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Cooktop Zone Control Displays An Error Code; Cooking Zones Inner Leds Continuously Rotating Around Digital Display; Metal Marks On Ceramic Cooktop Glass; Scratches Or Abrasions On Ceramic Cooktop Glass - Electrolux E36IC80QSS0 Use And Care Manual

Induction cooktop
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Solutions to Common Problems

Before you call for service, review the following list. It may save you time & expense. The list includes
common occurrences that are not the result of defective workmanship or materials in this appliance.
Cooktop zone controls
display error code
Cooking zones inner
LEDs continuously
rotating around digital
Metal marks on ceramic
cooktop glass
Scratches or abrasions
on ceramic cooktop
Brown streaks or
specks on ceramic
cooktop surface
Area of discoloration
with metallic sheen on
ceramic cooktop glass
Before you call
• If an error occurs that affects a zone, that zone will display an error
and that specific zone will shut down. If the error affects more than
one zone but a single Induction Heater, then the zones affected by
that Induction Heater will display an error and those specific zones
will shut down. However if an error occurs that affects the whole
cooktop, then the error will display in all zones and the whole cooktop
will shut down. If any error occurs try shutting power down to the
cooktop then reapply power. If the error persists then call Electrolux
1-877-4ELECTROLUX (1-877-435-3287).
• Induction Cooktop pan detection sensors do not see the correct
cookware. Test with a magnet to be sure cookware is made with
Induction compatible material.
• Cookware has been removed from the Cooking Zone without turning
the Cooking Zone OFF. Place cookware back on to the Cooking Zone
or if finished cooking turn OFF the affected Cooking Zone.
• Cookware is not centered over the Cooking Zone properly. Refer to
page 7-8 for correct cookware placement.
• Sliding or scraping of metal utensils on cooktop surface can cause
metal marks. DO NOT slide cookware or cooking utensils across
the cooktop surface. Use the recommended ceramic glass cooktop
cleaning creme to remove the marks. See "Cooktop Cleaning &
Maintenance" in the Care & Cleaning section.
• Coarse particles such as salt or sand between cooktop and cookware
or cooking utensils can cause scratches. Be sure cooktop surface
and bottoms of utensils are clean before placing on cooktop. Small
scratches do not affect cooking and will become less visible with
• Cleaning materials not recommended for ceramic-glass cooktop have
been used. See "Cooktop Cleaning & Maintenance" in the Care &
Cleaning section.
• Cookware with rough bottoms were used. Use smooth, flat-bottomed
cookware ONLY.
• Boil overs are cooked onto cooktop surface. Use a razor blade
scraper to remove soil. See "Cooktop Cleaning & Maintenance" in
the General Care & Cleaning section.
• Mineral deposits from food and/or water can cause discoloration with
metallic sheen. Remove using a ceramic-glass cooktop cleaning
creme. Remember to use cookware with clean, dry bottoms. For
more information See "Cooktop Cleaning and Maintenance" in the
Care & Cleaning section
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