adjustment Approximately 15 minutes after power supply is turned on MAIN UNIT and with brightness control knob on left front of MAIN UNIT panel, adjust brightness of CRT display. Speaker output adjustment Remove the rear cover of MAIN UNIT (see paragraph 3.1 of Chapter 3).

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    Installation of Options 4.3.1 I/O-MOTHER-E P.C.B Remove both rear cover and upper cover. See paragraph 3.1. Referring to paragraph 5.2.2 of Chapter 5, pull out power supply unit half its entire depth, and disconnect each cable. (For 115,120V) Fig. 4.3.1 (T) Install the I/O MOTHER mounting plate, using three retaining screws as shown in Fig.

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    Grounding cable (For 230,240V) (For 115,120V) Fig. 4.3.2 Clamp I/O-MOTHER-E P.C.B. to I/O MOTHER mounting plate, with six retaining screws, in Fig. 4.3.2. © Connect I/O MOTHER DC cable of I/0-M0THER-E f.C.B. to No. 4 connector (Fig. 5.2.4) of switching regulator. Lock grounding cable from I/O-MOTHER-E P.C.B.

  • Page 66

    4.3.2. Optional interface The installation location varies with each option interface as shown in Fig. 1.1.1. Serial data interface For serial data interface, two types are available, one to be connected to 1/0—MOTHER—E P.C.B., and the other to CPU+I/0-C0NT P.C.B. RS232C P.C.B.

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    (3) Remove cover plate clamped to power supply unit with two retaining screws. Referring to paragraph 4.3.1 of Chapter 4, install I/O MOTHER mounting plate and I/O-MOTHER-E P.C.B. As in Fig. 4.3.4, fit RS232C P.C.B tö I/O-MOTHER-E E.C.B Fig. 4.3.4 4-23...

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    ( ^ 6 ) Fix power supply unit reinforcement mount in position, and clamp grounding cable from l/0-M0THER-E P.C.B. to chassis of power supply unit (see Fig. 5.2.2). 4-24...

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    RS232C-2 P.C.B. . RS232C-2 P.C.B. is connected to CPU+I/O-CONT P.C.B. with only No. 5 marked on rear panel. (l) Remove rear and upper covers. Refer to 3.1. Remove CPU+I/O-CONT P.C.B. from MAIN UNIT by reference to 5.2.1. Fig. 4.3.6 CPU+I/O-CONT P.C.B As in Fig.

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    RS 232C-2 cable Fig. 4.3.8 As in Fig. 4.3.8, connect RS 232C-2 cable to RS 232C 2 P.C.B. RS 232C-2 port connector Fig. 4.3.9 As in Fig. 4.3.9, fix connector with 2 screws. 4-26...

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    Connection of RS232C (1) Pin assignment O O O O O O O O O O O O O o o o o o RS232CPort (See Fig. 4.3.5 and 4.3.9) Signal ElA Signal FG (Protective Ground) TXD (Transmitted Data) Transmission data from DEVICE RXD (Received Data) Receiving data to DEVICE RTS (Request to Send)

  • Page 72

    Parallel data interface CNT I/F P.C.B. For CNT I/F-2 P.C.B, number 2 marked on the rear panel is only connectable. Connection method is the same as for RS232C P.C.B. Communication interface (SIO P.C.B) For SIO P.C.B, number 3 marked on the rear panel is only connectable.

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    4.3.3 VIDEO MEMORY Video memory expansion is performed only for B/W display. When the video memory is added, the "CPU + I/O-COUNT" P.C.B. and the JP circuit of the , , CPT-CONT2-B/W, f P.C.B are required to be switched. (1) Remove the rear and upper covers. (Refer to 3.1 in Chapter 3.) (2) Remove CRT-CONT2-B/W P.C.B.

  • Page 74

    (4) After the additional installation has been completed, solder the JP circuit of (a) section illustrated in Fig. 4.3.11 as in Fig. 4.3.12. JP circuit Switch JP circuit from screen 1 to 2 o ^ i l 2 •-# o 1 screen 2.

  • Page 75

    4.3,4 Optional Memory Board Three kinds, board I, board II and board III are available for optional memory boards. Expansion memory capacity is different in 128KB, 256KB and 384KB types. Optional memory board ex­ pansion (§) RS 232C-2 P.C.B. expansion RTC expansion Fig.

