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How To Store Food And Beverage - Whirlpool WBA 3399 NFC IX Use And Care Manual

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The refrigerator is the ideal storage location for
ready meals, fresh and preserved food, dairy
products, fruit and vegetables and beverage.
Use recyclable plastic, metal, aluminum and glass
containers and cling film to wrap foods.
Always use closed containers for liquids and for
food that may give off or be tainted by odor or
flavor transfer or cover them.
The freezer is the ideal storage location for store
frozen food, make ice cubes and freeze fresh food in
the freezer compartment.
The maximum number of kilograms of fresh food
that can be frozen within a 24-hour period is
indicated on the rating plate (
Foods which give off a large amount ethylene gas
and those that are sensitive to this gas, such as fruit,
vegetables and salad, should always be separated
or wrapped so as not to reduce the storage life; for
example do not store tomatoes together with kiwi
fruits or cabbage.
If you have a little quantity of food to store in the
refrigerator, we recommend to use the shelves
above the crisper for fruits and vegetables since this
is the coolest area of the compartment.
To avoid bottles falling over, you can use the bottle
holder (available on selected models).
Do not store food too close together to enable
sufficient air circulation.
If you have a little quantity of food to store in the
freezer, we recommend to use the coldest areas of
your freezer compartment, corresponding to the
upper or the middle area, depending on your
model (see the product sheet to know which is the
area where is suggested to freeze fresh food).

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