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Motorola i690 User Manual: Viewing Contacts

Iden digital multi-service data-capable phone.
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• A number or address — Each Contacts entry
must contain a number or address. This may be
any type of phone number, Private ID, Talkgroup
number, SDG list number*, email address, or IP
Note: You can store numbers up to 64 digits
long, but every 20 digits must be
separated by a pause or wait. See
"Creating Pauses and Waits" on page 41.
• A Speed Dial number — When you store a
phone number, it is assigned a Speed Dial
number. You can accept the default Speed Dial
number or change it.
• A voice name — If you create a voice name for a
number, you can then dial that number by saying
the voice name into your phone. This icon
appears to the left of the Contacts type icon if a
voice name is assigned.
* Selective Dynamic Group Calling (SDGC) may not be offered by
your service provider.

Viewing Contacts

To access Contacts:
From the main menu, select Contacts. -or-
If you are on a call: Press
. Select Contacts.
To view entries:
1 From the Contacts list, scroll to the entry you
want to view.
2 If an entry has more than one number or
address stored,
icon. Scroll left or right to view the icon for each
number stored in the entry.
3 Press
to view the entry.
4 Scroll to view the other numbers and addresses
stored for the entry.
Tip: To view more entries, continue scrolling.
Searching for a Name
To search for a name in Contacts:
1 From the Contacts list, press
If Search is not one of your options: Press
Select Search.
2 Enter the name you want to see.
3 Press
Your phone finds the name you entered or the
nearest match.
Viewing Contacts
surrounds the Contacts type
under Search.


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