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Operating The Cooking Zones - Electrolux E36IC80QSS0 Use And Care Manual

Induction cooktop
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Operating the cooking zones

The Induction cooktop has four or five Cooking Zones
designed for cookware of various sizes. Be sure to place
cookware that meets the minimum and maximum pan
size requirements for the Cooking Zone desired and
is best for the amount of food being prepared. Place
the cookware with the prepared food on the Cooking
Zone BEFORE setting any of the Cooktop controls.
To Turn ON one or more of the Cooking Zones:
1. Place the correctly sized cookware on the desired
Cooking Zone. Be sure to center the cookware on
Cooking Zone completely covering the minimum
area marked on the Zone surface.
PLEASE NOTE: If the cookware requirements for the
Cooking Zone (pan wise) are not met, the sensors
will detect a problem and the power level will flash in
the display. Any problems must be corrected before
2. Touch and hold the POWER key pad for 1/2 seconds
(or until a beep sounds). The Power LED located
above the POWER key pad will turn ON. NOTE:
If no other key pad is touched within 10 seconds
the request to Power ON the cooktop will clear.
3. To start one or more of the Cooking Zones, lightly
touch the ON
OFF key pad for the Cooking Zones
needed. A beep will sound and the indicator light
located above the ON
OFF pad will glow. NOTE: If
no other key pad is touched within 10 seconds the
request to Power ON the Cooktop Zone will clear.
4. Set the desired power level for the Cooking Zone
by using either the
Boost" maximum power level is needed, once you
power up the Cooking Zone, start by touching the
pad and "Pb" will be displayed in the Cooking
Zone Display.
NOTE: Once the Cooking Zone power level has been
set the food will begin to heat at that level until the
power level is manually changed except for Power
Boost which will reduce to HI after 10 minutes.
directly with hands. Always use oven mitts or
pot holders to protect hands from burns.
Setting Surface Controls
pads. If the "Power
To Turn OFF the Cooking Zones:
1. Once cooking is complete, touch the ON
pad to turn the Cooking Zone OFF.
2. A beep will sound and the chosen Cooking Zone
power level display will turn off. If no other Cooking
Zones are active and no other key pads are touched
the entire cooktop will shut OFF automatically in
10 more seconds.
3. When any Cooking Zone is OFF, the corresponding
Cooking Zone display may display HE (hot
element) if the Cooking Zone temperature is too
HOT. The cooking zone display will continue to
display HE even if the Cooktop is switched OFF.
The cooking zone controls will continue to display
HE as long as the cooktop remains HOT.
The Cooking Zones may appear to be cool while
turned ON and after they have been turned OFF.
The glass surface may be HOT from residual
heat transferred from the cookware and burns
may occur.
• Fluids spilled or objects lying on the controls area
of the cooktop may cause the cooktop to display an
error code and turn OFF while cooking. Clean the
spills or remove the objects from the cooktop.
• Be sure the cooktop vent openings are NOT
blocked. If the vent openings are blocked, the
cooktop internal sensor may shut OFF the cooktop
to avoid overheating the appliance.
• If the cookware or pan is moved from the center of
any active Cooking Zone for any reason, a sensor
will detect the situation and the cookware will no
longer heat. The affected Cooking Zone display
will flash indicating a pan is not detected. The
Cooking Zone will remember the power level setting
for up to 3 minutes before the Cooking Zone will
automatically shut OFF.
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