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Siemens Gigaset C590 User Manual

Siemens gigaset c590: user guide
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Issued by
Gigaset Communications GmbH
Schlavenhorst 66, D-46395 Bocholt
Gigaset Communications GmbH is a licensee of the Siemens trademark
© Gigaset Communications GmbH 2009
All rights reserved. Subject to availability.
Rights of modification reserved.



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  Summary of Contents for Siemens Gigaset C590

  • Page 1 C590 Issued by Gigaset Communications GmbH Schlavenhorst 66, D-46395 Bocholt Gigaset Communications GmbH is a licensee of the Siemens trademark © Gigaset Communications GmbH 2009 All rights reserved. Subject to availability. Rights of modification reserved.
  • Page 2: The Handset At A Glance

    The handset at a glance 07:15 INT 1 14 Oct Calls Base 1 Display in idle status 2 Battery charge status ( 3 Display keys ( 4 Message key ( Access to calls and message lists; Flashes: new message or new call 5 End call key, On/Off key End call, cancel function, go back one menu level (press briefly), back to idle status (press...
  • Page 3 Display symbols Display symbols The following symbols are displayed dependent on the settings and the operating status of your telephone: ó Û 07:15 08:00 INT 1 14 Oct ™ ¾ Ã Calls Signalling ¢ External call ( page 27) Ø « Ú...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Safety precautions ........6 Gigaset C590 – more than just a telephone ....7 First steps .
  • Page 5 Contents Making cost-effective calls ......37 Automatic network provider code (preselection) ..... 37 SMS (text messages) .
  • Page 6 Contents Connecting the base to the PABX ......59 Recall ............59 Saving an access code (outside line code) .
  • Page 7: Safety Precautions

    Warning Read the safety precautions and the user guide before use. Explain their content and the potential hazards associated with using the telephone to your children. Only use the mains adapter supplied, as indicated on the underside of the base.
  • Page 8: Gigaset C590 - More Than Just A Telephone

    Gigaset C590 – more than just a telephone Your telephone sets new standards for the way you communicate at home. The large TFT display, user-friendly keypad and clearly laid out menu are very simple to use. It can do a whole lot more: Store anniversaries such as birthdays in your phone and it will remind you of them in advance.
  • Page 9: First Steps

    First steps First steps Checking the pack contents one Gigaset C590 base one mains adapter one Gigaset C59H handset one phone cord two batteries one battery cover one belt clip one user guide If you have purchased a model with multiple...
  • Page 10: Setting Up The Base And Charging Cradle (If Included)

    Please note: Never expose the telephone to the influence of heat sources, direct sunlight or other electrical devices. Protect your Gigaset from moisture, dust, corrosive liquids and vapours.
  • Page 11: Connecting The Charging Cradle (If Included)

    First steps Connecting the charging cradle (if included) If you need to disconnect the plug from the charging cradle, press the release button and disconnect the plug 2. ¤ Connect the flat plug from the mains adapter 1. ¤ Plug the mains adapter into the plug socket 2.
  • Page 12: Setting Up The Handset For Use

    The phone could also malfunction or be damaged as a result of using batteries that are not of the recommended type. * Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark licensee of Siemens AG. ¤ Insert the batteries the right way round.
  • Page 13 First steps Attaching the belt clip The handset has notches on each side to attach the belt clip. ¤ To attach – press the belt clip onto the back of the handset so that the protrusions on the belt clip engage with the notches. ¤...
  • Page 14 Initial charging and discharging of the batteries The correct charge level can only be displayed if the batteries are first fully charged and discharged. Please note After the first battery charge and discharge you may replace your hand- set in the base/charging cradle after every call. Always repeat the charging and discharging procedure if you remove the batteries from the handset and reinsert them.
  • Page 15: Setting The Date And Time

    First steps Setting the date and time Set the date and time so that the correct date and time can be assigned to incoming calls, and so that the alarm can be used. Calls Date/Time Date: 31.01.2009 Time: 00:00 Back ¤...
  • Page 16: Battery Charge Status

