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Smart voice recorder
PSP1000 series


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  • Page 1 SpeechAir Smart voice recorder PSP1000 series User manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Send a dictation to Philips SpeechExec Charge via computer mobile server Turn the device on and off Send a dictation to Philips dictation hub Send a dictation via Philips SpeechExec 4 Using your voice recorder software Using the touch screen...
  • Page 3 9 Service and support Display device information Display information about Philips dictation recorder app Open Quick start guide Send email to technical support Contact our supporting Philips partners Open source software Troubleshooting 10 Technical data...
  • Page 4: Important Information

    • To clean the device, use a soft dry cloth. • To disinfect the device, use products for disinfection of Philips SpeechAir has an internal memory with 1 GB surfaces in clinical areas and patient care equipment, RAM and 16 GB built-in storage. If you want to perform a such as surface disinfectant wipes.
  • Page 5: About This User Manual

    About this user manual Find a quick overview of your device on the next pages. For detailed description, see the following chapters of this user manual. Read the instructions carefully. Model-specific features This user manual describes different models of the device product range.
  • Page 6: Your Smart Voice Recorder

    What’s in the box 2 Your smart voice recorder We are delighted that you have chosen a Philips device. Visit our website for comprehensive support, such as user manuals, software downloads, warranty information and more: Product highlights Recorder Docking station Inlay •...
  • Page 7: Overview Of The Recorder

    Overview of the recorder Touch screen Telephony speaker Headphones jack External microphone jack Recording LED light Dictation microphone (directional microphone) Dictation microphone (directional microphone) Function button Slide switch Power button Reset hole Speaker Camera flash Dictation microphone (directional microphone) Camera 360°...
  • Page 8: Overview Of The Docking Station

    Overview of the docking station Charging LED light Docking station connector Data transfer LED light Data transfer micro USB port LAN port Charging micro USB port Kensington Security Slot Your smart voice recorder...
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    Charge via docking station 3 Getting started If you charge your device via docking station, make sure that the micro USB connector is connected to the charging micro USB port marked with 5V DC. Caution Charge without case • Before you connect and install your recorder, first read the safety instructions (see Safety instructions).
  • Page 10: Charge Via Computer

    Charge via computer Turn the device on and off Before you charge the battery via computer, make sure To turn the device on: that your computer is turned on. • Press and hold the Power button for six seconds until Note the device gently vibrates.
  • Page 11: Using Your Voice Recorder

    4 Using your voice Dragging recorder To move an item: • Tap and hold an item and drag it to a new position. Using the touch screen Home screen The interface of your SpeechAir is operated by touching From the Home screen, you can access the main the screen.
  • Page 12: Customize Your Home Screen

    Add widgets to Home screen Customize your Home screen Widgets are small apps that provide specific information Create your Home screen according to your own and convenient access on your Home screen, such as preferences. Add apps, widgets, or folders to your Home the bookmarks widget.
  • Page 13: Manage Home Screen Panels

    To name or rename a folder: Recording dictation (when Tap the folder. outside the recording X All apps in the folder are displayed. screen of Philips dictation recorder app) Tap Unnamed Folder or the existing name of the folder. Using your voice recorder...
  • Page 14: Notification Panel

    Notification panel Set screen lock The notification panel allows you to see a preview of You can change the screen lock method by using one of your notifications on the status bar, which you can the following options: None, Slide, PIN, Password. either acknowledge or clear.
  • Page 15: Set The Date And Time

    Tap Language, and then select the language to use. • Only the preinstalled apps have been tested for SpeechAir. Download and install apps from external sources only at your own risk. Philips assumes no Change the input language liability for the functioning of any external apps.
  • Page 16: Uninstall Apps

    To install apps via installation file: Alternatively, uninstall an app following the next steps: Open the All Apps screen. Note • Make sure that your SpeechAir is turned on when you Tap and hold the app you would like to uninstall. connect it to the computer.
  • Page 17: Copy And Paste Text

    Return to the text keyboard Using Wi-Fi • Tap the letter key on the keyboard. Use Wi-Fi to connect your SpeechAir to the Internet Switch between the input languages or other network devices wirelessly anywhere a Wi-Fi access point or hotspot is available. Note Note •...
  • Page 18: Using Bluetooth

    Tap Connect. Swipe down from the top of the screen. is displayed on the status bar once you are connected. to open Quick Settings. Change the Wi-Fi network Tap Bluetooth Off. Tap Settings on the Home screen. Tap the Bluetooth switch or drag it to the right to turn on Bluetooth.
  • Page 19: Capture Screenshots

