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Nautilus EV7.16 Owner's Manual

Pro series elliptical trainer.
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Be Strong.
Model EV7.16
Model EV7.18
Model EV7.16 & EV7.18
Pro Series Elliptical Trainer
Pro Series Elliptical Trainer
Owner's Manual
Owner's Manual


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    C H A N G I N G T H E G A M E I N H E A LT H A N D F I T N E S S Model EV7.16 & EV7.18 Pro Series Elliptical Trainer Pro Series Elliptical Trainer Owner’s Manual...

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    Please carefully read through this manual to familiarize yourself with the operation of your new Nautilus Pro Series Elliptical Trainer. Doing so will help to ensure you get the most use out of ® your machine and enjoy safe and productive workouts in the many miles ahead.

  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    5. Inspect this machine for loose parts or signs of wear. Do not use if found in this condition. Contact Nautilus Customer Service. 6. This machine contains moving parts. Use Caution. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry.

  • Page 4: Moving Your Machine

    5. Although all equipment manufactured by Nautilus inspected by the manufacturing facility prior to shipment, proper installation and regular maintenance are required to ensure safety.

  • Page 5

    Direction may be changed at any point during the workout. Using the Controls The machine’s console is a computerized panel used to operate your elliptical trainer and to display all workout data. Take time to read through the following sections so that you can properly understand its operation and take full advantage of all of your machines workout options.

  • Page 6

    Pressing the Scan Key will select between the various statistics and will lock on a specifi c readout. My Nautilus™ Key — To access the My Nautilus™ menu, Press the MY NAUTILUS™ Key while in Standby Mode. Then use the My Nautilus™ key to advance through the My Nautilus™...

  • Page 7

    USING THE CONTROLS The Remote Operation Controls — ROC The ROC™ keypads are located on the Upper-Body Arms above the contact heart rate grips (Fig. 5). These controls allow you to control the primary functions of the elliptical without removing your hands from the Upper-Body Arms.

  • Page 8

    Percentage of maximum heart rate will only be displayed during Heart Rate Control Programs or when a program has been selected through the My Nautilus™ Menu, since these are the only times the user’s age is known. An Example of Calculating Maximum Heart Rate: (See the Heart Training Programs for more information.)

  • Page 9

    Workout Profi le — The dot-matrix area of the display shows the actual course profi le of the selected exercise program. The taller the column, the higher the resistance level for that segment of the program. The fl ashing column at the far left displays your current interval. EV7.16 Console EV7.18 Console...

  • Page 10

    fl ashes to indicate that the display is receiving a valid signal. On the EV7.16, the far right decimal point in the Heart Rate Display fl ashes to indicate that the display is receiving a valid signal. A microprocessor in the console calculates the heart rate and shows it, in beats per minute, on the display.

  • Page 11

    The supplied chest belts use a sealed battery and are non-replaceable. On average, a chest strap battery should last for approximately 1500-2000 hours of use. Replacement belts can be purchased from an Authorized Nautilus Contact Heart Rate (EV7.18 model only) Through the use of stainless steel sensors built into the elliptical’s Upper-Body...

  • Page 12

    To set up a personal My Nautilus™ profi le, complete the following steps. 1. Press the MY NAUTILUS™ key during Standby mode to scroll through the menu of My Nautilus™ members. If a profi le has not been set up, the names will be displayed as USER 1, USER 2, etc.

  • Page 13

    My Nautilus Profi le Updates (Age or Weight Change) ™ To update your My Nautilus™ profi le if your age or weight has changed, follow the steps below. 1. Press the MY NAUTILUS™ Key during Standby Mode to scroll through the My Nautilus™...

  • Page 14

    The Quick Start Program Provides an immediate start, without having to enter any user information. This program uses the standard default settings to calculate calories burned during a workout session. To use the Quick Start Program: 1. Press the START Key. 1.

  • Page 15

    PROGRAMMING YOUR WORKOUTS The Fat Burner Program The Fat Burner Program is a 60-interval workout designed with moderate changes in intensity level designed to stimulate fat store assimilation for users on a weight control program. The profi le in the center display indicates relative intensity.

