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NEC V850/SV1 User Manual

In-circuit emulator option board.
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User's Manual
In-circuit Emulator Option Board
Target device
Document No. U14337EJ1V0UM00 (1st edition)
Date Published August 1999 N CP(K)
Printed in Japan


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  • Page 1

    User’s Manual IE-703040-MC-EM1 In-circuit Emulator Option Board Target device V850/SV1™ Document No. U14337EJ1V0UM00 (1st edition) Date Published August 1999 N CP(K) © 1999 1991 Printed in Japan...

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    [MEMO] User’s Manual U14337EJ1V0UM00...

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    NEC Corporation assumes no responsibility for any losses incurred by the customer or third parties arising from the use of these circuits, software, and information.

  • Page 4

    Some information contained in this document may vary from country to country. Before using any NEC product in your application, pIease contact the NEC office in your country to obtain a list of authorized representatives and distributors. They will verify: Device availability •...

  • Page 5

    Target Readers This manual is intended for users who design and develop application systems using the V850/SV1™. Purpose The purpose of this manual is to describe the proper operation of the IE-703040-MC- EM1 and its basic specifications. Organization This manual is divided into the following parts.

  • Page 6

    Related Documents When using this manual, refer to the following manuals. The related documents indicated in this publication may include preliminary versions. However, preliminary versions are not marked as such. { Documents related to development tools (user’s manuals) IE-703002-MC IE-703040-MC-EM1 CA830, CA850 (C Compiler package) CA850 (C Compiler package) ID850 (Ver.1.31) (Integrated debugger)

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    CHAPTER 1 OVERVIEW ...11 Hardware Configuration... 11 Features (When Connected to IE-703002-MC) ... 12 Function Specifications (When Connected to IE-703002-MC)... 12 System Configuration ... 13 Contents in Carton ... 14 Connection between IE-703002-MC and IE-703040-MC-EM1 ... 16 CHAPTER 2 NAMES AND FUNCTIONS OF COMPONENTS...19 Component Names and Functions of IE-703040-MC-EM1 ...

  • Page 8

    LIST OF FIGURES Figure No. Title Page 1-1 System Configuration ...13 1-2 Contents in Carton...14 1-3 Accessories ...15 1-4 Connection between IE-703002-MC and IE-703040-MC-EM1...17 2-1 IE-703040-MC-EM1...19 4-1 Schematic Diagram of Power Supply Acquisition...27 4-2 NMI Signal Flow Path ...28 4-3 V Signal Flow Path ...28 User’s Manual U14337EJ1V0UM00...

  • Page 9

    LIST OF TABLES Table No. Title Page 2-1 Main System Clock Setting ... 21 2-2 Subsystem Clock Setting ... 22 2-3 JP1 Setting in IE-703002-MC... 23 2-4 JP3 and JP4 Setting in IE-703002-MC... 23 4-1 Bus Interface Pin Operation List... 29 User’s Manual U14337EJ1V0UM00...

  • Page 10

    [MEMO] User’s Manual U14337EJ1V0UM00...

  • Page 11: Chapter 1 Overview

    PC (for IBM PC/AT™ or compatibles ISA bus) IE-70000-PCI-IF: for PCI bus IE-70000-CD-IF-A: for PCMCIA socket This module is used when a workstation controls the IE-703002-MC via Ethernet™. AC adapter for in-circuit emulator made by NEC Corporation. User’s Manual U14337EJ1V0UM00 Note 2 Note 2...

  • Page 12: Features (when Connected To Ie-703002-mc)

    1.2 Features (When Connected to IE-703002-MC) { Maximum operating frequency: 20 MHz (at 3.3 to 5.0-V operation) { Extremely lightweight and compact { Higher equivalence with target device can be achieved by omitting buffer between signal cables. { The following pins can be masked. RESET, NMI, WAIT, HLDRQ { Two methods of connection to target system: •...

  • Page 13: System Configuration

    1.4 System Configuration The system configuration when connecting the IE-703002-MC to the IE-703040-MC-EM1 and a personal computer (PC-9800 series or PC/AT (or compatibles)) is shown below. <13> <12> <14> <2> For PC-9800 series <3> <1> Remark <1> Personal computer (PC-9800 series or PC/AT or compatibles) <2>...

  • Page 14: Contents In Carton

    The carton of the IE-703040-MC-EM1 contains a main unit, guarantee card, packing list, and accessory bag. Make sure that the accessory bag contains this manual and the connector accessories. If there are missing or damaged items, please contact an NEC sales representative or an NEC distributor. <4> Packing list <3>...

  • Page 15: Accessories

    Check that the accessory bag contains this manual, an accessory list ( 1), and the following accessories. (a) Connector for target connection (NQPACK176SD) (including NQGUIDE 3, driver (b) Connector for emulator connection (YQPACK176SD) (including YQGUIDE (c) Crystal oscillator (20-MHz, 8-pin type) (d) Plastic screws (including nuts and washer (e) Jumper contact...

  • Page 16: Connection Between Ie-703002-mc And Ie-703040-mc-em1

    1.6 Connection between IE-703002-MC and IE-703040-MC-EM1 The procedure for connecting the IE-703002-MC and IE-703040-MC-EM1 is described below. Caution Connect carefully so as not to break or bend connector pins. <1> Remove the pod cover (upper and lower) of the IE-703002-MC. <2>...

