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Frequent cleaning of your machine
will enhance its appearance, maintain
good overall performance, and ex-
tend the life of many components.
1. Before washing the machine,
block off the end of the exhaust
pipe to prevent water from enter-
ing. A plastic bag secured with a
rubber band may be used for this
2. If the engine is excessively
greasy, apply some degreaser to
it with a paint brush. Do not apply
degreaser to the chain, sprockets,
or wheel axles.
3. Rinse the dirt and degreaser off
with a garden hose; use only
enough pressure to do the job.
Excessive hose pressure may
cause water seepage and contami-
nation of wheel bearings, front
forks, brakes and transmission
seals. Many expensive repair bills
have resulted from improper high
pressure detergent applications
such as those available in coin-op-
erated car washers.
4. After the majority of the dirt has
been hosed off, wash all surfaces
with warm water and a mild deter-
gent. Use an old toothbrush to
clean hard-to-reach places.
5. Rinse the machine off immediate-
ly with clean water, and dry all
surfaces with a soft towel or cloth.
6. Immediately after washing, re-
move excess water from the
chain with a paper towel and lubri-
cate the chain to prevent rust.
7. Clean the seat with a vinyl uphol-
stery cleaner to keep the cover
pliable and glossy.
8. Automotive wax may be applied
to all painted or chromed surfac-
es. Avoid combination cleaner-
waxes, as they may contain abra-
9. After completing the above, start
the engine and allow it to idle for
several minutes.
If your machine is to be stored for 60
days or more, some preventive mea-
sures must be taken to avoid deterio-
ration. After cleaning the machine
thoroughly, prepare it for storage as
1. Drain the fuel tank, fuel lines, and
the carburetor float bowl.
2. Remove the spark plug, pour a ta-
blespoon of SAE 10W-30 motor
oil in the spark plug hole, and re-
install the plug. With the engine
stop switch pushed in, kick the en-
gine over several times to coat the
cylinder walls with oil.
3. Remove the drive chain, clean it
thoroughly with solvent, and lubri-
cate it. Reinstall the chain or store
it in a plastic bag tied to the frame.
4. Lubricate all control cables.
5. Block the frame up to raise the
wheels off the ground.
6. Tie a plastic bag over the exhaust
pipe outlet to prevent moisture
from entering.
7. If the machine is to be stored in a
humid or salt-air environment,
coat all exposed metal surfaces
with a film of light oil. Do not apply
oil to rubber parts or the seat cov-
Make any necessary repairs before
the machine is stored.


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