    Capture screenshots Power saving mode Capture images of your screen while you are using your To save your SpeechAir’s battery power, you can set the device. display brightness to be automatically controlled, reduce the brightness of the display and the backlight time, or turn on Airplane mode.
  • Page 20: Using Email App

    Alternatively, turn on Airplane mode by following the Manual email account setup next steps: If you want to set up an email account manually, make Tap Settings on the Home screen or on the All sure that you have the correct server settings. Apps screen.
  • Page 21: Add Further Email Accounts

    If you have problems setting up your account, check that Tap the Send icon you have entered your email address and password correctly, and then try again. Email account settings If you still can’t set up your account, there might be a problem with the server settings.
  • Page 22: Device Settings

    Setting Function Device settings Add account • Add a new email account. In the preinstalled Settings app, you can select various options related to networks, your device, privacy settings, Date & time • Set the date and time for accounts and the system. your device.
  • Page 23: Philips Dictation Recorder App

    One-touch start 5 Philips dictation recorder app Start the Philips dictation recorder app with only one touch. Press the function button once to start the app from anywhere on your device. The Philips dictation recorder app is designed to fit perfectly with your SpeechAir.
  • Page 24: Recording Screen

    Stop key • Shows that the recording is stopped when the slide switch is in the stop position. • Shows that the playback of a recording is stopped when the slide switch is in the stop position. Philips dictation recorder app...
  • Page 25: Record Dictations

    Low, Medium, or High. Forwarding > Send EOL dictations automatically. If you don’t want to send the dictation straight away, you can see the status of your dictation in the recordings list. The dictation is marked as Philips dictation recorder app...
  • Page 26: Record A Dictation

    International. For more information, see User interface. To change the function button assignment: Go to Settings > User interface > Button assignment. X The Button assignment pop-up window appears. Select the desired function button functionality. Philips dictation recorder app...
  • Page 27: Voice-activated Recording

    Move the slide switch to the playback position. Press the Volume up or Volume down button on the device to adjust the volume. Philips dictation recorder app...
  • Page 28: Delete A Dictation

    X The index mark icon turns red In the Purge dictations sub-menu, tap Purge Tap the red index mark icon intervals. X The Delete index mark pop-up window appears. Tap Yes. Select an interval for your dictations to be purged. Philips dictation recorder app...
  • Page 29: Add Keywords

    These keywords can help you identify and assign recordings in To set a default keyword: your workflow solution, for example, Philips SpeechExec After you have set up a keyword, go to Settings > software or SpeechLive.
  • Page 30: Add Pictures

    X An icon is displayed next to the details of the To change the priority status of a dictation, tap the relevant dictation in the recordings list. priority key again while the recorder is in stop mode. Philips dictation recorder app...
  • Page 31: Add Barcodes

    Tap the options icon in the bottom right corner, and then tap Send. X The Send options pop-window appears. Select your desired sending option from the displayed list. X The dictation is marked as sent in the recordings list. Philips dictation recorder app...
  • Page 32: Send A Dictation Via Email

    X The dictation is marked as sent in the Before you set up SpeechLive in the Philips dictation recordings list. recorder app, you need to have a valid SpeechLive user account. If you are not using SpeechLive yet, create a If you haven’t set up an email account yet:...
  • Page 33: Send A Dictation To Philips Speechlive Transcription Service

    Send a multi-speaker dictation to transcription service transcription service Note The Philips SpeechLive transcription service offers you a complete speech-to-text workflow solution. If you have • The multi-speaker option is only available in the assigned your dictation a priority status, you will receive Philips dictation recorder app if this feature is important dictations even faster.
  • Page 34: Send A Dictation To Philips Speechexec Mobile Server

    > SpeechLive > Use speech recognition service. due to real-time encryption. Open a recording from the Recordings tab. Before you send a dictation to Philips SpeechExec mobile server: on the recording screen. X The Send options pop-up window appears.
  • Page 35: Send A Dictation To Philips Dictation Hub

    Send a dictation to Philips dictation hub Send a dictation via Philips SpeechExec software Philips dictation hub is a mobile server hosted by Philips. With the dictation hub, you can send your dictation files With Philips SpeechExec workflow software, you can...
  • Page 36: Send A Dictation To A Network Folder

    Send a dictation to a network folder Make sure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. on the recording screen. X The Send options pop-up window appears. Tap Network folder. X The dictation is marked as sent in the recordings list. Philips dictation recorder app...
  • Page 37: Using Data Lists

    X If more than one item was found that matches the barcode, black arrows appear next to the OK Tap the Properties icon on the recording screen. button. The Options pop-up window appears. Philips dictation recorder app...
  • Page 38: Dictation App Settings