  • Page 76

    Fig. 4.3.13 4.3.5 Pointing Device Connect pointing device connector to its position on KEYBOARD. (See Fig. 3.1.7.) 4-32...

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    Chapter 5 Replacement and Adjustment of Units Unit configuration HAIN UNIT 5.2.1 P.C.B 5.2.2 Power supply unit 5.2.3 CRT unit 5.2.4 Fuse replacement KEYBOARD 5.3.1 KEYBOARD 5.3.2 Key top 5" FDD 5.4.1 MDD-220 5-4.2 5" FDD-I/F 8" FDD 5.5.1 YD-180 5.5.2 8"...

  • Page 78: Appendix

    Chapter 5 Replacement of Units and Adjustment after Replacement! Prior to replacing each units, turn off power switch and unplug power cord from receptacle. Unit configuration and general assembly Refer to APPENDIX. MAIN UNIT 5.2.1 P.C.B Fig. 5.2.1...

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    CPU+I/O-CONT P.C.B. © First remove rear and upper covers (see paragraph 3.1 of Chapter 3). Then, disconnect CRT internal cable from CRT-C0NT2-B/W P.C.B. © Disconnect grounding cables from individual P.C.B. and chassis of power supply unit. (3) Disconnect FDD internal cable from CPU+I/O-CONT P.C.B.

  • Page 80

    CRT-C0NT2-C (T) Remove rear and upper covers (see paragraph 3.1). Then, disconnect CRT internal cable from CRT unit. ) Same as for B/W display [Adjustment] Test program check of operation.

  • Page 81

    5.2.2 Power supply unit Procedure of power supply unit replacement is the same for B/W and color displays SWITCHING REGULATOR Remove both rear and upper covers (see paragraph 3.1.1 of Chapter 3). Disconnect FDD internal cable from CPU+I/O-CONT P.C.B ( 2 ) Disconnect grounding cables which are attached to individual P.C.Bs, power supply unit, and MOTHERBOARD RACK.

  • Page 82

    Pull out power supply unit half its depth as in Fig. 5.2.4. Then, disconnect 5" FDD internal cable arid MOTHERBOARD DC cable from SWITCHING REGULATOR. Fig. 5.2.4...

  • Page 83

    (ö) Pull out power source unit from MAIN UNIT, and disconnect AC input cable and grounding cable (Fig. 5.2.5) from SWITCHING REGULATOR. Remove four retaining screws of SWITCHING REGULATOR to remove it. (Fig. 5.2.5). R e ta in in g screw Retaining screw AC Input cable (For 230,240V)

  • Page 84

    [Adjustment!] Fig. 5.2.6 Adjust VR1 of SWITCHING REGULATOR shown in Fig. 5.2.6, with insulated screwdriver so that +5V of MOTHERBOARD will be +5.IV. Use an insulated screw driver since high voltage are applied to heat sink and collector of transistors having caution labe. Connector Voltage Connectors...

  • Page 85

    5.2.3 CRT unit [ßlack/White display Remove both rear and upper covers (see paragraph 3.1) Disconnect brightness control VR cable and CRT power supply cable from CRT unit and CRT internal cable from CRT-CONT 2 B/W P.C.B. As shown in Fig. 5.2.7, mark set position of CRT unit. Remove five retaining screws (Fig.

  • Page 86

    Remove shield plate from removed CRT unit by loosing two ( 3 ) retaining screws. Fit shield plate to spare CRT unit. Mount spare CRT unit to MAIN UNIT, and tighten retaining screws while aligning it to marked set position. Connect disconnected cables.

  • Page 87

    Set position mark of CRT unit. Remove four retaining screws of CRT unit. (Fig. 5.2.8) Cut off the band binding key internal cables which are fixed at the front of CRT unit, and take out the fan cable. Remove CRT unit from MAIN UNIT, then remove the shield plate from CRT unit by two retaining screws.

  • Page 88

    5.2.4 Fuse replacement Keyboard fuse on MOTHERBOARD Remove both rear and upper covers (see paragraph 3.2). ) Replace fuse shown in Fig. 5.2.9 on MOTHERBOARD. Fuse Fan internal cable Fig. 5.2.9 5-11...

