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Service (Customer Care); End-User Limited Warranty - Siemens Gigaset C590 User Manual

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Service (Customer Care)

product operation information, or for problem resolution, call:

End-user limited warranty

This product is covered by a one year limited war-
ranty. Any repair replacement or warranty service,
and all questions about this product should be
directed to: 1-866 247-8758.
This limited, non-transferable warranty is pro-
vided to the original buyer/end-consumer ("you")
for systems, handsets and accessories (collec-
tively, "Product") provided by Gigaset Communi-
cations USA LLC or Gigaset Communications Can-
ada Inc. (collectively "Gigaset NAM"). Gigaset NAM
warrants to you that at the date of purchase, the
Product is free of defects in workmanship and
materials and the software included in the Prod-
uct will perform in substantial compliance to its
program specifications.
The Product warranty period is one (1) year from
the original date of purchase by you. Proof of pur-
chase (e.g., sales slip or invoice) must be provided
with any Product returned during the warranty
period. Batteries supplied with the Products are
warranted to be free from defects at the time of
purchase only.
Gigaset NAM's entire liability and your exclusive
remedy if the Product is defective in materials or
workmanship during the warranty period and is
returned shall be that the Product will be repaired
or replaced as set forth in Section 4 below. Recon-
ditioned replacement components, parts or mate-
rials may be used in the replacement or repair.
Data in the memory of the Product may be lost
during repair.
Customer Care Warranty for Cordless Products
To obtain Customer Care Warranty service,
Toll Free:
1-866 247-8758
– Cosmetic damage, physical damage to the sur-
face of the Product, including, without limita-
tion, breakage, cracks, dents, scratches or
adhesive marks on the LCD screen or outside
casing of the Product.
– Products which have been repaired, main-
tained or modified (including the antenna) by
anyone other than Gigaset NAM or a Gigaset
NAM-approved repair facility, or that have
been improperly installed.
– Cost of installation, removal or reinstallation.
– Damage due to any telephone, electronic,
hardware or software program, network, Inter-
net or computer malfunctions, failures, or diffi-
culties of any kind, including without limita-
tion, server failure or incomplete, incorrect,
garbled or delayed computer transmissions.
– Equipment and components not manufac-
tured, supplied or authorized by Gigaset NAM.
– Modification of the Product's components, or
operation of the Product in an unsuitable envi-
ronment or in a manner for which it is not
intended, including but not limited to failures
or defects caused by misuse, abuse, accidents,
physical damage, abnormal operation,
improper handling or storage, neglect, altera-
tions, unauthorized installation, removal or
repairs, failure to follow instructions, problems
caused by the carrier's network coverage,
exposure to fire, water or excessive moisture or
dampness, floods, or extreme changes in cli-
mate or temperature, acts of God, riots, acts of
terrorism, spills of food or liquids, viruses or
other software flaws introduced into the Prod-
uct or other acts which are not the fault of
Gigaset NAM and which the Product is not
specified to tolerate, including damage caused
by mishandling or blown fuses.
– Products which have had warranty stickers,
electronic serial number and/or serial number
label removed, altered, rendered illegible or
fraudulently applied to other equipment.
Service (Customer Care)


Table of Contents

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