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Samsung SHP-DS510 User Manual

Smart doorlock.
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User Guide
Please review all included documentation and use the product as intended. Safety precautions must be
followed to avoid personal injury or property damage.
Samsung Smart Door Lock


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  • Page 1

    Samsung Smart Door Lock User Guide SHP-DS510 Please review all included documentation and use the product as intended. Safety precautions must be followed to avoid personal injury or property damage.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

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  • Page 3: Smart

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock INSTALLATION Components & Tools Components and Drawing Exterior Unit Interior Unit Interior Mounting Plate Strike Parts Adjustable Deadbolt Magnet sensor Set Strike Dust Box Reinforcement Door Sensor Magnet plate Screw for Strike and Screw for Screw for Interior...

  • Page 4: Door Preparation

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Door Preparation Step 1. Check the Door Status 1) This lock supports door thickness of 1-3/8” to 2-5/32” (35 to 55mm). 2) Using the provided lock template, ensure that there are no obstructions that would prevent installing the lock properly.

  • Page 5

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Step 3. Drilling 1) Drill a 2-1/8˝ (54 mm) diameter hole through the door, as indicated on the template, using a hole saw. 2) Drill a 1˝ (25 mm) mortise hole using a hole saw. 3) Drill strike plate holes using a drill bit (1/8˝, 2.5 mm).

  • Page 6: Preparing The Parts

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Preparing the parts 1. Adjusting the length of the dead bolt Turn the body of the dead bolt to adjust the length of the dead bolt. It can be 60mm (2-3/8”) or 70mm (2-3/4”) 2. Changing the faceplate of the dead bolt Change the faceplate of the dead bolt following the size of a strike hole.

  • Page 7: Installing Lock

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Installing lock Outside Inside 1. Installing the Dead Bolt(E) 1. Before installation 1) Check the faceplate type of your door. 2) Make sure the deabolt directon as shown before inserting it into a door side. 2. Insert the deadbolt from the side of the door.

  • Page 8

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock 3. Installing the Mounting Plate 1. Detach the Interior Mounting Plate from the interior unit. 2. Fasten the interior mounting plate with three TH+M4x40 (G2) 90% of the way. 3. Align the Exterior Unit with the Interior Mounting Plate and then tighten the screws.

  • Page 9

    OPTION : Connection for Video Intercom Connect the cable of video intercom to the Dry Contact Signal Interior Unit. SHP-DS510 receives 1 second of dry con- tact signal to open the door remotely. It is normally compatible with SHT-3006 and other Samsung Video Intercom systems.

  • Page 10: Setting Of Right-handed / Left Handed

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Setting of Right-Handed / Left Handed *All status should be checked while the dead bolt is in OPEN POSITION. Left-handed Right-handed Right-handed Left-handed Tailpiece Thumb turn...

  • Page 11: Programming

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock PROGRAMMING Programming Features Exterior Interior [SET] Button Open/Close Button Touchscreen Magnetic Sensor Card Reader Thumbturn Lever Restart Button [REG] Button Privacy/Lockout Mode Indicator Emergency Battery Cover Key Hole Low Battery Indicator Symbols Description Symbols Description Press the [ ] button. It is Touch the [Touchscreen].

  • Page 12

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Symbols Description Symbols Description Touch the Card reader with the Press the [OPEN/CLOSE] OPEN / CLOSE User Card. button. Enter the User Number. Can be set from 1 to 100. Definitions Indicator Lamp : Indicates the operational status when the Card is being read or the lock is in operation.

  • Page 13

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Random Security Code : Press this code (two-digit random numbers) before the user PIN code in order to prevent the intruder to see the fingerprint marks left on the touchscreen. You can also disable this feature, but is enabled by default.

  • Page 14

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Status Indicators Privacy Mode Indicator Low Battery Indicator Lock Activation Touch the [Touchscreen]. Touch lock with back of hand or fingers to acti- vate. Changing the Master PIN Code Open the battery cover When the touchscreen...

