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Using Data Lists; Data List Options - Philips speechair psp1000 series User Manual

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Using data lists

Import a .csv file with data, such as patient data, from a
web server into your SpeechAir and use it in the dictation
recorder app. You also have the option to select a
data list refresh interval. After your data list has been
imported, it will be updated at the defined interval.
• The data list must contain at least three rows and
one property, such as author, patient name, or
department. A property may contain a maximum of
30 characters. You can add a maximum of 2000 rows
and up to 10 properties to each data list.
• Don't use blank spaces, neither in the data list name
nor in the data list items.
• Pay attention to upper and lower case spelling.
• If your data list can't be downloaded, check the
Internet address and your Wi-Fi connection.
Import a .csv data list
Make sure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.
Tap Settings in the dictation app.
Tap Connectivity.
Tap URL and enter the Internet address where your
.csv file is stored.
X The data list is downloaded from the web server
and can be used now.
Set a data list refresh interval
Tap Settings in the dictation app.
Tap Connectivity.
Tap Refresh interval and select the desired interval
for your data list to be updated.
Use a data list in the dictation app
Open a dictation from the recordings list or start a
new dictation.
Tap the Properties icon
The Options pop-up window appears.
on the recording screen.
Tap Open data list.
Select an item from your data list.
X The Details pop-up window with all details
related to that item appears.
Tap OK.
X The recording screen opens. The details related
to the selected data item are added to your
X The item is marked as used

Data list options

When you open the data list as described in
list in the dictation
app, you can choose between various
options for your data list. Scan a barcode, change the
default author, select how you want your data to be
filtered, or search for data list items.
To open the data list options:
on the Data list window.
• Tap the options icon
Scan a barcode
Use the barcode feature to find a data list item that
matches the scanned barcode.
Tap the options icon
open the data list options.
Swipe down and tap Barcode.
Alternatively, press the function button on the right side
of the device.
Scan the barcode or the QR code.
X The scanned barcode is compared to your data
X If no item was found that matches the barcode,
you will hear a notification beep.
X If a match is found, the Details pop-up window
with all details related to that item appears. The
barcode matching an entry in the data list item is
highlighted in blue color.
X If more than one item was found that matches
the barcode, black arrows appear next to the OK
Philips dictation recorder app
in your data list.
Use a data
on the Data list window to


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