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Motorola i690 User Manual: Making Tty Calls

Iden digital multi-service data-capable phone.
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Advanced Calling Features
To use these services, you must install the iDEN
Wireless Data Services software (available
separately). For more information on setting up
your computer and your i690 phone for packet and
circuit data calls, refer to the Wireless Data
Services User's Guide or contact your service

Making TTY Calls

Note: This feature may not be offered by your
service provider.
To use your phone to make phone calls using a
teletypewriter (TTY) device:
1 Connect one end of a 2.5mm cable into the
audio jack on your phone. Connect the other
end of the cable to your TTY device.
2 Make sure that your phone's TTY feature is on
and select the TTY mode you want to use.
3 Use your phone to enter phone numbers and
make calls.
When you make a TTY call, these icons appear on
the phone's display:
Phone call is active.
Phone call is on hold.
TTY device features such as Turbo-Code,
High-Speed, and Interruption are not supported by
your phone. These features must be turned off or
disabled to use your TTY device with your phone.
Turning On the TTY Feature
Your phone's TTY feature must be on if you want
to make TTY calls, set the TTY mode, or change
the TTY baud rate. To make sure the TTY feature
is on:
From the main menu, select Settings > Phone
Calls > TTY > Use TTY. This field must say On.
Choosing a Mode
Your phone supports these TTY modes:
• TTY — You type and read text on your TTY
• VCO (Voice-Carry-Over) — You speak into your
phone and read text replies on your TTY device.
• HCO (Hearing-Carry-Over) — You type text on
your TTY device and listen to voice replies on
your phone speaker.
To change mode while not in a call:
1 From the main menu, select Settings > Phone
Calls > TTY > Type.
2 Select the TTY mode you want.


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