    Back Save Date/Time ‰ Saved Display in idle status Once the phone is registered and the time set, the idle display is shown as in this example. Displays Reception signal between the base and handset: – good to poor: Ð i Ñ Ò –...
  • Page 17: Connecting The Headset

    First steps Connecting the headset A compatibility list of tested headsets can be found on the Internet at: You can connect a headset with a 2.5 mm jack connec- tor, including HAMA and Plantronics M40, MX100 und MX150 headset types.
  • Page 18: What Would You Like To Do Next

    Setting the ringtone and volume Setting the earpiece volume Setting Eco Mode / Eco Mode+ Preparing the telephone for SMS reception Operating the telephone on a PABX Registering existing Gigaset handsets to a base Transferring directory entries from existing Gigaset...
  • Page 19: Using The Phone

    Using the phone Using the phone Control key Below, the side of the control key that you must press in the respective operating situation is marked in black (top, bottom, right, left, centre), e.g. v for "press right on the control key" or w for "press the centre of the control key".
  • Page 20: Display Keys

    Display keys The functions of the display keys change depending on the particular operating situation. Example: Back Some important display keys: Open a context-dependent menu. Options Confirm selection. Û Delete key: delete one character/word at a time from right to left. Go back one menu level or cancel operation.
  • Page 21: Menu Guidance

    Using the phone Menu guidance Your telephone's functions are accessed using a menu that has a number of levels. The menu display can be extended (Expert mode) or reduced (Standard mode). Standard mode is activated by default. Settings or functions that are only available in expert mode are marked in these...
  • Page 22: Activating/Deactivating The Handset

    Activating/deactivating the handset With the phone in idle status, press and hold the end call key (confirmation tone) to switch off the handset. Press and hold the end call key again to switch the handset on. Please note When the handset is switched on, an animation of the Gigaset logo will be displayed for several seconds.
  • Page 23: Illustration Of Operating Steps In The User Guide

    Using the phone Illustration of operating steps in the user guide The operating steps are shown in abbreviated form. Example: The illustration: Ï ¢ ¢ Eco Mode means: Settings Ë Ì É Back Settings Display Language Registration Menu View Eco Mode Back ¢...
  • Page 24 Eco Mode ³ Eco Mode ´ Eco Mode+ Back Change Telephony ³ Eco Mode ³ Eco Mode+ Back Change Using the phone Press down on the control key s ¤ until the Eco Mode+ menu appears on the display. ¤ Press the display key §Change§...
  • Page 25: Menu Overview

    (the active mode is marked with Ø). §Select§ Menu options that are only available in expert mode are marked with the Open the main menu: When the telephone is in idle status press Ë You have activated an SMS mailbox (general or private) without a PIN...
  • Page 26 Ê Call Lists All Calls Outgoing Calls Accepted Calls Missed Calls Ì Voice Mail Play Messages • Network Mailbox Ç Select Services All Calls Ringback Off É Additional Features Alarm Clock Room Monitor ¢ page 35 ¢ page 35 ¢ page 35 ¢...
  • Page 27 Menu overview Ï Settings Date/Time Audio Settings Display Language Registration • Telephony • System Menu View Eco Mode ¢ page 14 Handset Volume • Advisory Tones Ringtones(Handset) • Music on hold Screensaver Large Font Colour Schemes • Backlight ¢ page 54 Register Handset De-reg.
  • Page 28: Making Calls

    Making calls Making an external call External calls are calls using the public tel- ephone network. ~ c Enter the number and press the talk key. c ~ Press and hold the talk key c and then enter the number. You can cancel the dialling operation with the end call key a.
  • Page 29: Calling Line Identification

    Switching to mute You can deactivate the microphone in your handset during an external call. Please note If the telephone is muted, all keys except the mute key h and the end-call key a will not work. Enter the number and press the speaker key.
  • Page 30: Making Calls Using Network Services

