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Double Insulation; Electrical Safety - Black & Decker CD600 User Manual

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Table of Contents
• Make sure that you remove the blade-changing
spanner from the saw blade locking screw before
you switch on the circular saw.
• Do not switch off the power tool unless the saw
blade is running freely.
When sawing
• Only hold your saw by the handles provided. Do not
hold your saw in a position that could result in a
poor grip and control of the saw.
• Always ensure that there is sufficient clearance
below the material being cut and the bench or
support to allow the safety guard to rotate fully.
• All nails and metal objects must be removed from
the workpiece before you commence sawing.
• Do not attempt to saw extremely small workpieces.
• After switching off, never attempt to stop the
saw blade by pressing against the side of the blade.
• Never put the circular saw down on a table or work
bench unless you have previously switched off.
• Never operate the circular saw with the saw blade
turned upwards or to the side.
Operational protection devices
• Ensure that all devices screening the saw blade are
in perfect working order.
• Never jam the saw guard.
• Free a jammed saw guard immediately and do not
use the saw if the guard is jammed.
• Only use the guard retracting lever provided should
the blade guard need to be moved when
commencing a cut.
• The riving knife must not be removed.
• The riving knife should be correctly set.
Checking and changing the saw blade
• Only saw blades conforming to the specifications
contained in these operating instructions may
be used.
• Saw blades whose main part is thicker or whose
pitch is smaller than the riving knife's thickness
should not be used.
• Saw blades made of high alloy, high speed steel
(HSS steel) should not be used.
• Only sharp saw blades in perfect working condition
should be used; cracked or bent saw blades should
be discarded and replaced at once.
• Ensure that the saw blade is securely fixed and
turns in the correct direction.
• Metal cutting and stone cutting discs should not be
used with this saw.
Save these instructions!
CD600 Circ saw ML p01-41


The tool is double insulated. This means that all
the external metal parts are electrically insulated
from the mains power supply. This is done by
placing insulation barriers between the
electrical and mechanical components making it
unnecessary for the tool to be earthed.
Note: Double insulation does not take the place
of normal safety precautions when operating the
tool. The insulation system is for added protection
against injury resulting from a possible electrical
insulation failure within the tool.


Be sure the supply is the same as the voltage given on
the rating plate. The tool is fitted with a two-core cable
and plug.
Should the mains plug need replacing and you are
competent to do this, proceed as instructed below.
If you are in doubt, contact a Black & Decker service
agent or a qualified electrician.
• Disconnect the plug from the power supply.
• Cut off the plug and dispose of safely. A plug with
bared copper conductors is very dangerous if
engaged in a live socket outlet.
• Only fit BS1363A approved plugs fitted with the
correctly rated fuse.
Note: Fuses do not give personal protection against
electric shock.
• The cable wire colours, or a letter, will be marked at
the connection point of most good quality plugs. Attach
the wires to their respective points in the plug (see
diagram). Brown is L (live) and blue is N (neutral).
Fit a plug
to BS1363A
blue to
N (neutral)
Make sure that
the outer sheath
of the cable is held
firmly by the clamp
• Before replacing the top cover of the plug ensure
that the cable restraint is holding the outer sheath of
07/01/2000, 3:43 pm
Fit a 13 amp fuse
Fit a 5 amp fuse
brown to
L (live)
230 volts AC
only. Never use
a light socket

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Table of Contents

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