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Precautions - Panasonic AW-PS300 Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic ac adapter aw-ps300 operating instructions
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• Handle the adaptor with care.
Dropping the control panel or subjecting it to a strong
shock can cause a failure or an accident.
• Operating temperature range –10°C to +45°C
Avoid using it in a cold place below –10°C or a hot
place above +45°C because low or high temperature
will adversely affect the parts inside.
• Switch power off before power cable connection or
Be sure to switch power off before connecting or dis-
connecting the power cable.
• Avoid outdoor use.
• Install the control panel more than 1 meter away
from the monitors.
• Care
Pull out the power cable plug, and wipe the control
panel clean with a dry cloth. If it is extremely dirty, dip
a cloth into a diluted solution of kitchen detergent,
squeeze it hard, and wipe the product surfaces care-
• Do not use benzine, paint thinner, or other volatile
• When using a chemical duster, carefully read the
caution notes on its use.



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