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Compressor Nebulizer
• Instruction Manual
• Mode d'emploi
• Gebrauchsanweisung
• Manuale di istruzioni
• Manual de instrucciones
• Gebruiksaanwijzing


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  • Page 1

    Compressor Nebulizer NE-C801KD Model • Instruction Manual • Mode d’emploi • Gebrauchsanweisung • Manuale di istruzioni • Manual de instrucciones • Gebruiksaanwijzing • IM-NE-C801S-KDE(V)-02-06/2014 1887051-1B...

  • Page 2: Adding Medication

    QUICK MANUAL Please read entire manual before using the device. Warning: Clean and disinfect all the parts before using them. page 16-17 1. Adding medication Rotate the inhalation top anti-clockwise to remove. Add the appropriate amount of prescribed medication. Make sure the vaporizer head is securely attached to the inhalation top.

  • Page 3

    3. Connecting AC adapter Power Outlet Power Plug Power Connector Insert the power plug of AC Plug the AC adapter into the adapter into the power power outlet. connector of the main unit. page 11 4. Attaching air tube Attach the air tube to the main unit and to the nebulizer kit.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    This is a medical device. Operate the device only as instructed by your doctor and/or respiratory therapist. NE-C801KD includes the kids accessories to enable children to feel more comfortable while inhaling. It improves compliance with drug treatment. How the nebulizer kit works...

  • Page 5: Intended Use

    • Caregiver or patient under the guidance of qualified medical experts for home treatment. • The user should also be capable of understanding general operation of NE-C801KD and the content of instruction manual. Intended Patients This product should not be used on patients, who are unconscious or are not breathing spontaneously.

  • Page 6: Important Safety Instructions

    • Do not immerse the compressor in water or other liquid. • Do not use or store the device in humid locations, such as a bathroom. • Use only original OMRON AC adapter. Use of unsupported AC adapter may damage the device.

  • Page 7

    (Cleaning and disinfecting) Observe the rules below when cleaning or disinfecting parts. Failure to observe these rules may result in damage, inefficient nebulization or infection. For the instructions, refer to “4. Cleaning and disinfecting” section. • Clean and disinfect the nebulizer kit, kids accessory, mask, mouthpiece or nosepiece before using them when as follows: - the first time after purchase.

  • Page 8

    • Do not misuse the cord of the AC adapter. • Do not wind the cord of the AC adapter around the compressor or AC adapter. • Changes or modifications not approved by OMRON HEALTHCARE will void the user warranty.

  • Page 9: Know Your Unit

    1. Know your unit Nebulizer Kit Compressor (Main Unit) Nebulizer Kit Holder Air Tube Plug Air Tube Connector Air Tube Plug Power Switch Rear View Air Tube Air Filter Cover Power *Air filter inside Connector Nebulizer Kit Kids Accessory Kids Accessory (Smile Bear) (Happy Bunny) Inhalation Air Inlet...

  • Page 10

    Child Mask (PVC) Infant Mask (PVC) Spare Air Filters × 5 AC adapter Storage Bag Instruction Manual Warranty card Compressor Nebulizer NE-C801KD Model • Instruction Manual • Mode d’emploi • Gebrauchsanweisung • Manuale di istruzioni • Manual de instrucciones • Gebruiksaanwijzing •...

  • Page 11: Operating Instructions

    Operating instructions 2. Preparing the nebulizer for use Warning: Clean and disinfect the nebulizer kit, kids accessory, mask, mouthpiece or nosepiece before using them when as follows: - the first time after purchase. - if the device has not been used for a long period of time - if more than one person uses the same device For directions on cleaning and disinfecting refer to Section 4 (page 16-17).

  • Page 12: Adding Medication And Assembling The Parts

    2.Preparing the nebulizer for use Adding medication and assembling the parts Remove the mask or mouthpiece, kids accessory and cap from the nebulizer kit. Remove the inhalation top from the medication tank. Rotate the inhalation top anti-clockwise. Lift the inhalation top out of the medication tank. Add the correct amount of prescribed medication to the medication tank.

  • Page 13

    2.Preparing the nebulizer for use Attach the cap, kids accessory, mask or mouthpiece to the nebulizer kit. Attach the cap to the inhalation air inlet. Attach the kids accessory to the inhalation top. Attach the mask or mouthpiece to the inhalation top.

