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Frigidaire FFEW2415QB Use & Care Manual page 9

Electric wall oven
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Changing the Temperature Display Mode (F or C)
The electronic oven control is set to display the temperature
in Fahrenheit (F) when shipped from the factory. The
display may be set to show either Fahrenheit or Celsius (C)
oven temperatures.
If during the process you decide not to change the
temperature display mode, press Clear Off once before
the acceptance beep.The temperature display mode
cannot be changed when Bake or Broil is active.
To change the temperature display mode from F to C:
1. Press and hold Broil for 6 to 8 seconds until F or C
appears in the display. The display will show the current
temperature display mode whether set for F or C.
2. Press
to toggle between F and C.
3. To accept the change, wait until the oven control
provides an acceptance beep. The display will return to
the time of day with the temperature mode changed to
the desired setting.
To see if the change has been accepted:
1. Press the Bake key.
2. Press
. If the oven was set for F, the display will
show a starting default temperature of 350°F. If the oven
was set to cook in C, pressing the Bake key will show a
starting temperature of 176°C.
Operating the Oven Light
The interior oven light (some models) automatically turns on
when the oven door is opened. Press the light switch on the
left side of the control panel to turn the oven light on and off
when the oven door is closed. The oven light is located in
the upper rear corner of the oven cavity. To change the
oven light, see
"Replacing the Oven Light"
Figure 3:
Oven light switch
Note: Leave oven light off while baking.
Using the Minute Timer
The minute timer feature allows a user to time cooking. It
serves as an extra kitchen timer that will beep when the set
time expires. It can be used alone or with other features.
To set the minute timer:
1. Press Timer On/Off:
2. Press
3. Press and hold
4. When the set time expires, the timer will sound a 3
To change the time while it is in use:
While the timer is active and is counting down, press and
To cancel the minute timer press Timer On/Off once.
to increase the time in one minute incre-
to increase the time in 10 minute
increments. The timer can be set for any amount of time
between 1 minute and 11 hours and 59 minutes.NOTE:
is pressed first, the timer will advance to 11 hours
and 59 minutes.
second tone. The display will show 00:00 until the timer
is cancelled by pressing Timer On/Off.
to increase or decrease the time.
The timer does not start or stop the cooking process.
When the set time expires, the timer will sound a 3
second tone, The display will show 0:00 until the
timer is cancelled by pressing Timer On/Off.
If another feature is also active when the minute timer
is working, the timer will show in the display. To view
information about other active features, press the pad
for that feature.


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