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Acer U5313W Series User Manual page 41

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Table of Contents
Projector Status and Control Page
Projector Status: There are 4 status: Standby, Warning up, Lamp On, Power
Saving and Cooling. Click the Refresh button to refresh the status and control
Auto Power Off: Auto Power Off can be set to Off(0) or 1~120 minutes. See "Auto
Power Off (min)" function.
Alert Status: There are three error status: Lamp warning, Low lamp life, and
Temperature warning. Your projector might lock up in protection mode if any of
the alerts is activated. To exit protection mode, click the Clear to clear the Alert
Status before you could Power ON your projector.
Ceiling Mount: Allows you to select the projector mode, depending on how the
projector is mounted. There are four projection modes: Front, Front Ceiling, Rear
and Rear Ceiling.See "Ceiling Mount" function.
Source Select: The Source Select menu allows you to select your projector's
input source. You can select VGA 1/VGA 2, S-Video, Composite Video and
Color Mode: Select a mode to optimize the display image based on how the
projector is being used. See "Color Mode" function.
Blank Screen: Select On/Off to hide/unhide the
Aspect Ratio: Allows you to select the aspect ratio to adjust how the image
Brightness: Select value to adjust the brightness of the image.
Contrast: Select value to adjust the display contrast.
Volume: Select the value (0~32) for the audio volume
Mute: Choose "On" to turn mute on. Choose "Off" to turn mute off.
Microphone Volume: Select the value (0~32) for the Microphone Volume.
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Click the Auto Adjust button to adjust the settings automatically.
Click the Factory Reset button to restore the factory default settings.
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Table of Contents

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