  • Page 14: Taking Medication

    3. Taking medication Hold the nebulizer kit as indicated on the right. Caution: Do not tilt the nebulizer kit so that it is at an angle of greater than 45° in all directions. Medication may flow into the mouth or it may result in not nebulizing effectively. Right angle Press the power switch to the on ( ) position.

  • Page 15

    3.Taking medication When treatment is complete, turn the power off. Check that there is no condensation or moisture in the air tube and unplug the device from the power outlet. Warning: Condensation may occur in the air tube. Do not store the air tube while it contains condensation or moisture.

  • Page 16: Care And Maintenance

    Care and maintenance 4. Cleaning and disinfecting Cleaning Clean the parts after each use to remove residual medication. This will avoid inefficient nebulization or infection. ■ Washable parts • Nebulizer Kit (Inhalation top, Medication tank), Kids accessory, Mask, Mouthpiece, Nosepiece, Air Tube (Silicone) Wash them in warm water and mild detergent (neutral detergent).

  • Page 17

    4.Cleaning and disinfecting o: applicable X: not applicable Parts Disinfecting Materials method Alcohol Disinfecting ethanol Sodium hypochlorite Milton* (0.1%, 15min.) Quaternary ammonium Osvan* (0.1%, 10min.) Chlorhexidine Hibitane* (0.5%, 30min.) Amphoteric Surfactant Tego 51* (0.2%, 15min.) Boiling * an example of commercially available disinfectant. (The concentration and residence time specified in the table are under the conditions where the service life of the parts is tested with each disinfectant used as described in its instruction manual.

  • Page 18: Maintenance And Storage

    5. Maintenance and storage To keep your device in the best condition and protect the device from damage follow these directions: Caution: • Do not leave the device unattended with infants or persons who cannot express their consent. • Do not subject the device or the parts to any strong shocks such as dropping the device on the floor. •...

  • Page 19: Changing The Air Filter

    • Do not wash or clean the filter. If the air filter becomes wet, replace it. Damp air filters can cause blockages. • Please contact your OMRON dealer for additional air filters, or if the parts supplied with the device are damaged or missing.

  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Note: If the suggested remedy does not solve the problem, do not try to repair the device - no parts of the unit are user serviceable. Return the unit to an authorized OMRON retail outlet or distributor.

  • Page 21: Technical Data

    Notes: • Subject to technical modification without prior notice. • This OMRON product is produced under the strict quality system of OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd., Japan. • The device may not work if the temperature and voltage conditions are different to those defined in the specifications.

  • Page 22

    8.Technical data Technical data for the OMRON NE-C801KD Compressor with the OMRON V.V.T. (Virtual Valve Technology) Nebulizer kit: Particle Size: **MMAD Approx. 3μm MMAD = Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter Medication Tank Capacity: 7ml maximum Appropriate Medication 2ml minimum - 7ml maximum...

  • Page 23

    This standard defines the levels of immunity to electromagnetic interferences as well as maximum levels of electromagnetic emissions for medical devices. This medical device manufactured by OMRON HEALTHCARE conforms to this EN60601-1-2:2007 standard for both immunity and emissions. Nevertheless, special precautions need to be observed: •...

  • Page 24: Accessories And Replacement Parts

    9. Accessories and replacement parts Optional Medical Accessories (within the scope of EC Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC) V.V.T. Nebulizer Kit N-01 & V.V.T. Nebulizer Kit N-01 & V.V.T. Nebulizer Kit N-01 & Mouthpiece Set Smile Bear Set Happy Bunny Set Model: NEB-NEST3-81E Model: NEB-NKKD1-81E Model: NEB-NKKD2-81E...

  • Page 25

    9.Accessories and replacement parts...

  • Page 26

    EU-representative OMRON HEALTHCARE EUROPE B.V. Scorpius 33, 2132 LR Hoofddorp, THE NETHERLANDS OMRON HEALTHCARE MANUFACTURING VIETNAM CO., LTD. No.28 VSIP II, Street 2, Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park II, Production facility Binh Duong Industry-Services-Urban Complex, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam OMRON HEALTHCARE UK LTD.

  • Page 27

    Nébuliseur à compresseur NE-C801KD Modèle • Instruction Manual • Mode d’emploi • Gebrauchsanweisung • Manuale di istruzioni • Manual de instrucciones • Gebruiksaanwijzing •...

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