    Making calls using network services Network services are functions that your network provider makes available to you. You have to request these services from your network provider. ¤ If you require assistance, please contact your network provider. Ringback Initiating ringback If the number you have called is engaged, you can initiate ringback.
  • Page 31: Consultation Call, Call Swap, Conference

    The previous call is placed on hold. The other participant hears an announcement. Enter the second participant's telephone number. The phone number is dialled. You are connected to the second participant. If the caller does not answer, select the display key to return to the first §End§...
  • Page 32: Using The Directory And Lists

    First Name: / Surname: Enter first names and/or surnames. If a name is not entered in any of the fields, the telephone number is saved and displayed as the surname. (For instructions on how to enter text and special characters, please see ¢...
  • Page 33 Using the directory and lists Order of directory entries Directory entries are generally sorted alphabetically by surname. Spaces and digits take first priority. If only the first name was entered in the directory, this is incorporated into the sort order instead of the surname.
  • Page 34 Copy Entry Internal: Send a single entry to a ¢ handset ( page 33). SMS: Send a single entry in vCard via vCard format via SMS. VIP Groups Change the name and ringtone of VIP groups; to do this: ¢ Select the VIP group §Edit§...
  • Page 35: Redial List

    Using the directory and lists Saving an anniversary in the directory For each number in the directory, you can save an anniversary and specify a time at which a reminder call should be made on the anniversary (default setting: Anniversary: Off).
  • Page 36: Incoming Sms Message List

    All received SMS messages are saved in ¢ the incoming message list Call lists Precondition: Calling Line Identification (CLIP, page 28) Your telephone stores various types of calls: Accepted calls Outgoing calls Missed calls You can view each type of call separately or gain an overview of all calls.
  • Page 37: Opening Lists With The Message Key

    Using the directory and lists Opening lists with the message key You can use the message key f to open the following list selection: network mailbox, if your network pro- vider supports this function and a shortcut is set for the network mailbox ¢...
  • Page 38: Making Cost-Effective Calls

    Making cost-effective calls Make phone calls through a network pro- vider who offers particularly low-cost call rates (call-by-call). Automatic network provider code (preselection) You can store a call-by-call number (prese- lection number), which is automatically placed in front of numbers when you dial them.
  • Page 39: Sms (Text Messages)

    SMS (text messages) SMS (text messages) Your device is delivered ready to send SMS messages. Preconditions: Calling Line Identification is enabled for your phone line. Your network provider supports SMS on the fixed line network (information on this can be obtained from your network provider).
  • Page 40 • SMS status report Precondition: Your network provider sup- ports this feature. If you have activated the status report, you will receive an SMS with a confirmation message after sending. Activating/deactivating status reports Ë ¢ ¢ Settings Status Report Select and press (³...
  • Page 41: Receiving An Sms

    SMS (text messages) Sending SMS messages to an e-mail address If your service provider supports the SMS as e-mail feature, you can also send your SMS messages to e-mail addresses. The e-mail address must be at the begin- ning of the text. You must send the SMS to the e-mail service of your SMS send cen- tre.
  • Page 42: Sms With Vcard

    Reading or deleting SMS messages ¤ Open the incoming message list, then: Select SMS. Press the display key. §Read§ The entry will be displayed. Scroll line by line using q. Or delete the SMS with ¢ ¢ Delete Entry §Options§ §OK§...
  • Page 43: Notification By Sms

    Precondition: For missed calls, the caller's number (CLI) must have been transmit- ted. Notification is sent to your mobile phone or another device with SMS functionality. You only need to save the telephone number to which you wish the message to be sent. Ë ¢...
  • Page 44: Setting Sms Centres

    Changing the name of a mailbox Ë ¢ ¢ ¢ Settings SMS Mailboxes ¢ (Select mailbox) Press the display key. §Edit§ Enter new name. Press the display key. §Save§ Changing a mailbox's PIN and ID Ë ¢ ¢ ¢ Settings SMS Mailboxes ¢...
  • Page 45: Sms Info Services

