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HP ProCurve Switch 5406zl Installation And Getting Started Manual: Installing The Module; Installation Precautions

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Hardware Installation

Installing the Module

N o t e
For a description of the front panel buttons and LEDs, see
in the Web version of this document at
The printed version of this document contains the basic information needed
to get you started using the Services Module. It also contains EMC Regulatory
Statements (Appendix A) and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
(WEEE) Statements (Appendix B). Appendices C and D are only in the Web
version of this document at
more detailed hardware information, and Appendix D gives more detailed
software information.
Installing the Module

Installation Precautions

Static electricity can severely damage the electronic components on the
module. When handling and installing the module, follow these proce-
dures to avoid damage from static electricity:
Handle the module by its bulkhead or edges and avoid touching the
components and the circuitry on the board.
When installing the module, equalize any static charge difference
between your body and the switch by wearing a grounding wrist
strap and attaching it to the switch's metal body, or by frequently
touching the switch's metal body.
The module has "low-force", high-performance connectors. High inser-
tion forces are not necessary to install the module, and should not be
Ensure the module is fully inserted. Press the module into the slot
until the bulkhead on the module contacts or is very close to contacting
the front face of the switch chassis.
Once the module is fully inserted, screw in the two retaining screws to
secure the module in place.
For safe operation, proper switch cooling, and reduction of electromag-
netic emissions, ensure that a slot cover is installed on any unused
module slot. For safety, no more than one slot should be uncovered at a
time when the switch is powered on.
Check the temperature specifications for the module; different modules
have different temperature requirements.
To install the module into a switch, the switch can be powered on or off. The
following procedure assumes the switch is powered on.
www. Appendix C gives
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