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Siemens SN SERIES Instruction Manual page 43

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Error code ":Ġ is lit.
Error code ":ƒˆ is lit.
A different error code is
indicated on the digital
(":‹‚ to ":„‹)
Home network is not
WLAN display flashes.
Home Connect cannot be
implemented correctly.
Refill indicator for salt P
and/or rinse-aid H is lit.
Refill indicator for salt P
and/or rinse-aid H is not
Water is left in the
appliance at the end of the
Waste water pump blocked or
cover on the waste water pump is
not locked in position.
Mains voltage too low.
A technical fault has probably
WLAN is not active on the router. Check the wireless network connection of
Connection to the home network
is not available.
Possible setting errors or a
technichal fault.
No rinse aid.
No salt.
Sensor does not detect salt
Refill indicator switched off.
There is still enough special
salt/rinse aid available.
Filter system or area under the
filters 1j is blocked.
Program has not ended yet.
Fault, what to do? en
Remedial action
Clean pump and lock cover correctly.
~ "Waste water pump" on page 41
Not an appliance fault, have the mains
voltage and electrical installation checked.
Switch off appliances with the ON/OFF
switch (. After a short time restart the
If the problem recurs, turn off the tap and
pull out the mains plug.
Call customer service and mention the
error code.
your router.
Activate the wireless network on your
Observe the supplied documents and
support information for Home Connect.
Refill rinse aid.
Refill with special salt.
Use different special salt.
Activation/deactivation (see chapter
"Water softening system/Special salt"
~ Page 18 or "Rinse aid" ~ Page 20).
Check refill indicator, levels.
Clean filters and area underneath.
Wait until programme ends or reset.

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Table of Contents

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