    SMS (text messages) SMS info services You can have your service provider send you specific information by SMS (e.g. weather forecast or the lottery numbers). A total of up to 10 info services can be saved. You can obtain information about the info services available and their costs from your service provider.
  • Page 46: Activating/Deactivating Sms Function

    SMS functionality, i.e. you are not reg- istered with the provider. ¥ Send any SMS to automatically register your telephone to receive SMS. Messages are only received during the day. The terminal is recorded in your SMS pro- vider's database as having no fixed line net- work SMS functionality, i.e.
  • Page 47: Using The Network Mailbox

    Using the network mailbox Using the network mailbox The network mailbox is your network pro- vider's answering machine within the net- work. You cannot use the network mail- box unless you have requested it from your network provider. • Configuring fast access for the network mailbox With fast access, you can dial the network mailbox directly.
  • Page 48: Eco Dect

    Gigaset CS590. Reduced energy consumption Your telephone has a power-saving adapter plug and uses less power. Reducing radiation The radiation from your telephone is reduced automatically: The handset's transmission power is reduced depending on the distance to the base.
  • Page 49: Setting The Alarm Clock

    A Gigaset C59H handset can be registered on up to four bases. Manual registration of the Gigaset C59H on Gigaset C590 You must activate manual registration of the handset on both the handset and the base. When the registration process has com- pleted successfully, the handset returns to idle status.
  • Page 50: De-Registering Handsets

    Registering other handsets You can register other Gigaset handsets and handsets for other devices with GAP functionality as follows. On the handset ¤ Start to register the handset as described in its user guide. On the base Press and hold the registration/paging key ¢...
  • Page 51 Using several handsets Transferring a call to another handset You can transfer an external call to another handset (connect). Open the list of handsets. The external participant hears hold music if activated ¢ page 58). Select a handset or press §OK§...
  • Page 52: Listening In To An External Call

    Listening in to an external call Precondition: The Listening In must be activated. You are conducting an external call. An internal participant can listen in on this call and take part in the conversation. All participants are made aware of the "listen- ing in"...
  • Page 53: Using A Handset As A Room Monitor

    Using a handset as a room monitor Using a handset as a room monitor If the room monitor is activated, a previ- ously saved destination number is called as soon as a set noise level is reached. You can save an internal or external number in your handset as the destination number.
  • Page 54: Handset Settings

    When the room monitor function is acti- vated, the idle display looks as shown below: 07:15 Á INT 1 22 Oct Room Monitor 0891234567 Options Changing the set destination number É ¢ ¢ Room Monitor ¤ Enter and save number as described in "Activating the room monitor and entering the destination number"...
  • Page 55: Changing The Display Language

    Handset settings Dialling a number/changing assignment Precondition: The digit key already has a number assigned to it. When the handset is in idle status ¤ Press and hold the digit key. The number is dialled immediately. ¤ Briefly press the digit key: Press the display key with number/ name (abbreviated if necessary) to dial the number or...
  • Page 56: Activating/Deactivating Auto Answer

    Press the display key. §Save§ When the screensaver conceals the dis- play, briefly press a to show the idle display. Setting large font You can increase the font size of print and symbols in call lists and in the directory to improve readability.
  • Page 57: Changing Ringtones

    Press the display key to save §Save§ the setting. Switching on/off the ringtone for anonymous calls You can set your telephone not to ring if a caller withholds their number. The call will only be signalled in the display. In idle status: Ï...
  • Page 58: Activating/Deactivating Advisory Tones

    • Activating/deactivating advisory tones Your handset uses advisory tones to tell you about different activities and statuses. The following advisory tones can be acti- vated/deactivated independently of each other: Key click: every key press is confirmed. Acknowledge tones: – Confirmation tone (ascending tone sequence): at the end of an entry/ setting and when an SMS or a new entry arrives in the call list...
  • Page 59: Base Settings

    Base settings Base settings The base settings are carried out using a registered Gigaset C59H handset. • Activating/deactivating music on hold Ï ¢ ¢ Audio Settings ¢ Music on hold Press to activate or deactivate the §Change§ music on hold (³ = on). •...
  • Page 60: Connecting The Base To The Pabx

