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Intended Use; Safety Instructions; Before You Switch On The Appliance - Siemens SN SERIES Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents

Intended use

This appliance is intended
I n t e n d e d u s e
for use in the home and
domestic environments.
Use the dishwasher only in
the home and only for its
designated purpose: for
washing domestic dishes.
This appliance is intended
for use up to a maximum
altitude of 2500 metres
above sea level.

Safety instructions

This appliance may be used by
o n s
S a f e t y i n s t r u c t i
children over the age of 8 years
old and by persons with
reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities or by
persons with a lack of
experience or knowledge if they
are supervised or are instructed
by a person responsible for
their safety how to use the
appliance safely and have
understood the associated
Children must not play with, on,
or around the appliance.
Children must not clean the
appliance or carry out general
maintenance unless they are at
least 8 years old and are being
Keep children below the age of
8 years old at a safe distance
from the appliance and power
Before you switch ON the
Please read the instructions for
use and installation carefully.
They contain important
information on how to install,
use and maintain the appliance.
Retain all documents for later
use or for the subsequent
You can download the
instructions for use from our
website free of charge. The
relevant Internet address can
be found overleaf on these
instructions for use.
Intended use en

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Table of Contents

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