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Cookware Recommendations; Use The Correct Cookware Size - Electrolux E36IC80QSS0 Use And Care Manual

Induction cooktop
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Getting Started

Cookware recommendations

Be sure to follow the following recommendations
for using cookware as shown:
Cookware not centered
on Cooking Zone
Curved or warped pan
bottoms or sides.
Pan does not meet the
minimum size required
for the Cooking Zone
Pan bottom rests on
cooktop trim or does not
rest completely on the
cooktop surface.
Heavy handle tilts pan.
ANY one of the incorrect conditions listed above
in Fig. 1 may be detected by the sensors located
below the ceramic cooktop surface. If the cookware
does not meet any of these conditions, one or
more of the Cooking Zones will not heat indicated
by a flashing power level in the digital display for
that affected zone. Correct the problems before
attempting to reactivate the cooktop.
Cookware centered
correctly on Cooking
Zone surface.
Flat pan bottom &
straight sides.
Pan size meets
or exceeds the
recommended minimum
size for the Cooking Zone.
Pan rests completely on
the cooktop surface.
Pan is properly
Fig. 1

Use the correct cookware size

The Cooking Zones available on the Induction
Cooktop require a MINIMUM pan size to be used at
each location. The cross (+) of each Cooking Zone
is your guide to the correct MINIMUM pan size. The
pan bottom must FULLY cover the cross for proper
cooking to occur.
The outer dots at each Cooking Zone is helpful to
determine the pan MAXIMUM size. After centering the
cookware on the cooktop, make sure the cookware
does not extend more than 1/2" beyond these dots on
the Cooking Zone. The pan must make FULL contact
on the glass surface without the bottom of the pan
touching the metal cooktop trims.
Regular Cooking Zone
Fig. 2
The Right Front Cooking Zone got a MINIMUM pan
size much smaller than the other cooking zones to
accommodate many pan sizes.
Right Front Cooking Zone
Fig. 3
If a pan made of the correct material is centered
properly on any of the active Cooking Zones but is
TOO SMALL, the power level in the digital display
will start flashing for the affected Cooking Zone
Display and the pan will not heat.



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