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Multiflow And Fan - Whirlpool WBA 3399 NFC IX Use And Care Manual

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Multiflow and the Fan improves temperature
distribution inside the refrigerator compartment,
allowing better preservation of stored food.
By default, the fan is switched on. It is advisable to
keep the fan switched on, so that the 6th Sense
Fresh Control function can work properly and also
when the ambient air temperature is above 27 ÷
28°C or if you notice drops of water on the glass
shelves or in sever humidity conditions.
To guarantee the right performance at lower
ambient temperature (colder than 18°C) and to
minimize Energy Consumption, turn off the fan.
If the appliance has the Fan it can be equipped with
the antibacterial filter.
Please note that when the fan is switched on it will
not continuously work. The fan will start/stop
working depending on the temperature and/or
humidity level inside the product. It is therefore
absolutely normal if the fan does not move even if
the fan is switched on.
To switch off the FAN press and hold the
Freezer °C and Eco Night buttons for 3
sec.: you will hear an acoustical signal and
6th Sense Fresh Control icon will turn off
again as confirmation that the fan has been
switched off.
To switch on the FAN repeat the same procedure.
Do not obstruct the air intake area with food items.
Remove it from the box placed in the crisper drawer
and insert into the cover of fan.
The replacement procedure is included in the filter
The natural circulation of air in the refrigerator
compartment results in zones with different
temperatures. It is coldest directly above the fruits
and vegetables crisper and at the rear wall. It is
warmest at the top front of the compartment.
Insufficient ventilation results in an increase in
energy consumption and reduction of the
refrigerating performance.

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