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Frigidaire FFEW2415QB Use & Care Manual page 10

Electric wall oven
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The oven can be programmed to bake at any temperature
from 170°F to 500°F (77°C to 260°C). The factory preset
default bake temperature is 350°F (176°C).
Always use oven mitts when using the oven. When
cooking, oven racks become very hot and can cause
For best results:
Fully preheat the oven before baking items like cookies,
cakes, biscuits, or breads.
Single rack baking is suggested for best baking perfor-
Figure 4:
Pan spacing for single rack baking
Leave oven light off while baking.
When using a single rack for baking, position food in the
center of the oven and use rack position 2.
When baking cakes using two racks, place bakeware
on oven rack positions 2 and 4 and position cake pans
as shown in
Use rack positions 2 and 4 when baking cookies on
multiple pans.
Dark or dull pans and glass absorb more heat than
shiny bakeware resulting in dark or over browning of
foods. It may be necessary to reduce the oven tempera-
ture or cook time to prevent over browning of some
foods. Dark pans are recommended for pies. Shiny
pans are recommended for cakes, cookies and muffins.
Allow 2" to 4" (5.1 cm to 10.2 cm) of space between
bakeware to allow for proper air circulation.
Do not open the oven door too often; doing so will
reduce the temperature in the oven and increase
cooking time.
To set Bake:
1. Arrange racks when oven is cool
2. Press Bake. The display will show — — —.
3. Within 5 seconds, press
show 350°.
4. By pressing and holding
can then be adjusted in 5°F (1°C) increments.
5. As soon as
preheating to the selected temperature. When the oven
reaches the desired baking temperature, the control will
beep once to alert the user to place food in the oven.
6. To cancel baking at any time, press Clear Off.
Figure 5:
Rack positions (L) and pan spacing (R)
To change the oven temperature after Bake has started:
1. Press Bake. Visually check the bake temperature to
make sure that it needs to be changed.
2. Press
to increase or decrease the set
temperature to the new oven temperature and release
the key.
3. When the oven reaches the new set temperature, the
control will sound and alert signal. The oven will cycle
on and off to maintain the set temperature.
4. To cancel baking at any time, press Clear Off.
. The display will
, the temperature
is released, the oven will begin


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