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Connecting To The Internet Using Your Phone - Nokia PC Suite 6.7 User Manual

Nokia mobile phone user guide
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4.5 Connecting to the Internet using your phone

With Nokia PC Suite's One Touch Access application you can use your phone as a modem
to create a network connection to the Internet. Connection can be established via cable,
infrared, or Bluetooth wireless technology.
To use your phone as a modem, you must have the following:
A phone that supports packet data.
Appropriate data communications software installed on your PC.
A subscription to the appropriate network services from your home service provider or
Internet service provider.
The appropriate modem drivers installed on your PC. See section 2.6, Installing
drivers in this guide.
Note: If you are using Microsoft Windows XP Bluetooth, you can pair your phone with a
PC in PC Suite's Get Connected wizard and the pairing is valid also for One Touch
Access. When using other Bluetooth stacks, you have to use the stack's own pairing
If you use a Bluetooth stack other than the Microsoft BT stack, note that the Nokia
modem and the Bluetooth modem must be installed to the same serial port. To check
this, go to the Bluetooth wireless technology software on your PC and right-click the dial-
up networking service for your phone to access the Bluetooth properties page. Check
that the Nokia modem has been installed to the correct port. If not, reinstall it.
Note: When started, One Touch Access detects the connected phone and automatically
uses it as a modem. If your phone is connected to a PC with a Bluetooth wireless
technology connection, One Touch Access does not recognize it automatically unless
you have used a Bluetooth modem the previous time you used one Touch Access, and
no other connected modem is available.
To connect to the Internet
1. Connect your phone to the PC.
2. If you are using a CA-42 serial cable or infrared for connection between Nokia PC
Suite and your phone, the connection types need to be deselected so that you can use
the connection type for the modem. One Touch Access automatically deselects the
connection types when creating a connection, and reselects them when the modem is
3. In the Nokia PC Suite main window, click Connect to the Internet
Touch Access. It will automatically connect to the Internet after 10 seconds.
Click Settings to select the modem you want to use and your network operator from a
list of operators, and then click Connect to establish the Internet connection.
4. When you no longer need the connection, click Disconnect to close the Internet
to open One



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