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Storage Drawer - Whirlpool W10196159C Installation Instructions Manual

30" (76.0cm) freestanding electric ranges
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The storage drawer can be removed. Before removing, check
3. Depress the drawer clip by pressing the screwdriver handle
that the storage drawer is cool and empty. A flat-blade
toward the side of the storage drawer.
screwdriver will be needed for removal.
To Remove:
1. Pull the storage drawer forward to the drawer stop. Push the
drawer back approximately
1" ( 2.5 cm).
It will be necessary to disengage the storage drawer one side
at a time.
2. Insert a flat-blade screwdriver through the opening in the side
of the storage drawer, placing the screwdriver tip on the
outside of the drawer clip.
A. Drawer clip - view from outside
of storage drawer
4. Gently pull forward on the storage drawer until the depressed
clip clears the drawer glide.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the other side of the storage drawer.
6. Lift up the back of the storage drawer and remove.
To Replace:
1. Lift up the back of the storage drawer and place it inside the
range in its fully forward position.
2. Lift up the front of the storage drawer to a level position.
3. Slowly push the storage drawer into the range until the
drawer side rails engage with the gap in the drawer glides.
A. Drawer clip
A. Engage drawer gfide.
4. Once the storage drawer is fully engaged on both sides, slide
the drawer back into the closed position.
5. NOTE: When you are removing and replacing the storage
drawer, a slight push may be needed to move the drawer
stop notch past the drawer glides.



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