  • Page 16

    The Speed Intervals Program This is a great workout for runners wanting to increase their speed. The Speed Intervals Program is an interval workout containing 8 alternating rest intervals with 7 work intervals. An interval cycle consists of a work phase and a recovery phase. You may scale the recovery intensity level and the work intensity level independently, which will be saved for the remainder of the workout.

  • Page 17

    PROGRAMMING YOUR WORKOUTS Custom Intervals Program Similar to the Speed Intervals Programs but with a greater degree of customization to allow you to create the perfect interval program for your fi tness needs. With the Custom Interval Program, you have the ability to adjust your Work and Rest level and duration as well as being able to determine the number of intervals you wish to perform.

  • Page 18

    Heart Rate Zone Trainer Program This is a great beginner heart rate program. The Heart Rate Zone Trainer is a traditional “constant heart rate” program that allows you to exercise at a selected target heart rate by automatically adjusting the intensity level (resistance) during the workout. The default target heart rate is equal to 70% of your maximum heart rate which is calculated by the following equation: 220 –...

  • Page 19

    PROGRAMMING YOUR WORKOUTS Heart Rate Intervals Program This Heart Rate Control Program allows you to completely customize your workout and determine your interval workout intensity based on your heart rate. You also have the ability to customize your “Work” and “Rest” intervals times using this program. To use the Heart Rate Intervals Program: 1.

  • Page 20

    Heart Rate Hill Intervals Program A great program that slowly increases and lowers your heart rate as you exercise. In this program, you defi ne a Work Target Heart Rate, Rest Target Heart Rate and Total Exercise Time. At the beginning of the program, your heart rate will gradually increase as the resistance increases to bring you into your Work Heart Rate Zone.

  • Page 21

    Step 3 — 85% of Maximum Heart Rate Step 4 — 72% of Maximum Heart Rate Step 5 — 85% of Maximum Heart Rate Like with any of the Nautilus programs, you have complete freedom to change any of the defaulted heart rate targets at any point.

  • Page 22

    The Nautilus My Stride ® The Nautilus My Stride™ Programs are highly ® interactive, “cross training” type programs that are designed to coach you through an entire workout program. My Stride™ Programs allow you to take full advantage of all the workout options and variety that the Nautilus Pro Series Ellipticals provide.

  • Page 23

    PROGRAMMING YOUR WORKOUTS Speed Workout Program In this program you have complete control of your resistance level. The intent is to get you to vary the speed (strides per minute rate) of your workout. Exercising at different speeds can condition the muscles and cardiovascular system in different ways.

  • Page 24

    Random Play Program Never do the same workout twice! This program randomly generates a workout course profi le so every workout is a unique adventure. The fi rst four segments of the program are always lighter in resistance to provide an adequate warm-up period. After that, it’s anybody’s guess.

  • Page 25

    TEST YOUR FITNESS LEVEL The Nautilus Fit Test Program ® It is helpful to periodically test your fi tness level to measure the success level of your current workout program and make adjustments to your exercise program going forward. Understanding Sub-Maximal Exercise Testing...

  • Page 26

    Nautilus The Nautilus maximal aerobic capacity based on heart-rate response to sub-maximal exercise. The protocol is a series of 3-minute stages of continuous exercise at increasing intensity. The fi...

  • Page 27

    TEST YOUR FITNESS LEVEL rate of the subject to at least 115 beats/min. It is important to remember that two consecutive heart rate measurements must be obtained above 115 beats/min to predict VO2 max. The test typically lasts from 6 to 15 minutes. The test will terminate if the heart rate does not continue to rise from state to stage.

  • Page 28

    • The heart rate never reaches 115 beats/min. • The heart rate continues to rise after the fi fth minute. 8. The test is complete when two consecutive steady-state heart rates are obtained above 115 beats/min. The test can be as short as 6 minutes, or as long as 15 minutes.

  • Page 29

    Creating a Custom Program 1. Press the MY NAUTILUS™ key while Standby Mode to scroll through the My Nautilus™ profi les until the desired name is displayed and press the ENTER key to confi rm.