  • Page 89

    (2) 5" FDD fuse Remove both rear and upper covers (see paragraph 3.2). (I?) Pull out power supply unit about half its depth. Refer to 5.2.2. Replace two 5A fuses as in Fig. 5.2.10. Fuse Fig. 5.2.10 (For 120,230,240V) 5-12...

  • Page 90

    KEYBOARD 5.3.1 KEYBOARD (outer cover) Remove outer cover according to paragraph 5.3.2. Care should be taken not to accidentally cut pointing device cable inside keyboard in removal. 5.3.2 KEY TOP Remove key top requiring replacing as shown in Fig. 5.2.11. Fgi.

  • Page 91

    5" FDD 5.4.1 Mini floppy disk drive (MDD-220) Replacement Fig. 5.4.1 Insert shipping sheet 5" into MDD-220 Remove housing plate (see (1) of paragraph 3.3.1) Disconnect MFDD signal cable and MFDD DC cable from each MDD-220. © Remove four retaining screws in Fig. 5.4.1 from mounting plate.

  • Page 92

    Fig. 5.4.2 (ö) Check set position of DIP switch of replacing mini floppy disk drive (see (3) or paragraph 4.2.2), mount mini floppy disk drive according to dismounting reverse procedure. Adjustment Check the operation a test program. 5-15...

  • Page 93

    5.4.2 5" FDD-I/F P.C.B. Replacement Remove housing plate ( (1) of paragraph 3.3.1 ). Disconnect both MFDD signal cable and MFDD DC cable from mini floppy disk drives A and B. Disconnect grounding cable from 5" FDD-I/F P.C.B. Remove five retaining screws from 5" FDD-I/F. Remove 5"...

  • Page 94

    8" FDD 5.5.1 Floppy disk drive (YD-180) Replacement Insert shipping sheet 8" into YD-180. © Remove outer cover (see (1) or paragraph 3.4.1). Take out SFD signal cable from tie band. Disconnect SFD signal cable and DC cable from 8" FDD-I/F PCB.

  • Page 95

    SFDD signal cable Floppy disk drive - mounting plate (A) Retaining screw of floppy disk drive mounting plate Fig. 5.5.2 G > Remove defective YD-180 from floppy disk drive mounting plate (B). Floppy disk drive B (YD-180) 5-18...

  • Page 96

    After confirming set positions of replacing YD-180 switches of paragraph 4.2,2 , mount YD-180 in removal reverse procedure. Adjustment Confirm the operation with a test program. 5-19...

  • Page 97

    5.5.2 8" FDD-I/F P.C.B. Replacement © Remove housing plate ( (1) of paragraph 3.4.1 ). © Disconnect grounding cable from 8" FDD-I/F P.C.B. Disconnect FDD signal cable and DC cable from 8" FDD-I/F P.C.B. © Disconnect SFDD cable from YD-180. ©...

  • Page 98

    5.5.3 Power supply unit 5.5.1 Referring to (5) ^ (6) of paragraph 5,5.1 (1) remove power supply unit. Fig. 5.5.5 5-21...

  • Page 99

    Replacement of power supply unit (1) Disconnect all cables from power supply unit. (2) Remove four retaining screws from rear side of base plate to remove power supply unit. (1) Mount replacing power supply unit in the reverse way to the removal.

  • Page 100

    8" FDD Fuse Replace two 5A fuses 8" FDD as In Fig. 5.5.7. 5-23...

  • Page 101

    Table 5.5.1 Cables Pin No. Cable color Voltage Destination SFDD DC cable +24V Blue Yellow YD-180 x 2 Black Brown P.C.B. DC cable Yellow 8"-FDD-l/F P.C.B. Black FAN DC cable Blue . FAN +24V Power supply unit (For 115V) Power supply unit R cc«p :acle Powtr »witch...

  • Page 102

    ADJUSTMENT Adjust the VR101 with an insulated screw-driver so that +5V may be obtained at the +5V terminal of the power supply. 5-25...

  • Page 103

    Chapter 6 Periodical Maintenance 5" FDD 6.1.1 Periodical maintenance items maintenance 6.1.2 Periodical 8" FDD 6.2.1 Periodical maintenance 6.2.2 Periodical maintenance PRINTER...

