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Beam Interruption Time; Beam Power Control - Bosch ISC-FPB1-W60QS Installation And Operation Manual

Photobeam 5000
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Photobeam 5000
The EDC feature was not investigated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Beam interruption time

The beam interruption time defines the amount of time an intruder must spend in the beam
path before an alarm is generated. For instance, if the interruption time is set at 100 ms, the
detector only generates an alarm if the beams are blocked for more than 100 ms.
For UL applications, do not set the interrupt time above 75 ms.

Beam power control

The receiver is at optimal detection level when the transmitter's Beam Power Control setting
matches the installation range. When the Beam Power is not reduced to match shorter
distance, reflection off of nearby surfaces may occur and may cause a missed alarm (no
catch). Beam Power level set to greater than the installation range may also cause cross-talk
with other devices in the line of sight of the transmitter. The Beam Power Control adjusts the
amount of beam energy for optimal range.
Figure 5.1: Detection range
Callout ﹘ Description
1 ー Short range
2 ー Maximum detection range
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