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For example, in the Photos hub, tap and hold a photo, and tap share... >
3. Tap the device to connect to. You can see the Bluetooth devices within range.
4. If the other device needs a passcode, type in the passcode. The passcode,
which you can make up, must be typed in on both devices. The passcode in some
devices is fixed. For details, see the user guide of the other device.
The passcode is only used when you connect to something for the first time.
The location of the received files depends on the other device. For details, see
the user guide of the other device.
If the other device is also a Lumia phone, the received files are saved in the apps
they belong to. For example, photos are saved in the Photos hub.
Set your phone to driving mode
Driving mode helps you minimize distraction when driving, letting you
concentrate on your journey.
1. On the start screen, swipe down from the top of the screen, and tap ALL
SETTINGS > driving mode > next.
2. To set the phone to ignore calls, switch Ignore calls to On
. To set the
phone to ignore text messages, switch Ignore texts to On
3. Tap next.
4. To send an automatic text message when someone calls or texts you,
explaining why you can't answer, switch Text replies to calls, Text replies to
texts, or both to On
. To edit the message, tap the text box.
5. Tap next > add a device, and tap the Bluetooth device you connect your phone
to when driving, such as a headset.
Driving mode starts automatically when the phone and the added Bluetooth
device connect.
Change your device name
You can change your phone's device name to make it easy to identify when
connecting to other devices with Bluetooth.
1. Use a compatible USB cable to connect your phone to a computer running
2. Find your phone on your computer's Windows Explorer screen.
3. Right-click the Windows Phone icon, and open your phone's properties view.
4. Change the default name to whatever you like. The default name is usually
Windows Phone.
Your phone's Bluetooth name is the same as its device name.
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