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Microwave Oven Use; Microwave Oven Care - KitchenAid YKHMS2050SS User Instructions

Microwave hood combination
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For list or description of various programs, see the Quick Reference Guide provided with your microwave oven.
Sensor Cooking
A sensor in the microwave oven detects moisture released from
food as it heats, and adjusts the cooking time accordingly.
Make sure microwave oven has been plugged in for at least
2 minutes. Use microwave-safe dish with loose-fitting lid, or cover
microwave-safe dish with plastic wrap and vent. For optimal
performance, wait at least 30 minutes after convection cooking or
grilling (on some models) before sensor cooking.
Stage Cooking
If programming stage cooking, follow the screen prompts on the
display to add additional stages, and set time, power and/or
temperature (on some models) for each stage. Up to 4 stages may
be programmed.
Add or subtract time from most automatic cook functions by
touching "Doneness" on the touch screen during programming,
and following the prompts. Doneness is remembered for specific
programs. Some meat, poultry and/or fish functions may not give
you the option to lessen doneness.
General Cleaning
IMPORTANT: Before cleaning, make sure all controls are off and
the microwave oven is cool. Always follow label instructions on
cleaning products.
To avoid damage to the microwave oven caused by arcing due to
soil buildup, keep cavity, microwave inlet cover, cooking rack
supports, and area where the door touches the frame clean.
Clean with mild soap, water and a soft cloth or sponge, or as
indicated below.
Cavity: To avoid damage to the gray cavity lining, do not use
metal or sharp utensils or scraper, soap-filled scouring pad,
abrasive cleaners, steel-wool pads, gritty washcloths or some
recycled paper towels.
Grease filters: mild soap and water or dishwasher.
Door and exterior: mild soap and water, or glass cleaner
applied to paper towel.
Control panel/interactive touch display: mild soap, water and
washcloth, or glass cleaner applied to soft cloth (not directly to
panel). Activate child lock to avoid control panel activation
during cleaning. Use gentle pressure when wiping the touch
Stainless steel (on some models): mild soap and water, then
rinse with clean water and dry with soft cloth, or use stainless
steel cleaner.
Turntable: mild soap and water or dishwasher.
Pan: mild soap, water and washcloth or dishwasher.
Rack(s): mild soap, water and washcloth. Dishwasher cleaning
is not recommended.
Steamer vessel: mild soap, water and soft brush or dishwasher.

Microwave Oven Use

Popcorn is a sensor function. The sensor determines appropriate
cooking times for commercially packaged popcorn.
Keep Warm
Do not let food sit in oven more than one hour before
or after cooking.
Doing so can result in food poisoning or sickness.
Hot cooked food can be kept warm in the microwave oven. The
Keep Warm function uses 10% cook power. Keep Warm can be
used by itself or can be programmed to follow a cooking cycle.
Opening the door during Keep Warm will cancel the function.

Microwave Oven Care

Installing/Replacing Filters and Light Bulbs
Grease filters: Grease filters are on the underside of
microwave oven. Clean monthly. Squeeze small tab of filter
frame and drop out filters. To reinstall, place wide tab of filter
frame into the opening, swing up the other end, and snap
small tab into place.
Charcoal filter(s): Depending on the model, there may be
2 charcoal filters – 1 behind each of the grease filters – on the
underside of the microwave oven, or one charcoal odor filter
under the vent screen on the top of the microwave oven. The
charcoal filter(s) cannot be cleaned, and should be replaced
about every 6 months.
Cooktop lights: The cooktop light bulbs are located on the
underside of the microwave oven, and are replaceable.
Remove bulb cover screw, and open the bulb cover. Replace
bulb, close bulb cover, and secure with screw.
Cavity light: The cavity light bulb is located under the vent
screen on the top of the microwave oven, under the bulb cover,
and is replaceable. Lift the vent screen. Remove screw
securing bulb cover, open bulb cover, and replace bulb. Close
bulb cover, secure with screw, and replace vent screen.
Food Poisoning Hazard

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents