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Motorola i690 User Manual: Making Calls From Datebook; Customizing Datebook Setup

Iden digital multi-service data-capable phone.
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Making Calls From Datebook

If you stored a phone number, Private ID, or
Talkgroup number in the Subject or Location field
of a Datebook event, you can call or send a call
alert to that number from Datebook.
You can call the number stored in Subject and the
number stored in Location if one is a phone
number and the other is a Private ID or Talkgroup
number. If both are the same type of number, the
number in Subject is called or sent a call alert. To
call or send a call alert to the number stored in
Location, you must delete the number stored in
To make a call or send a call alert:
1 Highlight or select the event containing the
number you want to call or send a call alert to.
2 To make a phone call:
. -or-
. Select Call # in Event.
To make a Private call or group call:
Press and hold the PTT button on the side of
your phone. -or-
If you did not include a # before the Talkgroup
you want to call: Press
. Select Talkgroup.
To send a call alert:
. Select Alert # in Event.

Customizing Datebook Setup

To access Datebook set up options:
1 From the main menu, select Datebook.
2 Press
3 Select Setup.
You can view or change these options:
• Start View — sets Datebook to start in day view,
week view, or month view when you access
• Daily Begin — sets the beginning of your day.
This is the earliest time of day displayed in week
view, if you have a 12-hour day view.
• Reminders — If this option is set to Only When
On, your phone reminds you of events only
when it is on. If this option is set to Always, your
phone powers itself on when you receive
reminders. To avoid draining the battery, your
phone then powers itself off after a short time.
• Delete After — sets the amount of time
Datebook waits to delete an event after it


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