  • Page 15: Managing User Pin Code/ Card

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Managing User PIN Code/ Card Registering a User PIN Code/ Card Open the battery cover of When the touchscreen is il- Press the button after the Interior Unit and press luminated, enter the current pressing the button.

  • Page 16

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Deleting User PIN Code / User Card Open the battery cover of When the touchscreen is il- Press the button after the Interior Unit and press luminated, enter the current pressing the button. [REG] button briefly.

  • Page 17: Basic Lock Operation Overview

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Basic Lock Operation Overview Opening the Door with a PIN Code → The door opens within one Enter the PIN Code and Touch the [Touchscreen]. second. press the button. Opening the Door with a Card →...

  • Page 18: Programming Through Menu Mode Using Master Code

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Programming Through Menu Mode Using Master Code Program Operation in Master Mode : Master Program Mode Only 1~100 1~100 Delete User PIN / Card 1~100 Note: Maximum number of user registration is 100. (User PIN Codes, User Cards, Key Fobs)

  • Page 19: Miscellaneous

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock MISCELLANEOUS Miscellaneous Information Reset to Factory Default Resetting the lock will delete all registered information. Note: All registered Master and user data will be deleted, and the lock will be reset to default settings. Press the [REG] button for 3 seconds.

  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Troubleshooting When the lock doesn’t function correctly, please check the items below. If you can’t resolve the problem, please contact the nearest service center. Problem Resolution Reference ● Check if the batteries are inserted in the correct polarity.

  • Page 21

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Problem Resolution Reference ● Check if Auto Locking is set. When Manual Locking is set, touching the [Touchscreen] locks the door. The door won’t ● If the door doesn’t lock automatically when Auto Locking lock automatically is set, then the lock has been installed incorrectly.

  • Page 22: User Registration Table

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock User Registration Table User No. PIN CODE/CARD User Name User No. PIN CODE/CARD User Name...

  • Page 23: Product Specifications

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Product Specifications Item Specifications Voltage 4 AA Alkaline 1.5V Batteries (LR6) (6V) Operation Method Electronic Control Method (PIN Code entry or Card reading) Weight 1.8Kg (including both inside and Exterior Unit) 69.8 mm (W) x 159.8 mm (H) x 35.2 mm (D) Exterior Unit 2-3/4˝...

  • Page 24

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock...

  • Page 25: Warranty

    In no event shall SAMSUNG SDS be liable for an amount in excess of SAMSUNG SDS’s original selling price of the product, for any loss or damage, whether direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or otherwise arising out of any failure of the product.

  • Page 26: Warranty

    SAMSUNG SDS is not an insurer of either the property or safety of the user’s family or employees, and limits its liability for any loss or damage including incidental or consequential damages to SAMSUNG SDS’s original...

  • Page 27: Drilling Template

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Drilling Template Sheet : 2-3/8″(60mm) Backset 5/32 Deep " Ø2-1/8 " Bore 1 "DIA. Latch Hole. 2-3/8 "...

  • Page 28

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock...

  • Page 29

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Drilling Template Sheet : 2-3/4″(70mm) Backset Ø2-1/8" 5/32 Deep " Bore 1 "DIA. Latch Hole. 2-3/4"...

  • Page 30

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock...

  • Page 31: Tailpiece Setting

    SHP-DS510 Smart Door Lock Tailpiece Setting ��� Tailpiece drawing 1. Check the thickness of your door. 2. According to your door thickness, cut the tailpiece. Note: Cut the tailpiece 5mm longer than the door thickness. Thickness of the door cutting point How to cut 1.

  • Page 32

    Door Lock Product information and customer service contact SAMSUNG SDS SAMSUNG SDS Co.,Ltd., reserves the right to change availability of any item in this catalog, its design, construction, and/or its materials. Copyright © 2015, SAMSUNG SDS Co.,Ltd. All right reserved.

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