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Terminating The Programme; Changing The Programme; Cleaning And Maintenance; Overall Condition Of The Machine - Siemens SN SERIES Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents
en Cleaning and maintenance

Terminating the programme

Open the door.
p r o g r a m m e
T e r m i n a t i n g t h e
Press the START button )* and
hold for 3 seconds
The display window at the top @
and the front display * )2 show:
"Program was terminated".
Close the door.
The programme sequence lasts
approx. 1 min. The display window
at the top @ shows: "Finished".
Open the door.
Switch off ON/OFF switch (.
Close the door.
* depending on the features of your

Changing the programme

When the START button )* has been
pressed, the programme cannot be
changed. The only way a programme
can be changed is by Cancel
programme (Reset).
Cleaning and
A regular inspection and maintenance
t e n a n c e
C l e a n i n g a n d m a i n
of your machine will help to prevent
faults. This saves time and prevents
Overall condition
of the machine
Check rinsing compartment
for grease and limescale deposits.
If you find such deposits:
Fill detergent dispenser 9: with
detergent. Start the appliance
without utensils in the programme
with the highest rinsing temperature.
Health hazard due to detergents
containing chlorine!
Always use chlorine-free detergents.
Clean the appliance with
detergents/appliance cleaners which
are particularly suitable for use with
To extend the life of your appliance,
clean the appliance regularly with a
special dishwasher detergent.
To ensure that the door seal always
remains clean and hygienic,
regularly clean it with a damp cloth
and a little washing-up liquid.
If the appliance is switched off for a
prolonged period, leave the door
ajar to prevent the formation of an
unpleasant odour.

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Table of Contents

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