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Installation Instructions - Whirlpool W10196159C Installation Instructions Manual

30" (76.0cm) freestanding electric ranges
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Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and install range.
Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.
1. Remove shipping materials, tape and film from range.
2. Remove oven racks and parts package from inside oven.
3. Do not remove the shipping base at this time.
A. Shipping base
On Ranges Equipped with Storage Drawers:
Remove the storage drawer. See the "Storage Drawer"
section. Use a 1¼,, d rive ratchet to lower the rear leveling legs
one-half turn. Use a wrench or pliers to lower front leveling
legs one-half turn.
A. ¼" drive ratchet
B. Rear leveling leg
C. Wrench or priers
D. Front levering leg
On Ranges Equipped with Warming Drawers:
On ranges equipped with a warming drawer, the rear legs
cannot be accessed by removing the warming drawer. It will
be necessary to adjust the rear legs from outside the range.
Use wrench or pliers to lower the front and rear leveling legs
one-half turn.
B xc<®'t
Tip Over Hazard
A child or adult can tip the range and be kiJJed.
Connect anti=tip bracket to rear range foot.
the anti=tip bracket,
if the range is moved.
Failure to folJow these instructions can result in death
or serious
burns to children
and adults.
Contact a qualified floor covering installer for the best procedure
for drilling mounting holes through your type of floor covering.
Before moving range, slide range onto shipping base, cardboard
or hardboard.
1. Remove template from the anti-tip bracket kit (found inside
the oven cavity) or from the back of this manual.
2. Place template on the floor in cabinet opening so that the left
edge is against cabinet and top edge is against rear wall,
molding or cabinet.
3. Tape template into place.
4. If countertop
is not flush with cabinet opening edge, align
template with overhang.
If cabinet opening is wider than that specified in the "Location
section, adjust template so range will be
centered in cabinet opening.
A. Rear leveling leg
B. Front leveling leg
C. Wrench or pliers



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