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Ice cubes have odor/taste
Slow ice cube freezing
Refrigerator has odor
Moisture forms on outside of
Moisture collects inside (in humid
weather, air carries moisture
intorefrigerator when doors are
Refrigerator or freezer
compartment light does not work
Door/drawer does not close by
Freezer door/drawer pops open
when refrigerator door is closed
Hot air from bottom of refrigerator
Food freezing in the refrigerator
Orange glow in the freezer
Possible Causes
Food transmitting odor/taste to ice
Interior of refrigerator needs
Door left open.
Freezer control not set cold enough.
Foods transmitting odor to
Interior needs cleaning.
Not unusual during periods of high
Too frequent or too long door
No power at outlet.
Light bulb burned out or loose.
Leveling legs need adjusting.
This is normal if, after popping open,
the freezer door/drawer closed on its
Normal air flow cooling motor. In the
refrigeration process, it is normal
that heat be expelled in the area
under the refrigerator. Some floor
coverings will discolor at these
normal and safe temperatures.
Food too close to the air vent at the
back of the refrigerator.
Refrigerator control is set too cold.
Defrost heater is on.
What To Do
Wrap foods well.
See Care and cleaning. Keep an open
box of baking soda in the refrigerator;
replace every three months.
Check to see if package is holding door
See About the controls.
Foods with strong odors should be
tightly wrapped. Keep an open box of
baking soda in the refrigerator; replace
every three months.
See Care and cleaning.
Wipe surface dry and reset the
refrigerator control one setting colder.
This is normal.
Replace fuse or reset the breaker.
See Replacing the light bulbs.
See Installing the Refrigerator.
This indicates that there is a good
seal on the freezer door/drawer. If
the freezer door/drawer does not
automatically close after popping open,
then see the Problem: Door/drawer
does not close by itself, above.
Move the food away from the air vent.
Move the refrigerator control to a
warmer temperature setting one
increment at a time.
This is normal.



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