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Specifications; Additional Safety Rules - Makita 9047 Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents
1 Wheel guard
2 Screw
3 Notch
4 Side grip
5 Lock nut


Depressed center wheel diameter ........................ 180 mm
No load speed (RPM) ........................................... 8,500
Overall length ........................................................ 470 mm
Net weight ............................................................. 4.8 kg
• Due to the continuing program of research and
development, the specifications herein are subject
to change without prior notice.
• Note: Specifications may differ from country to
Power supply
The tool should be connected only to a power supply
of the same voltage as indicated on the nameplate,
and can only be operated on single-phase AC supply.
They are double-insulated in accordance with Euro-
pean Standard and can, therefore, also be used from
sockets without earth wire.
For models 9047, 9049, 9057 and 9059, public
low-voltage distribution systems of between
220 V and 250 V
Switching operations of electric apparatus cause volt-
age fluctuations. The operation of this device under
unfavorable mains conditions can have adverse
effects to the operation of other equipment. With a
mains impedance equal or less than 0.22 (for 9047
and 9049) / 0.24 (for 9057 and 9059) Ohms it can be
presumed that there will be no negative effects.
The mains socket used for this device must be
protected with a fuse or protective circuit breaker
having slow tripping characteristics.
Safety hints
For your own safety, please refer to enclosed safety


1. Always be sure that the tool is switched off
and unplugged before carrying out any work
on the tool.
2. Keep guards in place.
3. Use only wheels having a maximum operating
speed at least as high as ''No Load RPM''
marked on the tool's nameplate.
When using depressed center wheels, be sure
to use only fiberglass-reinforced wheels.
4. Check the wheel carefully for cracks or dam-
age before operation. Replace cracked or
damaged wheel immediately.
5. Use only flanges specified for this tool.
Explanation of general view
6 Depressed center wheel
7 Inner flange
8 Super flange
9 Lock nut wrench
0 Shaft lock
9047F/9047SF 9057F/9057SF 9049F/9049SF 9059F/9059SF
6. Do not damage the spindle, the flange (espe-
7. Keep hands away from rotating parts.
8. Make sure the wheel is not contacting the
9. Before using the tool on an actual workpiece,
10. Use the specified surface of the wheel to
11. Watch out for flying sparks. Hold the tool so
12. Do not touch the workpiece immediately after
13. Always wear safety goggles and ear protec-
14. Position the tool so that the power cord
15. If working place is extremely hot and humid, or
16. Do not use the tool on any materials contain-
Installing wheel guard (Fig. 1)
When installing a depressed center wheel or an
abrasive cut-off wheel, always use a wheel guard.
Mount the wheel guard with the tab on the wheel
guard band aligned with the notch on the bearing box.
Then rotate the wheel guard 160 degrees counter-
clockwise. Be sure to tighten the screw securely.
q Switch trigger
w Lock lever
e Brush holder cap
r Screwdriver
180 mm
230 mm
470 mm
470 mm
5.1 kg
4.8 kg
cially the installing surface) or the lock nut.
Damage to these parts could result in wheel
workpiece before the switch is turned on.
let it run for a while. Watch for vibration or
wobbling that could indicate poor installation
or a poorly balanced wheel.
perform the grinding.
that sparks fly away from you and other per-
sons or flammable materials.
operation; it may be extremely hot and could
burn your skin.
tors during operation.
always stays behind the tool during operation.
badly polluted by conductive dust, use a
short-circuit breaker (30 mA) to assure opera-
tor safety.
ing asbestos.
230 mm
470 mm
5.1 kg

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents