Nokia 6360 User Manual

Nokia 6360 User Manual

Pc/pda connectivity guide for the nokia 6360 phone
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Nokia PC Suite 4.4
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PC/PDA Connectivity Guide for the
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Nokia PC Suite 4.4 User Guide PC/PDA Connectivity Guide for the Nokia 6360 Phone...
  • Page 2: Legal Notices

    Reproduction, transfer, distribution, or storage of part or all of the contents in this document in any form without the prior written permission of Nokia is prohibited. Nokia operates a policy of continuous development. Nokia reserves the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this document without prior notice.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Tour Nokia Phone Editor and Contacts window........
  • Page 4 Wireless modem setup for Nokia 6360 phone ........
  • Page 5: Introduction

    PC Personal Information Manager (PIM) application for use with Nokia PC Sync Note: Nokia Content Copier (a component of Nokia PC Suite) supports a variety of Nokia phones, some of which make their connection to a PC via serial cable. For a list of compatible phones and connection methods, please see “Compatible phones”...
  • Page 6: Abbreviations

    There must be no obstructions between the two devices and the IR ports of the two devices have to be pointing at each other. Your Nokia phone is a Class 1 Laser Product. Enable infrared communications Windows Millennium Edition (ME) and Windows 2000 users do not need to enable infrared communications on their PC prior to using this feature.
  • Page 7: Install Nokia Pc Suite 4.4

    2 Install Nokia PC Suite 4.4 Nokia PC Suite 4.4 is a collection of powerful tools that you can use to manage your phone’s features and data. PC Suite consists of the following components: • Nokia Content Copier allows you to copy data between two Nokia phones, to back up your phone’s data to your PC, and erase data from your phone.
  • Page 8: Remove Pc Suite

    Click Start, point to Settings, then click Control Panel. Double-click Add/Remove Programs. Scroll through the list of installed applications, then click Nokia PC Suite 4.4. Click the Add/Remove button. Click Remove from the Nokia PC Suite Setup window, then click Next.
  • Page 9: Nokia Content Copier

    You can also use this application to transfer information between other 6360 phones in your family. The following table shows a list of phones compatible with Nokia Content Copier (other than 6360), as well as the method of connection to the PC:...
  • Page 10: Nokia Connection Manager

    Nokia Connection Manager You may need to use Nokia Connection Manager to select the type of connection you want Content Copier to use during various stages of the process. For example, if you copy data from one of the phones listed on the previous page and the source phone requires a serial cable, click Content Copier’s...
  • Page 11: Other Phones

    Nokia Content Copier log When you have successfully completed one of the Nokia Content Copier tasks, the Finish screen is displayed along with a log of the tasks that were just performed. At the Finish screen, you have the following options: •...
  • Page 12: Nokia Pc Composer

    4 Nokia PC Composer Nokia PC Composer allows you to create new ringing tones for your Nokia phone. Once you create a new ringing tone, you can transfer it to your phone (via IR or DLR-3P cable). PC Composer also allows you to open Standard MIDI files (type I), edit them, and convert them to ringing tones. You can save your ringing tones as either .mid (MIDI) or .ott (ringing tone) file formats on your PC’s hard drive.
  • Page 13: Compose A New Ringing Tone

    Status Bar to monitor the length of your new ringing tone. Create a new ringing tone Launch Nokia PC Composer (click Start, point to Programs, point to Nokia PC Suite, then click Nokia PC Composer). Click the appropriate note (or rest) button.
  • Page 14: Other Pc Composer Views

    Important: Make sure to display the General pane and enter a name for your new ringing tone. If you fail to do so, your new ringing tone may not be named properly. [ 10 ] Nokia PC Composer Use to add notes, adjust note pitch or...
  • Page 15: Create Ringing Tones From Midi Files

    • CREATE RINGING TONES FROM MIDI FILES Nokia PC Composer allows you to open Standard MIDI files, then convert the data to ringing tone format. Now you can carry your favorite PC MIDI file as a ringing tone in your phone! About Standard MIDI files Standard MIDI files of popular music frequently consist of multiple instruments (bass, drums, organ, etc.).
  • Page 16: Work With Rtttl Ringing Tone Files