    Connecting the base to the PABX The following settings are only necessary if your PABX requires them; see the PABX user guide. You cannot send or receive SMS messages on PABXs that do not support Calling Line Identification. • Recall The current setting is indicated by Setting recall Your phone is preset at the factory for...
  • Page 61: Setting Pauses

    Connecting the base to the PABX Setting pauses Changing the pause after line seizure You can change the length of the pause that is inserted between pressing the talk key c and sending the number. Open the main menu. *#Q5# L Press keys.
  • Page 62: Service (Customer Care)

    Service (Customer Care) You can get assistance easily when you have technical questions or questions about how to use your device by using our online support service on the Internet at: This site can be accessed at any time wherever you are. It will give you 24/7 support for all our prod- ucts.
  • Page 63: Questions And Answers

    ¢ Activate the ringtone ( 2. Call divert set for "All Calls". ¥ ¢ Deactivate call divert ( 3. The telephone only rings when the phone number is transferred. ¥ Activate the ringtone for anonymous ¢ calls ( page 56).
  • Page 64: Authorisation

    Authorisation This device is intended for analogue phone lines in your network. Country-specific requirements have been taken into consideration. We, Gigaset Communications GmbH, declare that this device meets the essential requirements and other relevant regulations laid down in Directive 1999/5/ A copy of the 1999/5/EC Declaration of Conformity is available at this Internet address:...
  • Page 65: Appendix

    Appendix Appendix Care ¤ Wipe the base, charging cradle and the handset with a damp cloth (do not use solvent) or an antistatic cloth. Never use a dry cloth as this can cause static. Contact with liquid If the handset should come into contact with liquid: 1.
  • Page 66: Writing And Editing Text

    Environmental condi- +5°C to +45°C, 20% to tions in operation 75% relative humidity Dialling mode DTMF (tone dialling) Pin connections on the telephone jack 1 unused 2 unused 5 unused 6 unused Writing and editing text The following rules apply when writing...
  • Page 67 Accessories Accessories Gigaset handsets Upgrade your Gigaset to a cordless PABX: Gigaset C59H handset Illuminated graphic colour display (65k colours) Illuminated keypad Speaker mode Polyphonic ringtones Directory for around 150 entries SMS (precondition: CLIP must be enabled) Room monitor Gigaset SL78H handset Illuminated graphic colour display (256k colours) Illuminated keypad...
  • Page 68 Gigaset S67H/S68H handset Illuminated graphic colour display (65k colours) Illuminated keypad Speaker mode Polyphonic ringtones Directory for around 250 entries Picture CLIP SMS (precondition: CLIP must be enabled) Headset socket Bluetooth (Gigaset S68H only) Room monitor Gigaset SL37H handset Illuminated graphic colour display (65k colours) Illuminated keypad Speaker mode...
  • Page 69 Accessories Gigaset HC450 – door intercom for cordless phones Use the intercom from your cordless phone – no need for a fixed home phone Intuitive user functions using the display keys (open door, switch on entry light) Simple to configure using the handset menu Forward to outside phone numbers (intercom feature) Simple to install and register with the Gigaset system Replaces existing doorbell key –...
  • Page 70: Mounting The Base On The Wall

    Mounting the base on the wall 43 mm approx. 5,5 mm Mounting the charging cradle on the wall 21 mm approx. 4 mm Mounting the base on the wall...
  • Page 71: Battery Charging

    Call-by-call Calling external internal Calling Line Identification Cancelling preselection Care of the telephone CD, see Call divert Changing dialling mode display language earpiece volume internal number of a handset name of a handset pauses ringtone...
  • Page 72 Deactivate anonymous calls Deactivating advisory tones ....handset ..... keypad lock .
  • Page 73 Index large font ....list ......locating .
  • Page 74 Menu display Expert mode ....Standard mode ... . . Message key open list ..... opening lists .
  • Page 75 ......System settings ....Talk key Telephone jack, pin connections Text message, see SMS ..Three-party conference...

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