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KitchenAid Instructions for use Instructions For Use Manual page 5

Up to 1000w
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•Power cable replacement must be carried out by a
qualified electrician. Contact an authorised service
•Regulations require that the appliance is earthed.
•The power cable must be long enough for connecting
the Appliance, once fitted in its housing, to the main
power supply.
•For installation to comply with current safety
regulations, an omnipolar switch with minimum
contact gap of 3 mm must be used.
•Do not use extension leads, multiple socket adapters.
•Do not connect the appliance to a socket which can
be operated by remote control or timer.
•Do not pull the power supply cable.
•The electrical components must not be accessible to
the user after installation.
•Do not touch the appliance with any wet part of the
body and do not operate it when barefoot.
•This appliance is designed solely for use as a domestic
appliance for cooking food. No other type of use is
permitted (e.g.: heating rooms or outdoor use). The
Manufacturer declines any liability for injury to persons
or animals or damage to property if these advices and
precautions are not respected.
•This appliance is intended to be used built-in. Do not
use it freestanding.
•The appliance and its accessible parts become hot
during use. Care should be taken to avoid touching
heating elements.
•Very young (0-3 years) and young children (3-8 years)
shall be kept away unless continuously supervised.



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