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Call Duration Display; Call Forwarding; Call Park - Panasonic ICX Technical Manual

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Chapter 4 - Station Features
Provides a way to establish a 3-party conference between two users and an outside
party, or between three users.


The length of a call in progress (minutes and seconds) is tracked and displayed on the phone's
Users can tell how long they've been on a call -- and what the SMDR report is going
to show for that call.


Call Forwarding allows users to automatically send their calls to another extension, to an outside
line, or to Voice Mail. There are several different types of call forwarding to choose from (see
chart below). All types can be set or canceled manually by the phone user. The user can also
clear the phone of all of its Call Forward and DND settings with a single code. (Even if a
telephone is in DND, a call can be transferred to it; the call will automatically go to the Call-
Forward destination.) Users can also set/clear Call Forward settings on other extensions from
their own phones.
Call Forwarding Types
Call Types to be Forwarded
All Calls
No Answer
Busy/No Answer
External Calls Only
Provides a way to pick up calls for absent personnel who are not part of a call
coverage group.
Allows for integration of Voice Mail systems.
Sales, marketing, customer service, etc.
Companies using Automated Attendant and/or Voice Mail


This feature is often used with Paging. It's a type of transfer that doesn't involve the phone
ringing; you simply "move" the call to another location. There are two types of Call Park:
Virtual Call Park. Also known as Park Orbit. Users can park the call to a Virtual extension, and
page the person to pick up the call from any extension by dialling a Park Pickup code and the
orbit number.
Station Call Park. The call can be parked onto another (physical) extension, when the user
wants to walk over to another desk and conduct the call from there.
ICX (International) issued December 1999
Section 200 - General Description


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