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Samsung SHP-DS700 User And Reference Manual

Sds door lock.
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Samsung SDS Door Lock
User and Reference Guide


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  • Page 1

    SHP-DS700 Samsung SDS Door Lock User and Reference Guide Ver1.0.0...

  • Page 2: Product Specifications

    Product Specifications Item Spec. Exterior Unit 41mm (W) X 41mm(H) X 9.5mm(D) Size Interior Unit 70mm (W) X 53mm(H) X 22mm(D) Voltage AA Alkaline 1.5V Batteries (LR6) 4EA (6V) Emergency Power Source 9V Battery(6LF22) (Separately sold) 10 Months (based on an average of 10 uses per day with a Battery Life wireless module not mounted) Support Card Standard...

  • Page 3

    The Samsung SDS Z-Wave Door Lock is a security enabled Z-Wave Plus product that is able to use encrypted Z-Wave Plus messages to communicate to other security enable Z-Wave Plus products. The Samsung SDS Z-Wave Door Lock must be used in conjunction with a Security Enabled Z-Wave Controller in other to fully utilize all implemented functions.

  • Page 4

    Z-Wave plus info (V2) Z-Wave Plus Version : 02 Role Type : LSS (Listening Sleeping Slave) Node Type : Z-Wave Plus Node Manufacturer Specific (V2) Device ID Type : 01(Serial Number) Device ID Data Format : 01 (Binary) Device ID Data Length Indicator : 16 Device ID : XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX Version (V2) Z-Wave Protocol Library Type : 03...

  • Page 5

    ⋅ Card (Key Tag) : 1 ~ 20 ⋅ Bluetooth : 21 ~ 30 Association (V2) & Association Group Information (V1) Lifeline between controller and SHP-DS700 Supported command classes : Battery report, Notification report, and Device Reset Locally notification Maximum supported node is 1EA...

  • Page 6

    0x01 Samsung SDS This value can be used when the device is connected with platform of Samsung SDS. This function is not related to Z-Wave CC. - 0x02 : Command for disable which is set by platform of Samsung SDS.

  • Page 7

    Value of Security Function is not changed by this command. This parameter is supported to ‘Configuration Get Command’ only. This value set by platform after device connected with platform of Samsung SDS. Firmware update meta data (V2) Manufacturer ID : 0x022E (Samsung SDS)

  • Page 8: Basic Functions

    Note : Pressing the [REG] button is only available while the door is open. (Deadbolt must be unsecured.) Basic Functions 1. Factory Reset All registered Master/User data will be deleted, and Master PIN Code is set to ‘1234’. Also Z- Wave Door Lock is being removed from a network.

  • Page 9

    4. Registering a Bluetooth ① Press the [REG] button. (Ding dong) ② Enter the [88] + [*] (Ding dong) ③ Enter the Password + [*] (Ding dong deng → Ding ding) ④ Check a pairing number from Smart Door Lock App of smartphone. (First, please install the Smart Door Lock app in the smart phone.) ⑤...

  • Page 10

    7. Opening the Door with a Card ① Place the Card on the Card Reader. ② The door opens whithin one second. 8. Opening the Door with a Bluetooth ① Access the door lock from the outside or touch its number pad. ②...

  • Page 11

    Addtional Function Activation/Deactivation of the Bluetooth Mode After the Bluetooth mode is activated, accessing the door lock from the outside or touching its number pad can authenticate the registered Bluetooth smartphone to open the door. The Bluetooth mode is activated by default. ①...

  • Page 12: Sound Setting

    13. Intrusion Detection Function When the Interior Unit is forcibly detached while the door is locked, it is detected by the door open/close sensor, the alarm sounds. The Intrution Detection function is a basic function and cannot be disabled. 14. Sound Setting The sound that is generated when the number buttons are pressed, when the door is locked or when the locked door is unloced, can be set according to the user’s preference.

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