  • Page 17: Connection Between Ie-703002-mc And Ie-703040-mc-em1

    CHAPTER 1 OVERVIEW Figure 1-4. Connection between IE-703002-MC and IE-703040-MC-EM1 (1/2) (a) Overview Upper cover Washer IE-703040-MC-EM1 Nylon rivets IE-703002-MC Lower cover Plastic screw (b) PGA Socket Lever of IE-703040-MC-EM1 CLOSE OPEN User’s Manual U14337EJ1V0UM00...

  • Page 18

    CHAPTER 1 OVERVIEW Figure 1-4. Connection between IE-703002-MC and IE-703040-MC-EM1 (2/2) (c) Connecting part (IE-703040-MC-EM1) Pin A1 position : Insertion guide : IE-703002-MC insertion area User’s Manual U14337EJ1V0UM00...

  • Page 19: Chapter 2 Names And Functions Of Components

    This chapter describes the names, functions, and switch settings of components in the IE-703040-MC-EM1. For the details of the pod, jumper, and switch positions, etc., refer to the IE-703002-MC User’s Manual (U11595E). Component Names and Functions of IE-703040-MC-EM1 (a) Top view TP12 V850/SV1 I/O chip CPLD TP11 PROM...

  • Page 20

    CHAPTER 2 (1) TEST pins (TP5, TP11, TP12) These are pins used for testing the analog signals of the standalone emulator. TP 5: GND TP 11: GND TP 12: GND (2) JP1 This is a pin board for product check. Mount nothing on JP1. (3) JP2, JP4 These are pin boards for product check.

  • Page 21: Clock Settings

    CHAPTER 2 Clock Settings This section describes the clock settings. For the position of the JP1 and JP2 in the IE-703040-MC-EM1, refer to Figure 2-1. For the jumper switch position in the IE-703002-MC, refer to the IE-703002-MC User’s Manual (U11595E). 2.2.1 Main system clock setting Emulator Use Clock Supply Method...

  • Page 22: Subsystem Clock Setting

    Oscillator mounted (a 32.768-kHz oscillator is mounted when Note 3 shipped) Note 1 Oscillator mounted (a 32.768-kHz oscillator is mounted when Note 3 shipped) Note 2 Pins 3 and 4 of JP3 are shorted V850/SV1 I/O chip User’s Manual U14337EJ1V0UM00 Note 4...

  • Page 23: Illegal Access Detection Rom Setting

    CHAPTER 2 2.3 Illegal Access Detection ROM Setting If using the IE-703002-MC for an in-circuit emulator for the V850/SV1 by connecting the IE-703040-MC-EM1, set JP1 of the IE-703002-MC as follows. Note Open Note When JP1 is set open, keep the removed jumper contact attached to one pin as shown in the drawing on the right.

  • Page 24

    [MEMO] User’s Manual U14337EJ1V0UM00...

  • Page 25: Chapter 3 Factory Settings

    CHAPTER 3 Item Oscillator not mounted Oscillator mounted FACTORY SETTINGS Description Pin board for product check Jumper switch for product check 32.768-kHz clock supplied for subsystem clock Jumper switch for product check Internal clock used for main system clock Jumper switch for product check User’s Manual U14337EJ1V0UM00 Remark...

  • Page 26

    [MEMO] User’s Manual U14337EJ1V0UM00...

  • Page 27: Chapter 4 Cautions

    (2) When the voltage of the target system is 1 V or higher, the evaluation chip in the emulator operates using the supply of V from the target system. The power consumption is equivalent to that of the V850/SV1. (3) When the voltage of the target system is lower than 1 V, the emulator recognizes the target system power is off and operates at 3.3 V.

  • Page 28: Nmi Signal

    4.2 NMI Signal The input signal (NMI signal) from the target system is delayed (t QS3125 (Q switch) before it is input to the I/O chip of the emulator. In addition, the DC characteristics change. The input voltage becomes V the input current becomes I = 0.5 A (MAX.).

  • Page 29: Nmi Signal Mask Function

    4.4 NMI Signal Mask Function When using the P00/NMI pin in the port mode, do not mask the NMI signal. 4.5 Bus Interface Pin The operation of the pin for the bus interface differs between the emulator and the target device as follows. Table 4-1.

  • Page 30

    Table 4-1. Bus Interface Pin Operation List (2/2) Internal Memory Name Internal ROM Internal RAM A16 to Hold the last accessed address AD0 to Hi-Z AD15 ASTB DSTB LBEN UBEN WAIT Invalid HLDRQ Maskable HLDAK H or L Note Active Remarks 1.

  • Page 31: Appendix Package Drawings

    APPENDIX IE-703002-MC + IE-703040-MC-EM1 (Unit: mm) PACKAGE DRAWINGS IE-703002-MC IE-703040-MC-EM1 User’s Manual U14337EJ1V0UM00 Top view Pin 1 direction Side view Bottom view 14.5 Top view 33.0...

  • Page 32

    [MEMO] User’s Manual U14337EJ1V0UM00...

  • Page 33

    [MEMO] User’s Manual U14337EJ1V0UM00...

  • Page 34

    [MEMO] User’s Manual U14337EJ1V0UM00...

  • Page 35

    NEC Electronics Taiwan Ltd. Fax: 02-2719-5951 Excellent Good Although NEC has taken all possible steps to ensure that the documentation supplied to our customers is complete, bug free and up-to-date, we readily accept that errors may occur. Despite all the care and precautions we've taken, you may encounter problems in the documentation.

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