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Motorola i690 User Manual: Using Gps With Map Software

Iden digital multi-service data-capable phone.
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GPS Enabled
To change your GPS PIN:
1 From the main menu, select Settings >
Security > Change Password > GPS PIN.
2 Enter the current GPS PIN.
Note: When you receive your phone, your GPS
PIN is 0000.
3 Press
under Ok.
4 Enter the new 4- to 8-digit GPS PIN.
5 Press
under Ok.
6 Enter the new 4- to 8-digit GPS PIN to confirm.
7 Press
under Ok.

Using GPS with Map Software

You can use the GPS feature of your phone to
provide approximate location data to a laptop
computer or similar device that is running
interactive map software such as that made by
DeLorme or Microsoft. This way, if your phone has
good access to GPS signals, your approximate
position on a map can be made available as you
travel in a vehicle.
To do this, connect your phone to your laptop (or
other device) with a data cable and set your phone
to transmit data (see "Getting Started" on page
125). Your phone then provides your approximate
location to the device running the map software,
which displays your location on a map. Your phone
provides an updated location every second and the
map software displays your changing location on
its map.
See "Enhancing GPS Performance" on page
120 for more details on obtaining good location
Note: Because your phone is continuously
determining your location, using the GPS
feature of your phone with map software
uses the phone's battery power quickly.
Software Compatibility
Your phone sends location information to your
laptop or other device using the standard National
Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) format.
Your phone supports output messages in
NMEA-0183 format and supports the following
NMEA-0183 sentences: GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV,
RMC, and VTG.
The map software running on your laptop or other
device must support NMEA 3.0.


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