  • Page 104

    Chapter 6 Periodical Maintenance Following units require periodical maintenance. 5" FDD (MDD-220) Yearly (2) 8" FDD (YDD-180) Yearly (3) PRINTER Following tools are necessary for periodical maintenance. CLEANING DISKETTE 5" CLEANING DISKETTE 8" Periodical maintenance includes cleaning MAIN UNIT and other devices 5"...

  • Page 105

    8" FDD (YD-180) 6.2.1 Periodical maintenance items Cleaning head Yealy 6.2.2 Periodical maintenance procedure 1 minute With CLEANING DISDETTE 8", clean head of 8" FDD while running TRK ADJ test program. the "TEST For details regarding TRK ADJ test program, refer to PROGRAM OPERATIONAL MANUAL"...

  • Page 106: Table Of Contents

    Chapter 7 Troubleshooting At System Up. 7.1.1 Error message 1 OS control error System and y debugger commands 7.3.1 MSDOS system command 7.3.2 CP/M-86 system command DCOPY (media copy program) operation...

  • Page 107: Chapter 7 Troubleshooting

    Chapter 7 Troubleshooting At System Up.

  • Page 108: Error Message 1

    7.1.1 Error message 1 When a trouble is detected in initial check of self-analysis, CRT display displays the following error message: XXXX : XXXX I ---- Offset ----------- Segment Remedy: Replace CPU •+ I/0-CONT P.C.B Optional memory P.C.B (2) ERR CODE L ----- Error code No.

  • Page 109: System And Y Debugger Commands

    System and y-debugger commands Two MSDOS and CP/M-86 system commands are available, depending on the application of OS control. Command concerning to hardware are described here, and for other commands and their details, see MSDOS User’s Guide of CP/M-86 User’s Guide. y-debugger commands are debugger commands designated in firmware.

  • Page 110

    Built-in commands The built-in commands is entered only when CRT display is showing system prompt (For ex. A >) which are used in com­ bination with certain parameters. System 2nd parameter 1st parameter Prompt > ^ COMMAND DEVICE: FILE NAME. EX ^ DEVICE: FILE NAME. EX SPACE key Up to 3 alphanumeric...

  • Page 111

    COPY (File Copy) COPY<— -1st parameter • — > 2nd parameter (2nd parameter is omissible.) Contents of the 1st parameter file are copied in 2nd parameter file. • 2nd parameter file, a new file is prepared. . When 2nd parameter is omitted, 1st parameter matches current de v i c e ---- Error 1st parameter unmatches current d ev i c e ---...

  • Page 112

    . The 2nd parameter device name is omitted. . Both the wild card (*) and the character conversion symbol (?) cannot be used with 1st parameter. TYPE (Type File Contents) TYPE > — 1st parameter Contents of 1st parameter file are displayed in character format (Date Entry) (Media must be set as required.) DATE...

  • Page 113

    FORMAT (Formatter) FORMAT 1st parameter i—j Initialize media of 1st parameter device. . 1st parameter is only device name. . 5" floppy disk 512 bytes/sector 8" floppy disk 1024 bytes/sector...

  • Page 114

    7.3.2 CP/M-86 system commands Control character commands Description Characters CTRL-C Current program under specified console is suspended. CTRL-E Returns printer carriage, but this command is not trans­ ferred to CP/M-86. CTRL-H Back space CTRL-J Ends data input and line feed. CTRL-M Similar to command of carriage return.

  • Page 115

    Built-in commands The built-in commands can be entered only when CRT display is showing system prompt (for ex. A>) which are in combi­ nation with some parameters. System 1st parameter 2nd parameter Prompt DEVICE: FILE NAME. EX - DEVICE: FILE NAME: EX A >...

  • Page 116

    (Directory Display) DIR ^ 1st parameter Directory of 1st parameter file is displayed. .When 1st parameter is omitted, all directories of user numbers (specified by user command) of current device are displayed; however, SYS file is not displayed. DIRS (System Directory Display) DIRS 1st parameter >...

  • Page 117

    TYPE (Type File Contents) TYPE i - i 1st parameter The contents of 1st parameter file are displayed in character format. USER (User Number) USER — n n = 0 ^ 15 CRT display shows a current user number; n, the user number is changed by entering parameter n.

