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Backing Up Phone Contents To A Pc; Synchronizing Data Between Your Phone And A Pc - Nokia PC Suite 6.7 User Manual

Nokia mobile phone user guide
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Note: Nokia Multimedia Player, Image Store, Nokia Audio Manager, and Nokia Image
Converter are not included in Nokia PC Suite Starter Edition.

4.3 Backing up phone contents to a PC

With Content Copier you can back up your phone's contents to a PC. You can then restore
the contents to the same phone from which the backup was originally made, or to another
Nokia phone model. This way you can also use Content Copier to transfer data from one
Nokia phone model to another.
Note: You should back up your phone's contents regularly to help avoid losing important
Copyright protections may prevent some images, ringing tones, and other content from
being copied, modified, transferred, or forwarded.
Some content can only be restored to the same phone model from which it was originally
backed up depending on what type of data the target phone supports.
To make a backup of phone contents and restore it to a phone
1. In Nokia PC Suite main window, click Backup
2. If you have more than one phone connected, click Select Phone and select the phone
you want to back up.
3. Click Settings to choose if you want to back up phone memory, memory card
contents, or both.
4. Click Back Up to make the backup. Making the backup may take several minutes
depending on the connection type you use and the amount of data in your phone. The
backup files .nfb and .nfc are saved on your PC.
5. When you want to restore the data to the same or another phone, connect the phone
to the PC, open Content Copier, and click Restore. Note that data copied from a
memory card can only be restored to a memory card.
The Content Copier main window shows in the Status area when the latest backup was
made and from which phone it was made. When you want to restore the data to the same or
another phone, connect the phone to the PC and click Restore.

4.4 Synchronizing data between your phone and a PC

With Nokia PC Sync you can synchronize contacts, calendar items, notes, to-do items, and
e-mails between a Nokia mobile phone and a PC personal information manager (PIM).
Synchronizing means that the information on both your phone and PC is similar. Note that
not all phone models support, for example, synchronizing e-mails.
You can synchronize a compatible Nokia phone with the following PC PIM applications:
Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002/2003
Microsoft Outlook Express (Windows Address Book)
to open Content Copier.



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