    Click the Convert track to tone button and convert file to ringing tone format. You can now send the ringing tone to your phone, edit the ringing tone (as needed) and/or save the ringing tone as .ott (ringing tone) format on your hard drive. note data [ 12 ] Nokia PC Composer...
  • Page 17: Nokia Pc Sync

    Warning:To avoid any potential loss of data, you should not make or receive calls while synchronizing data between the phone and your PC. Nokia PC Sync cannot be used while a data call is in progress. Likewise, you cannot initiate a data call while synchronizing data with PC Sync.
  • Page 18: Understand The Basics Of Synchronization

    • UNDERSTAND THE BASICS OF SYNCHRONIZATION Nokia PC Sync remains running in the background after you synchronize for the first time. PC Sync places an icon in the Task Bar tray, indicating that the application is running. The colors of the icon change, depending on the status of the infrared connection between your phone and PC.
  • Page 19: Initiate Synchronization

    If at some point you change PIM applications or upgrade to a newer version of your current PIM, you must configure PC Sync to work with the new application. Select New Synchronization from the Nokia PC Suite program group, then follow the instructions on page 13.
  • Page 20: Other Pim Applications

    To update PC Sync’s settings to synchronize with your custom list: Establish an infrared connection between your phone and PC. Launch Nokia PC Sync from your PC’s Start menu. If you have PC Sync enabled on startup, right-click the PC Sync tray icon, then click Properties.
  • Page 21 UPDATE PC SYNC’S LOTUS ORGANIZER SETTINGS Establish an infrared connection between your phone and PC. Launch Nokia PC Sync from your PC’s Start menu. If you have PC Sync enabled on startup, right-click the PC Sync tray icon, then click Properties.
  • Page 22: Nokia Pc Graphics

    6 Nokia PC Graphics Nokia PC Graphics is a program that allows you to create and edit picture messages, as well as graphics that can be used for picture messaging. You can also create and edit new caller group logos.
  • Page 23: Transfer A Graphic To Your Phone

    PC. Make sure you establish a connection between your PC and phone before you begin. Edit a picture message stored in your phone With the Nokia PC Graphics application running: Click Tools, point to Picture type, then click Picture message.
  • Page 24: Open Other Bitmap Files

    (as necessary), transfer the graphic to your phone, or send it to another user via SMS. • OPEN OTHER BITMAP FILES Nokia PC Graphics has the ability to open and convert Windows RGB-coded bitmap images for use with picture messaging and caller group logos.
  • Page 25: Nokia Phone Editor

    7 Nokia Phone Editor Nokia Phone Editor is a program that allows you to edit and manage various functions of your phone from the keyboard of your PC. Phone Editor consists of the following components: • Contacts - used to manage phone book entries. Also used to store contact information on your PC •...
  • Page 26: Tour Nokia Phone Editor And Contacts Window

    • MANAGE CONTACTS USING PHONE EDITOR Once you launch Nokia Phone Editor, click the Phone folder directory. A list of all phone book entries is displayed in the pane to the right of the contacts directory.
  • Page 27: Edit Profiles And Caller Groups

    Click OK to change the caller group assignment. • EDIT PROFILES AND CALLER GROUPS You can use Nokia Phone Editor’s Profiles application to view your profiles and caller groups settings at a glance. You can edit profile and caller group settings quickly and easily from your PC’s keyboard.
  • Page 28: Edit Settings

    • EDIT SETTINGS You can use Nokia Phone Editor’s Settings application to view and edit a variety of phone settings, as well as configure how Phone Editor handles items you delete. The Settings application divides all of the settings into three properties tabs, as described below: •...
  • Page 29: Wireless Modem Setup For Nokia 6360 Phone

    6360 product section of: Since the Add New Hardware Wizard for all Windows operating systems searches the A:\ drive for device drivers first, Nokia recommends that you download this file and save it to a floppy diskette.
  • Page 30: Getting Connected For The First Time Using Ir (Windows 95, 98, And Me)

