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Trouble Shooting Guide; After-Sales Service; Scrapping Of Household Appliances - KitchenAid Instructions for use Instructions For Use Manual

Up to 1000w
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Trouble shooting guide

The appliance does not work
• The turntable support is in place.
• The door is properly closed.
• Check the fuses and ensure that there is power
• Check that the appliance has ample ventilation.
Wait for 10 minutes, then try to operate the
appliance once more.
• Open and then close the door before you try
• Disconnect the appliance from the power supply.
Wait for 10 minutes before reconnecting and
trying again.

After-Sales Service

Before calling the After-Sales Service
1. See if you can solve the problem yourself with
the help of the suggestions given in the
"Troubleshooting guide".
2. Switch the appliance off and back on again to
see if the fault persists.
If the above checks have been carried out and
the fault still occurs, get in touch with the
nearest After-Sales Service.
Always specify:
• a brief description of the fault;
• the type and exact model of the appliance;
• the service number (number after the word
"Service" on the rating plate), located on the
right-hand edge of the appliance cavity (visible
when the appliance door is open).

Scrapping of household appliances

• This appliance is manufactured with recyclable or
reusable materials. Scrap the appliance in
accordance with local regulations on waste
disposal. Before scrapping, cut off the power
cords so that the appliances cannot be connected
to the mains.
The electronic programmer does not work
If the display shows the letter "F" followed by a
number, contact the nearest After-Sales Service.
In this case, quote the number that follows the letter
The service number is also indicated in the
guarantee booklet.
• your full address;
• your telephone number.
NOTE: if any repairs are required, please contact
an authorized After-sales Service (to guarantee
that original spare parts will be used and repairs
carried out correctly).
• For further information on the treatment,
recovery and recycling of household electrical
appliances, contact a competent local authority,
the collection service for household waste or the
store where the appliance is purchased.



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