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Motorola i690 User Manual: Hearing Aid Compatibility

Iden digital multi-service data-capable phone.
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Hearing Aid
When some mobile phones are used with certain
hearing devices (including hearing aids and
cochlear implants), users may detect a noise which
can interfere with the effectiveness of the hearing
Some hearing devices are more "immune" than
others to this interference noise, and mobile
phones can also vary in the amount of interference
noise they may generate at any given time. ANSI
standard C63.19 was developed to provide a
standardized means of measuring both mobile
phone and hearing devices to determine usability
rating categories for both.
Ratings have been developed for mobile phones to
assist hearing device users find phones that may
be compatible with their particular hearing device.
Not all mobile phones are rated for compatibility
with hearing devices, but mobile phones that are
rated should have the rating available. This rating
may depend on the position of a retractable
Results will vary depending on the user's hearing
device and individual type and degree of hearing
loss. If a hearing device is particularly vulnerable to
interference noise, even a mobile phone with a
higher rating may still cause unacceptable noise
levels in the hearing device. Evaluate your
personal needs by trying out the mobile phone with
your hearing device.
"M" Rating: Mobile phones rated M3 or M4 meet
FCC requirements for hearing aid compatibility and
are likely to generate less interference to hearing
devices than phones that are not labeled. (M4 is
the "better" or higher of the two ratings.)
"T" Rating: Mobile phones rated T3 or T4 meet
FCC requirements for compatibility with
telecoil-type ("T Switch" or "Telephone Switch")
hearing devices and are likely to be more usable
with such hearing devices than unrated phones.
(T4 is the "better" or higher of the two ratings.)
Hearing devices may also be measured for
immunity to interference noise from mobile phones.
In some cases, hearing devices can be modified or
"hardened" to improve operation with a mobile
phone. Your hearing device manufacturer or
hearing health professional may help you improve
the interaction of your mobile phone and hearing
device. Not all hearing devices are rated for
compatibility with mobile phones, but hearing
devices that are rated should have the rating


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