    Connect the DLR-3P cable to your Nokia phone. Your phone displays a message indicating you have connected the data cable successfully, then returns to the Start screen. Click Start, point to Settings, then click Control Panel. Double click the Modems or Phone and Modem Options control panel icon.
  • Page 31: Infrared And Windows 2000 Professional

    Microsoft redesigned its implementation of infrared services with the release of Windows 2000 Professional. To make an IR serial connection between IR-equipped Nokia phones and IR-equipped PCs running Windows 2000, you must download and install the following Microsoft software update:...
  • Page 32: Getting Connected For The First Time: Ir (Windows Xp Home And Professional)

    When a successful infrared connection has been made, the infrared monitor indicates your phone has been found. Windows 2000 installs your Nokia phone as Standard Modem over IR link. Confirm successful installation of your phone via the Phone and Modem Options Control Panel. Use this new device with your data application (example: Dial-up Networking).
  • Page 33: Configure Your Data And Fax Software

    The following pages are designed to help you configure some of the more popular applications to be used with your Nokia phone • OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING BEFORE MAKING OR RECEIVING DIGITAL DATA OR FAX CALLS •...
  • Page 34: Other Data Applications

    Establish a connection between your phone and PC using either IR or the DLR-3P cable. • Use the data program’s setup menu to set your Nokia phone as the active modem. Consult the program’s User Guide or Help menu for more information.
  • Page 35: Configuring Your Fax Software

    Symantec WinFax Pro, Smith Micro Software HotFax (version 3.02 or newer), Castelle FaxPress, etc. Note: Data or fax calls using your Nokia phone are possible only if your service provider supports digital data and fax service. You may be required to subscribe to these services. Check with your service provider before attempting to send or receive faxes.
  • Page 36: Connect To Palmos Devices

    There must be no obstructions between the two devices and the IR ports of the two devices have to be pointing at each other. Your Nokia phone is a Class 1 Laser Product. DAN-1...
  • Page 37: Connections Preferences

    3rd party E-mail, Web browser, or fax programs. Data connection Once your Nokia phone is configured as a wireless modem for use with your PalmOS device, you need to modify your existing Windows RAS configuration to use your phone as the active modem.
  • Page 38: Connect To Microsoft Pocketpc Devices

    11 Connect to Microsoft PocketPC devices • LEARN ABOUT YOUR PHONE AS A WIRELESS MODEM You can use your Nokia phone as a wireless modem with Pocket PC devices, then use these devices to check e-mail or browse the Web.
  • Page 39: Configure A Modem Connection

    • CONFIGURE A MODEM CONNECTION The procedure for creating a new modem connection for use with your Nokia phone is similar to that found in the various Windows desktop operating systems. However, before you can configure your PocketPC for a digital data call, you need to obtain the required setup information from your ISP or corporate network’s Helpdesk.
  • Page 40 Tap the Start icon , then tap Programs. Tap Connections, then tap your new modem connection (example: Internet-Nokia phone). Enter your user name, password, and domain (if necessary). Click Connect. When you have successfully logged on to the network, the Pocket PC’s status screen will show the message Device Connected.
  • Page 41: Index

    12 Index Abbreviations 2 About MIDI files 11 Add contact to caller group 23 Add new contact 22 Add New Hardware Wizard 27 CSD modem setup Applications compatible Caller group logos 18 Caller groups add contact add/change group graphic edit rename Change note duration 9 Change ringing tone pitch 9...
  • Page 42 New graphic creating saving transfer to phone New modem connection 29 New Synchronization 15 Nokia Modem Setup (Windows 2000) 27 Note capacity 9 ringing tone Notes on data calls 30 NT Workstation 4.0 28 NT Workstation 4.0 and Infrared 28...
  • Page 43 Wireless modem make a data call (CSD) overview (PalmOS) overview (PocketPC OS) Wireless modem installation 27 Wireless modem setup 25 [ 39 ] Index...

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