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Motorola i690 User Manual: Private Mototalk Calls

Iden digital multi-service data-capable phone.
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Private MOTOtalk Calls

You can have a private conversation with another
person using MOTOtalk. When on a private
MOTOtalk call, no other parties can hear your
conversation. In order to make a private MOTOtalk
Call, you must use the valid 10-digit Personal
Telephone Number (PTN) of the person you are
calling. The person you are calling must be in
MOTOtalk and set to the same channel to receive
your call.
If you receive an error message:
• You may not be using a valid PTN.
• The person that you are trying to reach may not
be in MOTOtalk.
• The person that you are trying to reach is set to
a different channel or is out of range.
Private Only
To limit MOTOtalk to private conversation only, set
your code to Private Only. In this mode, code calls
will be ignored and only private calls can be made
or received.
Note: You will be required to enter a valid PTN
before pressing the PTT button.
To set the code to Private Only:
1 From the MOTOtalk idle screen, press
2 Scroll to Code.
3 Press
under Edit.
4 Select Pvt Only.
Making a Private MOTOtalk Call
1 Enter the 10-digit PTN of the person you want to
call on your channel. -or-
Scroll to a number or name in Contacts. -or-
Scroll to a number in the recent calls list.
2 Press and hold the PTT button. Begin speaking
after your phone emits the MOTOtalk tone.
3 Release the PTT button to listen.
The number or name of the person you are calling
will appear in the first line of the display.
Receiving a Private MOTOtalk Call
The number or name of the person who initiated
the call will appear in the first line of the display.
Note: You can reply within 6 seconds simply by
pressing the PTT button.
Private MOTOtalk Calls


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