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Zero Degrees Drawer; Fan; Temperature Setting; No-Frost Refrigerator Compartment - Whirlpool WHSW8AM2CWREX Instructions For Use Manual

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The Zero Degrees Drawer is specifically designed to
maintain a low temperature and a suitable humidity
level, in order to keep foods fresher for longer (e.g.
meat, fish, fruit and winter vegetables).
Activating and deactivating the box
The temperature inside the box, when active, is
approximately 0°. The following factors are vital for the
"Zero Degrees" box to work properly:
- the refrigerator compartment must be switched on
- the temperature of the refrigerator compartment must
be between +2°C and +5°C
- the box must be inserted to enable activation
- no special functions must have been selected
(Standby, Vacation – where applicable).
If one of these special functions has been selected, the
"Zero Degrees" box must be deactivated manually, and
any fresh food inside it removed. If manual deactivation
does not take place, the box will be deactivated
automatically after 8 hours.
- if the symbol does not light up when the function is
activated, check that the drawer is properly inserted; if
the problem persists, contact your nearest authorized
After-sales Service
- if the function is active and the drawer open, the
symbol on the control panel may be deactivated
automatically. If the drawer is inserted, the symbol will
become active again
- irrespective of the state of the function, a slight noise
may be heard: this is normal and is not a cause for
- when the function is not active, the temperature in the
drawer depends on the general temperature inside
the refrigerator.
In this case, we recommend it is used to store fruit
and vegetables which are not sensitive to cold
temperatures (fruits of the forest, apples, apricots,
carrots, spinach, lettuce, etc.).
Important: when the function is activated and there
are foodstuffs with a high water content, condensation
may form on shelves. In this case, disable the function
*Available on selected models only. Please check on the QUICK START GUIDE if this function is actually available on your model.

2.8. FAN

The Fan improves temperature distribution inside the
product, allowing better preservation of stored food.
By default, the fan is switched on. It is advisable to
keep the fan switched on, so that the 6th Sense Fresh
Control / ProFresh function can work properly and also
when the ambient air temperature is above 27 ÷ 28°C
or if you notice drops of water on the glass shelves or
in sever humidity conditions. Please note that when the
fan is switched on it will not continuously work. The fan
will start/stop working depending on the temperature
and/or humidity level inside the product. It is therefore
absolutely normal if the fan does not move even if the
fan is switched on.
To activate or deactivate this function – see enclosed
Quick Start Guide.
Attention: Switching- off the Fan deactivate the 6th
Sense Fresh Control / ProFresh function.
Do not obstruct the air intake area with food items.
To guarantee the right performance at lower ambient
temperature (colder than 18°C) and to minimize Energy
Consumption, turn off the fan.
To turn off the fan please see above procedure.
If the appliance has the Fan it can be equipped with the
antibacterial filter.
Remove it from the box placed in the crisper drawer
and insert into the cover of fan.
The replacement procedure is included in the filter box.


The appliance is normally factory-set for operation at
the recommended temperature of 5°C. The internal
temperature can be adjusted between 8°C and 2°C,
proceeding as follows:
• Press the temperature setting button (°C). The
storage temperature can be changed by -1°C with
each pressure of the button: the value changes
cyclically between 8°C and 2°C.
Note: Displayed set points correspond to the average
temperature throughout the whole refrigerator


Refrigerator compartment defrosting is completely
Droplets of water on the rear wall inside the refrigerator
compartment indicate that the automatic defrost phase
is in progress. The defrost water is automatically run
into a drain hole and collected in a container, where it



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