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General Cleaning - Frigidaire FFEW2415QB Use & Care Manual

Electric wall oven
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General Cleaning

Refer to the table at the beginning of this chapter for more
information about cleaning specific parts of the range.
Before manually cleaning any part of the range, be sure
all controls are turned off and the range is cool. The range
may be hot and can cause burns.
Remove all racks and accessories from the oven before
Ammonia must be rinsed before operating the oven.
Provide adequate ventilation.
Follow these cleaning precautions:
Allow the oven to cool before cleaning.
Wear rubber gloves when cleaning the appliance
Remove soils using hot, soapy water. Do not allow food
spills with a high sugar or acid content (such as milk,
tomatoes, sauerkraut, fruit juices or pie filling) to remain on
the surface as they may cause a dull spot even after
cleaning. Remove spillovers and heavy soiling as soon as
possible. Regular cleaning will reduce the effort required for
major cleaning later.
Cleaning Porcelain Enamel Oven
The oven interior is porcelain on steel, it is safe to clean
using oven cleaners.
To remove heavy soil:
1. Allow a dish of ammonia to sit in the oven overnight or
for several hours with the oven door closed. Clean
softened dirt spots using hot, soapy water. Rinse well
with water and a clean cloth.
2. If soil remains, use a nonabrasive scouring pad or a
nonabrasive cleaner. If necessary, use an oven cleaner
following manufacturer's instructions. Do not mix
ammonia with other cleaners.
3. Clean any soil from the oven frame, the door liner
outside the oven door gasket and the small area at the
front center of the oven bottom. Clean with hot, soapy
water. Rinse well using clean water and a cloth.
Cleaning Exposed Bake Ovens
The oven bake and broil elements may appear to have
cooled after they have been turned off. The elements may
still be hot and burns may occur if these elements are
touched before they have cooled sufficiently.
Figure 8:
Exposed bake oven cavity
The bake element is located in the lower oven cavity
8). When the bake element is visible, it may be tilted
up to clean the oven bottom. Remove the bottom oven rack
before raising the element. Be careful not to raise the
element more than 4 or 5 inches from the resting posi-
tion.This allows easier access to the oven bottom for
Boiler Pan Cleaning Tips
To prevent grease from baking on, remove the broiler pan
from the oven as soon as cooking is completed. Use oven
mitts because the broiler pan is extremely hot. Pour off
grease. Soak the pan in hot, soapy water.
Clean the broiler pan as soon as possible after each use. If
necessary, use soap-filled steel wool pads. Heavy scouring
may scratch the grid.
Figure 9:
Broiler pan with insert


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