    If you want to change the default author, first set up SpeechAir and the Philips dictation recorder app. different authors in Settings > Forwarding > Workflow > Author. For more information, see Set up keywords.
  • Page 39: Forwarding

    Philips encryption of dictations Speechexec mobile server. that are sent to Philips For more information, see dictation hub or Philips Send a dictation to Philips SpeechExec mobile SpeechExec mobile server server.
  • Page 40: User Interface

    Privacy policy. German H/F (function button) Function button • Customize the functionality of the right function button on your device. Tap Button assignment and select the desired function you want to assign to the function button. Philips dictation recorder app...
  • Page 41: Device And Data Management

    6 Device and data To transfer data from the computer to SpeechAir: management Connect the device to the computer via micro USB cable. Alternatively, connect the device to the computer by using the docking station. Make sure that you use the data transfer micro USB port marked with on the Transfer data to and from the...
  • Page 42: Factory Data Reset

    Philips SpeechAir management software. You can find the software on To perform a factory data reset: the supplied USB flash drive or implemented in Philips SpeechExec software. For more information, see Philips Tap Settings...
  • Page 43 Start Philips SpeechAir management software. Make sure that SpeechAir is turned on and connect the device to your computer. On the device configuration window of the software, go to SpeechAir > Firmware, and select the firmware file on your computer.
  • Page 44: Philips Speechair Management Software

    > Device configuration > Start SpeechAir management software. Additionally, the software enables you to configure,change and control all settings for the Philips Configure SpeechAir with dictation recorder app. Some of these settings are also accessible directly in the app. Advanced options which...
  • Page 45: Device Configuration Screen

    Below the tool bar, you will see two sections: a configuration section for SpeechAir and a configuration section for the Philips dictation recorder app. You can set your desired configurations for SpeechAir or the Philips dictation recorder app in the relevant section.
  • Page 46: Using Speechair With Philips Speechexec Software

    SpeechAir. However, you can change basic settings of your SpeechAir device in SpeechExec using the SpeechAir If you use Philips SpeechExec workflow software, wizard. you can connect your SpeechAir to your computer...
  • Page 47: Download Dictations To Speechexec

    X By default, your dictations are deleted from your the dictation recorder app. recorder after the download is finished. Tap the text field next to Delivery. Select a delivery option from the drop-down menu. Using SpeechAir with Philips SpeechExec software...
  • Page 48: Service And Support

    If you have any questions on your SpeechAir or experience technical issues, contact one of our See various information about your device, such as the supporting Philips partners. The local partner you serial number or model number. purchased your SpeechAir from will strive to answer...
  • Page 49: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Find the most common problems you could encounter with SpeechAir in the following table. If you are unable to solve the problem with the information below, contact the supporting Philips partner you purchased the device from. Problem Possible cause Solution The device doesn’t turn on.
  • Page 50 Problem Possible cause Solution The recording quality is poor. • The microphone sensitivity is • Change the microphone sensitivity too high. to medium or low (dictation recorder app). For more information, see Microphone sensitivity. • You recorded the dictation • Change the microphone directivity with the built-in 360°...
  • Page 51 Problem Possible cause Solution I can’t connect to a Wi-Fi network. • The Wi-Fi function is turned off. • Turn on Wi-Fi. For more information, Turn on Wi-Fi. • The connection settings for the • Check the Wi-Fi settings. Wi-Fi network are incorrect. •...
  • Page 52: 10 Technical Data

    • Slide switch type: International slide switch: (omnidirectional), one telephony microphone (VoIP) Record/Stop/Play/Rewind • OS: Android 4.4.2 Philips dictation recorder app • CPU: Dual Core Cortex-A9 1.6 GHz • RAM: 1GB DDR3 • Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11. a/b/g/n • Recording time: 1073 hrs (DS2), 117 hrs (WAV) •...
  • Page 53 • Standby time: 97 hours • Charging time (full charge): 3 hours Security • Real-time file encryption • Encryption standard (Philips dictation recorder app): Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 bits • Configurable security settings (with Software Development Kit (SDK) or configuration software) •...
  • Page 54 Technical data...
  • Page 55: Ce Declaration Of Conformity

    RFI/EMI connector hoods to Speech Processing Solutions GmbH hereby declares that maintain compliance with FCC rules and regulations. the devices SpeechAir PSP1000 series fully comply with the basic requirements and other relevant provisions of directives 2006/95/EC, 2004/108/EC and 2009/125/EC.
  • Page 56 Technical data...
  • Page 57 Version 1.0 © 2016 Speech Processing Solutions GmbH. All rights reserved. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Philips and the Philips shield emblem are registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips N.V. and are used by Speech Processing Solutions GmbH under license from Koninklijke Philips N.V. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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