  • Page 118

    . When Gn is not designated, copy onto a current user number file. STAT (Status Display) STAT . — .d: . (d means drive number) CRT display shows floppy disk status. . When"d"is not designated, the status of each of the entire usable floppy disk drives is displayed.

  • Page 119

    STAT VAL: CRT display displays a general type of STAT command and a physical device name. Commands are also applied in other means. For details, see CP/M Users' Guide. (Time or Date) TIME SPEC Current date and time display and exchange them. .

  • Page 120

    7.3.3 ^-debugger commands The ^-debugger is built in ROM of CPU. The vector tables other than those of single step, NMI, and break point and addresses from 400H ^ FFFFF (address from 350^ 3FFfl is appropriated for ^-debugger) within system memory area are accessibled.

  • Page 121

    Abbreviations Sometimes specified with a BOOT command which signifies that a debugger return is effected after ending Boot. Sometimes specified after a command which signifies that the contents of operation to be done with this command are word unit. If W is not designated, the contents above are byte unit.

  • Page 122

    <BIAS> Represents bias at program loading with designation of a numeric value in hexadecimal and within four digits. The name of the register is a designatable for a numeric value. <BRK> Signifies break point with designation been the same as <ADDR>.

  • Page 123

    <N> Designated Boot device No. with n=0 corresponding to drive A. <NEW> New data is to be loaded into each register or memory. Depending on command, data is designated in hexadecimal and with two or four digits. <OLD> Read data in each register or memory. The data is displayed in the hexadecimal and with two or four digits, depending on the command.

  • Page 124

    Operation Procedure START Following two methods are available for starting debugger. Turn on power switch of MAIN UNIT without media setting in drive "A". At this CRT display gives the message of debugger start and it successively indicates and waiting for de­ bugger command entry.

  • Page 125

    When address <ADDR2> is smaller than that of <ADDK>, error message is displayed. G (Go) G<CS:IP><OLD>[<ADDR>[,<BRK>]]<CR> Execute the program If=<CS:IP> is set execution hegins at the address specified to execution start at address specified, enter <CR>, or to change execution address, enter <ADDRESS> as specified, to set break point, enter <CR>...

  • Page 126

    the hyphen is displayed, allowing the succeeding data to be set at the same port (at this time, the designated same port is given some time difference), R (Read Hex File) R[<BIAS>]<CR> Data of Intel Hexa Format is transferred from RS-232C inside I/O controller to memory.

  • Page 127

    ERROR PROCESS Error message "#" is displayed when command entry or operator error occurs and line change is performed for command re­ entry. If numeric value of some digits is greater than specified, particular digits at the head part of numeric are cut off with no error message displayed.

  • Page 128

    D COPY (media copy program) operation Execute program "D COPY" to copy a test program. For details of D COPY operation, refer to TEST PROGRAM OPERATIONAL MANUAL. 7-22...

  • Page 129

    Chapter 8 Appendix 8.1 Unit Configuration and General Wiring...

  • Page 130

    8.1 Unit Configurations and General Wiring...

  • Page 131

    KE Y .C W ire's c o lo r BLUE ( * 5 V ) ORANGE ( +5V1 (r.N n t RPTUM GRAY (GND) RT.Arr (r.Nn) YELLOW P i a N o . W ir e ’s c o lo r Y E L L O W ( * 5 V ) B L A C K...

  • Page 132

    KEY .C H ir e 's c o lo r BLUE (4 5 V ) ORANGE +5VI GRRRN /CMD1 RRTHM GRAT (GND) RLATir ( « u n i TELLOH Pin N o . W ire 's c o lo r Y E L L O W C 5 V ) ( G N D )

  • Page 133

    KE Y .C BLUE ( ♦ 5 V ) ORANGE GREEN t ( i n _ B s n w N GRAY r e n n ) .BLACK /r.Nni YELLOW Pin N o . W ire ’ * c o lo r Y E L L O W ( + J V ) B L A C K...

  • Page 134

    W in** color Pin N o. G R E E N (♦ JV ) R E D (G N D ) W H ITE (G N D ) B LA C K (♦ 12V ) Pin N o. W ir*'» color O R A N G E (♦...

  • Page 135


  • Page 136

    CANON INC. CO PYRIGH T CANON INC. Feb. 1983 Printed in Japan E Y 8 - 6 0 7 2 - 2 2 2...

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