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Main Tasks In Nokia Pc Suite Applications - Nokia PC Suite 6.7 User Manual

Nokia mobile phone user guide
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4.2 Main tasks in Nokia PC Suite applications

To be able to perform the following tasks you need to have a phone that supports the
feature. For example, not all phone models support sending multimedia messages. To check
which Nokia PC Suite applications you can use with your phone, see
For more in-depth instructions on using the applications, see Nokia PC Suite help (Help >
Help topics) and Tutorial (Help > PC Suite tutorial).
With Nokia PC Suite you can
Back up personal data from your phone to a PC.
Restore personal data from your PC to any
supported phone.
Synchronize personal data between a phone and a
Use your phone as a modem to connect your PC to
the Internet.
Install games and other programs from the PC to
your phone.
Transfer files between the phone and the PC.
View your phone files and folders on the PC.
Create, view, delete, or edit contacts on the PC.
Send text messages from your PC.
View, delete, and organize text messages on the PC.
Open images, video clips, multimedia messages,
and audio files.
Create playlists of your favorite multimedia files.
Save video and audio files in a format you can use in
both your phone and in MMS messages.
Store images and video clips from your phone on a
Transfer music from a CD to your phone.
Create wallpaper, portrait, and MMS images from
existing photos and transfer them to your phone.
Manage connections between your phone and the
In which application
Content Copier
Nokia PC Sync
One Touch Access
Nokia Application Installer
Nokia Phone Browser
Nokia Phone Browser
(Contacts view)
Nokia Phone Browser
(Messages view)
Nokia Multimedia Player
Image Store
Nokia Audio Manager
Nokia Image Converter
Nokia Connection Manager



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