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Drinking Water Connection; Warm Water Connection; Electrical Connection - Siemens SN SERIES Instruction Manual

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Drinking water connection

Fasten the drinking water connection
to the tap according
to the installation instructions using
the enclosed parts.
Ensure that the drinking water
connection is not kinked, crushed
or twisted.
When replacing the appliance,
always use a new water supply
Water pressure:
at least 0.05 MPa (0.5 bar), maximum 1
MPa (10 bar).
At a higher water pressure:
connect pressure-reducing valve ahead.
Inlet rate:
minimum 10 litres/minute
Water temperature:
cold water.
Hot water:
Maximum temperature 60 °C.

Warm water connection *

* depending on the features of your
i o n
W a r m w a t e r c o n n e c t
The dishwasher can be connected
to cold or hot water up to max. 60 °C.
Connection to hot water is
recommended if the hot water can be
supplied by energetically favourable
means and from a suitable installation,
e.g. solar heating system with
circulation line. This will save energy
and time. The "Hot water" setting allows
you to adjust your dishwasher optimally
to operation with hot water. It is
recommended to have a water
temperature (temperature of the
incoming water) of at least 40 °C and
no more than 60 °C. It is not
recommended to connect the appliance
to hot water if the water is supplied from
an electric boiler.
Installation and connection en
To change the setting:
Open the door.
Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
Press Info button {8 for 3
seconds until the following text is
indicated on the display window at
the top @:
Scroll with < >
Set with - +
Leave with Setup 3 sec.
Keep pressing the button > )R until
water connection appears of the
display window at the top @.
Make the setting with setting buttons
+ -X.
Press and hold the Info button {
8 for 3 seconds.
The chosen setting has now been

Electrical connection

Connect the appliance to an
alternating current only, ranging from
220 V to 240 V and 50 Hz or 60 Hz
via a correctly installed socket with
protective earth conductor. See
rating plate for required fusing 9J.
The socket must be near the
appliance and freely accessible
following installation.
If the plug is not freely accessible, an
allpole disconnector with a contact
opening of at least 3 mm must be
fitted on the installation side to
satisfy the relevant safety
The connection may be modified
by technicians only.
A power cord extension may be
purchased from customer service

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Table of Contents

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