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Kenwood FP880 series Instructions Manual page 4

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knife blade
Cut food such as meat, bread, vegetables into cubes
approximately 2cm/
in before processing.
Biscuits should be broken into pieces and added down
the feed tube whilst the machine is running.
When making pastry use fat straight from the fridge cut
into 2cm/
Take care not to over-process.
dough tool
Place the dry ingredients in the bowl and add the liquid
down the feed tube whilst the machine is running.
Process until a smooth elastic ball of dough is formed
this will take 45 - 60 secs.
Re-knead by hand only. Re-kneading in the bowl is not
recommended as it may cause the processor to become
twin beater geared whisk
Use for light mixtures only eg egg whites, cream,
evaporated milk and for whisking eggs and sugar for
fatless sponges. Heavier mixtures such as fat and flour
will damage it.
using the whisk
1 Fit the drive shaft and bowl onto the power unit.
2 Push each beater securely into the drive head
3 Fit the whisk by carefully turning until it drops over the
drive shaft.
4 Add the ingredients.
5 Fit the lid - ensuring the end of the shaft locates into the
centre of the lid.
6 Switch on.
Best results are obtained when the eggs are at room temperature.
Ensure the bowl and whisks are clean and free from grease before whisking.
maxi-blend canopy
When blending liquids, use the maxi-blend canopy with
the knife blade. It allows you to increase the liquid
processing capacity from 1 litre to 1.5 litres, prevents
leaking and improves the chopping performance of the
1 Fit the drive shaft and bowl onto the power unit.
2 Fit the knife blade.
3 Add ingredients to be processed.
4 Fit the canopy over the top of the blade ensuring it sits
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on the ledge inside the bowl
. Do not push down on
the canopy, hold by the centre grip.
5 Fit the lid and switch on.
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slicing/shredding discs
reversible slicing/shredding discs - thick
Use the shredding side for cheese, carrots, potatoes
and foods of a similar texture.
Use the slicing side for cheese, carrots, potatoes,
cabbage, cucumber, courgette, beetroot and onions.
fine (Julienne style) chipper disc
Use to cut: potatoes for Julienne style French fries; firm
ingredients for salads, garnishes, casseroles and stir
fries (eg carrot, swede, courgette, cucumber).
extra coarse shredding disc
Coarsely shreds cheese and carrots.
rasping disc
Grates Parmesan cheese and potatoes for German
potato dumplings.
standard chipper disc
Use to Cut: potatoes for thin French fries; firm
ingredients for salads and dips (eg carrot, cucumber).
Never remove the lid until the cutting disc has
completely stopped.
Handle the cutting discs with care - they are
extremely sharp
to use the cutting discs
1 Fit the drive shaft and bowl onto the power unit.
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2 Holding by the centre grip
drive shaft with the appropriate side uppermost
3 Fit the lid.
4 Choose which size feed tube you want to use. The
pusher contains a smaller feed tube for processing
individual items or thin ingredients.
To use the small feed tube - first put the large
pusher inside the feed tube.
To use the large feed tube - use both pushers
5 Put the food in the feed tube.
6 Switch on and push down evenly with the pusher -
never put your fingers in the feed tube.
Use fresh ingredients
Don't cut food too small. Fill the width of the large feed tube fairly full. This
prevents the food from slipping sideways during processing. Alternatively use
the small feed tube.
When using the chipper disc, place ingredients horizontally.
When slicing or shredding: food placed upright
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placed horizontally
There will always be a small amount of waste on the plate or in the bowl after
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, place the disc onto the
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comes out shorter than food
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