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Nokia 9201597R001 User Manual

Nokia cell phone user manual
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BlackBerry Connect 4.0 for S60

User Guide

February 2007



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  Summary of Contents for Nokia NOKIA 9201597R001

  • Page 1: User Guide

    BlackBerry Connect 4.0 for S60 User Guide February 2007...
  • Page 2 Nokia reserves the right to revise this document or withdraw it at any time without prior notice.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ONTENTS What is BlackBerry? ......3 Before You Use BlackBerry Connect ... 3 Configuring BlackBerry Connect .
  • Page 5: What Is Blackberry

    Internet Service Provider, you can modify the BlackBerry Connect settings on your Nokia device to suit how you want to use the service. Not all versions of BlackBerry Enterprise Servers support all of the features described in this guide.
  • Page 6: Scheduling Blackberry Connect

    In Settings, you can scroll left to right to access the following groups of settings: • Connect. Turn on and schedule BlackBerry connection times. • General. Specify how email is retrieved, how BlackBerry Connect behaves during roaming, whether email deletions are confirmed, and how to set up wireless reconcile.
  • Page 7: Specifying General Settings

    2 Scroll to the Weekday and Weekend Connect Time settings. The following options are available for both settings: • On All Day. Connected 24 hours a day during the period. • Off All Day. Disconnected 24 hours a day during the period. •...
  • Page 8: Getting Email From Several Folders

    Off. • Deletions. Use Sync to reconcile message deletions between the Nokia device and the account on the server. To maintain separate statuses on the device and the server, set this option to Off.
  • Page 9: Getting Service Information

    To receive email from additional folders: 1 Select Settings > General. 2 Select Folder Redirection. 3 From the list of folders that appears, select the folder, or folders, from which you want to receive email. Make sure to select Inbox. 4 Select OK.
  • Page 10: Saving Copies Of Sent Items On Server

    Office Reply to Yes. Creating Email Filters In the Email Filters panel, you can determine which emails are forwarded to your Nokia device by creating filters. Set If No Filters Apply to: • Send Email To Device. Allow emails that are not affected by any filter to come to your device.
  • Page 11: Getting Device Information

    This guide does not tell you how to perform these tasks on your specific Nokia device, but will point out differences between using email on a Nokia device and on a computer. When you work with email, keep the following in mind: •...
  • Page 12: Working With The List Of Emails

    500, the oldest emails are deleted from the folder as new messages arrive. Emails deleted for this reason are deleted only from the Nokia device, not from the server. • All BlackBerry emails are delivered to a BlackBerry folder in the Messages folder.
  • Page 13: Composing An Email

    numbers, email addresses, and Web addresses within the email are highlighted, which you can then call, email, or browse, respectively. Composing an Email To compose a new message, do one of the following: • From the list of BlackBerry emails, select Options >...
  • Page 14: Working With Meeting Requests

    If the sender of a meeting request cancels the meeting, the meeting is removed from the calendar, and you receive an email on your Nokia device stating that the meeting has been canceled. Creating and Sending a Meeting Request...
  • Page 15: Working With Contacts And The Directory

    • Enter Manually. Type the email address of an invitee. (For more information about using contacts and the company directory, see “Working With Contacts and the Directory” on page 13.) 7 Press Options to view and select additional functions such as displaying more information about the highlighted attendee (Attendee Details).
  • Page 16: Searching For Email Addresses

    A PIN-to-PIN message is a BlackBerry message that travels directly from one mobile device to another without going through a server the way a regular email does. On your Nokia device, you can receive and display a PIN-to-PIN message, but not create or respond...
  • Page 17: Protecting Your Information

    Ask your system administrator whether PIN-to- PIN is available. ROTECTING NFORMATION Before you service or exchange your Nokia device, disable BlackBerry Connect to prevent your emails from being delivered when someone else is handling your Nokia device: • Disable the Redirect Incoming Messages to Your Handset using the BlackBerry Connect Desktop application or your service provider’s...

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