  • Page 30: Exercise And Health

    C H A N G I N G T H E G A M E I N H E A LT H A N D F I T N E S S EXERCISE & FITNESS GUIDELINES No single fi tness program is suitable for all. All fi tness programs should be designed by fi...

  • Page 31: Your New Home Fitness Program

    EXERCISE & FITNESS GUIDELINES Your New Home Fitness Program There are many great reasons why home exercise equipment has increased in popularity over the years, but topping the list is convenience. For any fi tness program to be successful, it must be something you will stick to on a regular basis.

  • Page 32

    C H A N G I N G T H E G A M E I N H E A LT H A N D F I T N E S S EXERCISE & FITNESS GUIDELINES Steps to Getting Started Once you have made the commitment to start exercising at home, here are some suggestions that may help you stay motivated.

  • Page 33: Components Of Fitness

    For example, you might try using your Nautilus moderate level workout for 20 — 30 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (see the intensity monitoring section for further details on how hard to workout).

  • Page 34

    The best part is you don’t need complicated equipment or fancy machines. You can do everything you need to do with a simple pair of dumbbells, or you can try the new Nautilus SelectTech dumbbells, which provide you a wide variety of ®...

  • Page 35

    EXERCISE & FITNESS GUIDELINES You can even incorporate stretching into your strength training workouts by stretching the muscles you have used immediately after you have completed your exercise set. Like cardiovascular training, it is recommended that you stretch every day. However, you do not need to create a formalized program.

  • Page 36: Monitoring Your Intensity

    C H A N G I N G T H E G A M E I N H E A LT H A N D F I T N E S S EXERCISE & FITNESS GUIDELINES group source or processed foods can be unhealthy in the long run, and should be avoided.

  • Page 37

    EXERCISE & FITNESS GUIDELINES When you are fi rst starting out, you should exclusively work in the Zone 1 and Zone 2 intensities. After a few weeks, you can occasionally incorporate Zone 3 and Zone 4 intensities for short periods of time. Remember, when you begin to incorporate Zone 3 and Zone 4 intensities, you will fi...

  • Page 38

    C H A N G I N G T H E G A M E I N H E A LT H A N D F I T N E S S EXERCISE & FITNESS GUIDELINES As you get in better shape, the heart rate number you obtain for each zone will get higher and higher, which means your heart is able to handle higher intensities.

  • Page 39

    EXERCISE & FITNESS GUIDELINES Thrive on the energy that exercise gives you. Watch your health risks scores go down. Pay attention to how much easier everyday activity is. Notice how much better you are sleeping. These kinds of additional benefi ts will continue to keep you motivated if you make them just as important to you as weight loss.

  • Page 40

    00:01 00:02 00:03 00:04 C H A N G I N G T H E G A M E I N H E A LT H A N D F I T N E S S MANAGEMENT MENU Management Menu To access the Management Menu follow the steps below.

  • Page 41

    Annually Annually With regular use, it is advise that your Nautilus With regular use, it is advise that your Nautilus and internally cleaned by an authorized Nautilus and internally cleaned by an authorized Nautilus service technician should remove the machine’s shrouds and inspect the drive...

  • Page 42

    1. Nautilus any exercise product, which requires service. 2. Nautilus structurally defective with a new frame or replace the unit with a unit of equal value. Nautilus not responsible for labor charges associated with replacing defective frames. 3. Nautilus for the component changeovers completed after the labor related warranty period stated herein.

  • Page 43

    CONTACTING NAUTILUS If you need assistance, please have both the serial number of your machine and the date of purchase available when you contact the appropriate Nautilus offi ce listed below. OFFICES IN THE UNITED STATES • NORTH AMERICA OFFICE Nautilus, Inc.

  • Page 44

    ©2006. Nautilus, Inc. All rights reserved. Nautilus, the Nautilus Logo, My Nautilus, My Stride and ROC are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Nautilus, Inc. 16400 SE Nautilus Drive, Vancouver, Washington 98683 USA 1-800-NAUTILUS PN 000-3602 Rev D (12/2006) Model EV7.16...

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